The “Space People” — Very Near?

The “Space People” — Very Near?

Val Germann
Columbia, Missouri

I am not a UFO investigator; I am a UFO analyst. That is, in the main I look at what others have found through their hard work and initiative and then combine it with still other information in an attempt to piece together a coherent scenario in the area I am at the time looking into. That is mainly what I do. But the fact is that you cannot snoop around in this area long without turning up some things yourself, as I have also done. Thus, early in 1989 an interesting account came to me, first hand, from the poor smuck who experienced it. The incident is of much interest and has the added advantage of allowing deduction and speculation to run riot in the aftermath. This can be quite entertaining.

It happened in August of 1977 or ’78 when the witness was in his early teens. Very late one hot afternoon this fellow was fooling around in his back yard (he lived on a farm a few miles east of Columbia, Missouri, where his parents still live) when he had the urge to go “look at the corn,” as he put it. His house was surrounded on three sides by mature hybrid corn, eight feet high or so, and the urge to go look at it was a natural one. Nearly all of my relatives farm and I have on many, many occasions gone out to “look at the corn” with oneof my cousins. No biggie.

Well, as he got within about 25 feet or so of the edge of the field to the east of the house he saw, just inside the corn, what he at first called an “animal,” as tall as the corn, i.e., eight feet high or so.

It took this kid about 30 minutes to tell me this story, so disturbing was it to him in retrospect. I had to coax it out a piece at a time.The “animal” was “like the skinniest basketball player you have ever seen,” gray, and “had a snout like a dog.” It ran away from him, back into the corn.

When I asked my informant what he was doing he said, “running the other way, as hard as I could.” In fact, he ran, not into his parent’s house (which is where I ran when I had my experience) but around it and down the road for more than a quarter of a mile, finally falling into the ditch exhausted. He said he was in a blind panic, out of his mind with fear. I understood.

Now, I happen to think that these events really happened to this fellow and that what he told me was the God’s truth. That is, I am willing to accept that an eight-foot-tall something existed in that corn field, as described, and ran away, scaring the holy hell of a Missouri farm boy. I am willing to accept this in part because I am a witness myself, not any of “animals” but of other things in a general UFO-related” class. So, what now?

Well, let’s take the story a little farther. My informant said he thought this “animal” had been watching him from the corn and that he might have been induced, somehow, to come closer. The “animal” was generally humanoid in form but THIN, horrifyingly so. The “face” featured a long, thick “snout,” dog-like. The eyes were small and deeply recessed, or seemed to be, because they could not be seen clearly. The color was a uniform gray and the thing was naked, as near as could be told. Sex: unknown. Two days later my informant and a friend
went into the corn and saw that plants were knocked down for about 100 feet. There were no real tracks in the hard, compacted ground — modern methods turn farmland into concrete in August if it hasn’t rained.

First point of interest: I have run through mature corn and I can tell you that it will cut you to pieces. Whatever this thing was it had the strength to knock over, to the ground in some cases, mature hybrid corn. There was no “blood,” or other strange liquid, on the corn itself, as there would be if a human being or other thin-skinned animal had run naked though that stuff.

We are left with this: A non-human hominid of unknown origin was in that  cornfield, possibly watching an adolescent human being at play. When the human being approached it, the animal turned and fled at high speed, through a field of very tough tropical plants that had abrasion properties sufficient to flay any normal human alive at high running speeds. The animal was gray, as tall as the corn, extremely thin by human standards and possessed of a long snout-like feature on the front of its head. If it was breathing it was breathing air since
there was no apparatus on its person. And it sure didn’t walk into that field since that part of Boone County is heavily populated and a very stout fence surrounds the property — someone would have seen something unless the thing arrived the night before and had spent the day in the corn, happy thought. And it couldn’t have walked out of there, either, not very far anyway, without being seen. So, it made it’s getaway through some other method, perhaps a car parked nearby. But that could well have been noticed, too.

Let us for a moment speculate that this thing was a space person on a jaunt to Earth, checking out the place. Well, it would hardly be a jaunt, would it? I mean, lurking around in Boone County in a get-up like that could get you shot, multiply. No, there was a serious purpose behind this visit. Was this other person a space anthropologist taking notes on native behavior? Maybe, maybe not. There was no tape recorder or notebook, at least none visible. What was visible was fear.

Yes, the “animal” ran from a 13-year-old human being who was not yet fully aware of anything being amiss. It didn’t just step back a little, back into the corn, out of sight. No, it RAN, at great speed, my informant could hear the plants being crushed, back into the field. This is headlong flight, not retreat. The animal as in great fear, either of being harmed or, dare we say it, better seen? I have one other account, from a friend, of an incident from the 1950s with similiar overtones. As far as 1978 goes, if the incident in question here occured that year it happened about two months before a local UFO flap took place, one that included strange cattle deaths — so-called mutilations — and large, lighted objects flying over the county at very low speeds, then taking off very quickly vertically, to pinpoints. All very strange and not the types of things one brings up in mixed company at the faculty tea.

It seems that some agency, an unknown agency, may have been checking out Boone County, Missouri, and some of its citizens, in the summer and fall of  1977-78. Though some might feel priviledged by this, the people I have talked to don’t. They rather wish the whole damned thing would go away, far away.




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Subject: Space People — Very Near?
Date: 3 Jul 1995 19:08:58 -0400
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