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UFOSearch # 9 – Science, Counterintelligence and

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Subject: UFOSearch # 9 – Science, Counterintelligence and

This is the ninth in the series of essays by UFOSearch that I am posting to UFO UpDates.


After the hoopla and revelations, treachery and deceit surrounding the anniversary of the “Roswell Incident” perhaps it’s time to step back and reassess our approach to the study of the UFO phenomenon.  “UFOs, Science and Counterintelligence” offers a charming melange of topics for our consideration.

It is with particular pleasure that I post this ninth UFOSearch essay to UFO UpDates. This essay, “Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs” has not been published previously and makes its debut here.  This will be a four-part essay.

I believe that this essay will mark a watershed in writing on the UFO phenomenon and I hope that it will be followed by a other new expositions and perhaps a a book. Personally I was disappointed by one of the recent book releases of which I had great expectations, Jim Marr’s “Alien Agenda”.  Just as the topics and issues he was exploring got interesting his book came to a close, perhaps his advance ran out?  Well I don’t think you will be disappointed here as the author treads where most writers on the UFO phenomenon don’t dare.

Gary Alevy

NOTE: These essays are posted with the permission of the author, Val Germann.  If you would like to correspond with him I have arranged a temporary internet email address that will forward the correspondence to him.  This is not a permanent email address.  The address is:


Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs

Val Germann

Columbia, Missouri

(C) 1997


The “UFO” and the issues surrounding it have become extremely important today, for at least four reasons:

1) The “UFO” is now a mass phenomenon, known to hundreds of millions of people around the world and the subject of significant business activity in the form of motion pictures, television and books;

2) Many people, some with excellent credentials, some quite wealthy, have gone beyond simple “interest” and have joined with others in “UFO organizations” or have begun their own research;

3) The “UFO” has generated a great deal of government interest, most of it negative in nature, that is, opposing the “extra-terrestrial” hypothesis and downgrading the importance of UFO sightings;

4)There is, however, significant evidence to suggest that the “UFO” is the product of another, non-human, intelligence operating on Earth with humanity.

After a discussion of the first three items above the fourth one will be selected for particular attention.  If UFOs are assumed to be the products of another intelligence then the “scientific model,” held up as the ideal by many involved in the study of the “UFO,” is not sufficient for that study and “counterintelligence” should be added to the model we use.

The paper will conclude with a counterintelligence analysis of much extant UFO evidence and then go on to generate possible scenarios from that analysis.  The scenarios are then rated as to their plausibility, using the rules of counterintelligence.

Reference numbers in the text, example, “[1]”, refer to notes that will appear at the end of the paper.  These notes will contain both  references and a discussion of those references.


If there is any one constant in UFO research it is the never-ending call for ufology to become more scientific.  Over and over again those of us investigating the phenomenon are urged to seek the hard, scientific proof that will once and for all establish UFOs in the world of mainstream science.  The assumption behind all of this is that the best way to study UFOs is through science and the scientific method.  But is this assumption correct?

I maintain that it is not always correct and I state this even though I am involved in the sciences myself and have a great love for science and great respect for many scientists.  But the truth is that science and the scientific method are dependent on certain assumptions that may not apply to the study of UFOs, especially if they are in fact the products of another intelligence.

The scientific method demands repeatability of either observation or experiment.  Science assumes the universe is objective, in effect a gigantic mechanism operating with total consistency over vast stretches of time and space.  Science also assumes that the only active intelligences operating in the universe are scientists themselves and so scientific experiments and observations can, if rigorous enough, be termed proof. [1]

All of the above implies control (of observation or experiment) on the part of the observer or experimenter, and blind obedience to totally consistent laws on the part of the phenomena observed or experimented upon.  These are the bedrock assumptions upon which all physical science is based.  However, the plain fact is that if UFOs are under the control of another intelligence then these assumptions can very often be null and void.

This does not mean that science and technology are of little or no use in investigating UFOs, not at all.  But it does mean that the assumptions of science are not always relevant where UFOs are concerned.  And it also means that efforts to make the assumptions of science the sole rubric for UFO research could doom all of that research to eventual failure.  Finally, it means that there may never be available any so-called “proof” in the UFO arena.  All we may ever have is “evidence.”

Thus it is my position that since we may be dealing with another intelligence in studying the UFO, we should consider adding the counterintelligence model to our intellectual arsenals.  It costs nothing to do this and the benefits might include the clarification of many issues that have been quite baffling in the past.

The Importance Of UFOs Today

The constellation of phenomena revolving around the UFO have become quite important today.  Millions of people are interested in the subject and over the last half-century mass entertainment has gone to the well of the “UFO” or “aliens” over and over again.  In the mid-1990s this has reached what might be an all-time high as ultra-expensive Hollywood movies have depicted invasions by alien beings who wreaked havoc on our planet before being defeated.  At the same time, both television and film have featured the “UFO abduction” and this element of the phenomenon is now to be seen in comic strips and even in political cartoonery.

This is important because one effect of consideration of the UFO is collateral consideration of the human condition, particularly the situation of the one performing the consideration.  That is, the study of the UFO can change a person, especially one who is serious about the study and also serious-minded.  The advent of “aliens” from off-planet, another “dimension” or wherever would be a huge watershed in human history, huge in ways that we have no way to truly anticipate.  It is this aspect that gives some of those who investigate UFOs serious pause about the future, so great do the uncertainties seem.  Others, viewing the evidence differently, see only benefits accruing from the arrival of “others” from beyond.

Involved with the UFO today are thousands of people, most of whom are not “serious-minded” but are nonetheless interested in the phenomenon.  This is true of many “hot subjects” in our world today and is to be expected.  What is interesting about the 1990s is that the UFO has appeared to rapidly move up the social ladder and now very wealthy people are spending their money, and large amounts of it, in public, in the UFO arena.

Why should this be?  Well, one particular twist to the UFO situation is that the subject is entangled with other very important human considerations.  That is, the UFO is associated with “space” and its technology as well as the possible human future there; it is associated with the possible arrival on Earth of another “civilization” and what that might mean to us all; it is associated with “the future” in general, which is of obvious importance and, finally, because of the magnitude of some elements of the UFO and our government’s involvement with same, the UFO is associated with a growing mistrust of all of our institutions, including the government.

As you can see, this is no trivial list, all the items of some importance and all of them tending to make one THINK about the future — and one’s position in that future.  One possible result of the above could be a change in the way a person thinks and feels about his own HUMAN condition and how that condition came to be.  Such considerations, potentially affecting millions of people as the “UFO” becomes more and more of a mainstream phenomenon, cannot go unnoticed by those at the top our human power structure.

Finally, as mentioned before, there is the strong possibilty, supported by very significant evidence, that the UFO and the phenomena around it are the products of another intelligence, one operating on Earth with us today.  It is this aspect of the UFO, and the study of that aspect, that is the primary subject of this paper, though the other elements are important and will not be ignored as we move through our discussion.

The Case For Another Intelligence

I maintain that any respectable study of the available evidence will show that there is ample reason to consider that another intelligence is operating on the Earth today.  The literature is replete with examples and I will be citing some soon.  Because I am a witness to a UFO (40+ years ago) I will be selecting incidents that are important to me, either because they resemble what I saw as a child or because I have received, first hand, a similiar account.

As a researcher I have an affinity for accounts that have been taken from a reputable journal and are so strange that “ordinary” objects or processes are simply ruled out from the start.  Two such are discussed in one of my favorite books, Aime Michel’s THE TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS, (1956). [2] On page 26 begins an account of an enormous shadow that appeared in a thin overcast at Fort Worth, Texas, in 1913, reported in the MONTHLY WEATHER REVIEW.  The shadow began as a small dark circle but then quickly expanded to considerable size, holding its position as the clouds moved with the wind.  After a time the shadow began to shrink in size and in a few moments it was gone the same way it had come.

As Michel says, what else can it have been but a “vehicle” of some sort, descending from a great height to just above the clouds, stopping for some time at a fixed altitude, and then ascending back to the great height from which it had come?  The year, 1913, rules out a whole group of explanations and the fact that it was able to hold its position against the wind rules out a few more.  The conclusion is all but forced.

This is important to me because a similiar thing was reported by a friend of mine, except what he saw was a huge, bright, lighted area moving swiftly in a thick overcast.  There was no sound, no meteor reported, and the light was very, very bright.

Another account from Michel concerns a French meteorologist who was part of a garrison at Adar-En-Abnet, in the heart of the Sahara.  It was early April, 1942, when one morning someone pointed out what looked like a small aluminum speck in the sky. Very soon a small telescope was put into play and forty men observed something that looked like “a small moon” with “a pale metallic glint.”  It appeared to be rotating slowly, once in every two-and-a-half hours.  They watched it off and on all day.

The next morning, it was still there, “immediately overhead,” and it stayed all of that day!  On the morning of the third day it was gone.  My readers are invited to speculate on what this might have been, in the middle of a remote desert during World War II.

Long ago, when I was in junior high school and on the football team, at practice, I watched several “aluminum specks” hold their position in the sky to the east of my hometown of Carrollton, Missouri.  The year was 1962 and I, and others, watched them for at least half an hour as they just sat, still, seemingly at a terrific altitude.  Then one moment we looked and they were gone, nowhere to be seen.

Moving back, to 1951, let’s examine a series of incidents from Ruppelt’s THE REPORT ON UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECTS. [3]  In a report from Kirtland Air Force Base Ruppelt learned that on August 25, 1951, an employee of Sandia Corporation had seen a gigantic “flying wing” from his home.  The employee was sitting in his back yard, near Albuquerque, New Mexico, when both he and his wife saw a “gigantic airplane” fly swiftly and silently over their home.  The “airplane” was low, about 1,000 feet, and was huge, as large as a B-36, and it was delta-shaped, actually more like a “V”, flying point-first.  The bottom of the craft seemed to have longitudinal lines on it and the trailing edge had six blue lights attached.  The Sandia employee included a sketch of the object and Ruppelt found that he had a high security clearance.  This report was confidential and was not made public until Ruppelt’s book appeared.  Even inside the Air Force only a few people knew about it.

This was important because on that same night, and twenty minutes later, began the famous “Lubbock Light” series of episodes, in which several college professors (including one whose last name was Oberg!) saw a formation of lights move silently overhead, on more than one occasion.  In early September Ruppelt himself went to Lubbock and interviewed many people who had seen the lights, some of which were similiar to those seen on the back of the “flying wing” by the Sandia employee.  Then Ruppelt got a real shock.

On his way back to Dayton, on a commercial flight, he happened to wind up seated next to a retired rancher from the Lubbock area, who, after talking to Ruppelt for a bit, told the Air Force officer his story.  It seems that about ten minutes before the Lubbock professors saw their lights, this gentleman’s wife had seen, from their backyard, a huge airplane without a body and with soft blue lights on the trailing edge.  His wife was, the rancher said, “as white as a sheet” just after she saw this object, it was so large and strange.

This group of sightings has great import for me because as a child I saw a large, dark, “V-shaped” object fly over my head while I was riding a tricycle on our front sidewalk.  I did not see or hear this object coming, rather I suddenly had the urge to look straight up, to the zenith, and there the object was.  And it frightened the daylights out of me.  I remember looking around for places to hide from this thing and, finding none, I ran into the house and hid.  So I understand how the rancher’s wife felt!

Our next incident is from the much maligned Condon Report [4] and is a perfect example of how that “investigation” was mismanaged. On page 277 of the Bantam paperback edition is “Case 10” of Section IV, in which the principal witness, a NUCLEAR PHYSICIST, and his family had a very frightening experience while driving in their car on vacation in 1966.  On a dark, rainy and drizzly night, under a low overcast, they saw a red, pulsating

hemisphere, at treetop height, suddenly turn into a brilliant white object that lit up the surrounding terrain like daylight and forced the witnesses to shield their eyes.  The physicist immediately stopped his car and made measurements from estimated bearings and distances.

Later, after further study, he concluded that the white object was the equivalent of a 500 megawatt source.  The Condon “team” (Saunders and Wadsworth) went to the site with the principal witness “and an astronomer friend.”  A helicopter and a transit were employed, to what effect not specified.  Later, the principal witness spent a considerable amount of time and money

on his own investigation (obviously NOT impressed with what the Condon team was doing), and ruled out all conventional explanations, at least in his own mind.  The Condon Report does not even try to “explain” this case and in the “comment” section lamely states that the witness’ estimate of the object’s brightness was probably in error.

Once again, this incident is of great interest to me because over the last 20 years I have been told of two events of a very similiar nature.  In 1973, a General Telephone employee was driving, late at night, about fifteen miles northwest of Columbia, Missouri, when she saw a brilliant orange object lift out of a soybean field near the Missouri River and head upwards and out of sight at great speed.  This object lit up the entire river valley as far as the witness could see — about six miles!

Another such incident was told to me in 1989 and only month after it happened.  A woman living about twenty miles due west of Columbia observed, at close range (about 50 feet), a brilliant white object which lit up the entire valley in which she lived. Terrified (she had her small son in her vehicle) she drove at high speed out of the valley and, turning around, saw the object change to a large orange disk just before she lost sight of it over a hill.  This lady did not return home that night and stayed with relatives until her fear abated.

I find these accounts quite persuasive and for my puposes could stop with them.  But I must include a report from one of my heroes where UFOs are concerned, Dr. James E. McDonald.  In the text he filed with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in 1969, in conjunction with a speech he gave that year, he includes a powerful investigation of four very interesting Condon cases.  We will be concerned with one of them, from Kirtland Air Force Base, in the year 1957.  It is truly spectacular.  [5]

On an overcast and drizzly night in November, two air traffic controllers at Kirtland saw, from the tower, a small, bizarre object come down out of the overcast and “fly” down the main runway.  The object slowed quickly and then moved diagonally across the field, at less than 50 feet altitude, before stopping over a restricted B-58 Hustler refueling area.  The two controllers got a very good look at this object, through binoculars, and found that it was about the size of an automobile, roughly egg-shaped, and “flying” with its long axis in the vertical position.  It made no sound.

The object then began moving again, as if its operators were looking for something, before shooting back up into the overcast at amazing speed, faster than any conventional aircraft could have done, according to these two experienced witnesses.  This object was tracked on radar for some minutes following this overflight and turned around and came back over Kirtland some minutes later.

McDonald found that the “Condon Team,” which had included this incident in an incomplete and garbled form, had never located or questioned these two men and had “explained” their sighting as a private plane getting lost on an evening of low visibility, about as laughable an “explanation” one is ever likely to see.

I think these incidents will suffice to give the flavor of many, many other similiar ones.  If one will go to the trouble to examine this evidence, with an open mind, one not influenced by what others have said about the authors or their works, one cannot help but be impressed.  This is what happened to me.

Finally, after much consideration, I made the decision that the evidence for another intelligence operating on the Earth was so impressive that not to accept it was tantamount to intellectual dishonesty.

That is, I realized that, objectively speaking, there almost had to be another intelligence operating here on Earth.  And once this momentous decision was taken, it became paramount to study this intelligence and what it was doing on Earth, if such a thing was possible.  It was then that I realized that science was a useful but insufficent tool for this task and that I needed (and it was obvious once it came to me) “counter-intelligence,” a “counter” to this other, unknown, intelligence.

Notes To Section One

[1]  For a wonderful exposition on science and how it works see

OVERSKILL, Eugene S. Schwartz, Quadrangle Books, 1971, pp. 12-37.

The author was a biologist and environmental activist.

[2]  Aime Michel’s THE TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS, Criterion

Books, 1956, is a favorite of mine.  Many intereting European

sightings are discussed and Michel publishes a terrific critique

of Menzel’s first debunking book.  The Sahara desert series of

sightings begins on page 100.


OBJECTS, 1956, Doubleday.  The events surrounding the Lubbock

Lights are described beginning on page 96.  This book is a

classic and buried within it are many, many fascinating accounts

which could have led to yet another book.  It is too bad that

Ruppelt died so young.


U. Condon, project director, Bantam Books, 1969.  Close reading

of this work reveals that the “conclusions” section has very

little to do with the “case study” section.

[5]  Speech by Dr. James E. McDonald before the American Associ-

ation For the Advancement Of Science in Boston, December, 1969,

available from The Fund For UFO Research.  See also McDonald’s

testimony before Congress in July, 1968, as reported in John G.

Fuller’s ALIENS IN THE SKIES, Putnam, 1969, pp. 64-96.  What is

striking about McDonald’s AAAS speech is his professional

skewering of both Hynek and Menzel, as well as the Air Force and

Edward Condon.  And McDonald, as a world-renowned atmospheric

scientist, had the expertise to make his criticisms truly sting.

It is unfortunate that he killed himself before his first book

could be put into print.

[End — Part One of Four]

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