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Premonitons Of The Future: Part IV

Richard Condon’s The Manchurian Candidate


Columbia, Missouri  65203


UFOsearch work on a Chronology Of The UFO has lead to interesting
and odd references in both UFO and non-UFO material from the 1950s.
The strong implication is that much of the “Lear Type” material was
known to insiders as far back as 1953. Strange as it may seem, Richard
Condon’s 1959 bestseller The Manchurian Candidate is replete with “UFO
resonances,” many of which could not have been detected by “outsiders”
before the mid-1980s.

UFOsearch believes that Condon was leaked a “legend” of some kind
that led to the writing of his book.  This “legend” may have been
described to him as having to do with UFOs or maybe he simply figured
it out.  The context was that of the Cold War and the sub-text was the
CIA’s Project MK-Ultra, a so- called “mind control” program which was
begun under Admiral Hillenkoetter and was originally called, believe
it or not, BlueBird.

A close-reading of The Manchurian Candidate reveals the following
strange connections to concepts bouncing around the world of Ufology

1) Few of the characters in the book are who they seem to be.
2) Three important characters have “off planet” references.
3) Military men and politicians are manipulated by these people.
4) Two of these people seem good, the third one bad, very bad.
5) The bad character has connections high in the U.S. government.
6) Thus much of what is seen as “politics” is secret manipulation.
7) This manipulation is part of a very long-range plan.
8) Bizarre sexual attraction (as per Streiber’s Majestic) occurs.
9) Wounds on the calf of the leg (as per Fowler) are important.
10)There are very strange connections to the Kennedy killing.
11)A “Eugenics” program run from “off planet” is implied.
12)The plan is defeated through the strange dreams of two characters.

UFOsearch’s discussion of The Manchurian Candidate will be in two
parts, the first on the film, the second on the book. There is no
doubt in the author’s mind that every reader of this paper will want
to see the movie and read the book.  There is something of
significance happening.

The Manchurian Candidate And The UFO The Film

In the fall of 1989 this writer heard from friends that someone
named William Cooper was claiming that the assassination of John
Kennedy was somehow connected to the UFO.  Cooper supposedly was
saying that JFK was going to release some “MJ-12” information and had
to be done away with as a result.

I was told that Cooper believed that the driver of Kennedy’s car
had actually killed him with a special CIA pistol.  No doubt this idea
was and is repellent to most Americans.  However, I had just finished
reading Jim Marrs’ book Crossfire and one called High Treason by
Grodon and Livingston.  In both books there are references to the
possibility of pistol fire at close range.

Clint Hill, the agent who jumped onto the trunk of the limousine,
testified that he heard something like a pistol shot as he ran toward
the car. It was at about this same time that the fatal shot struck the
President.  Two Dallas doctors thought that the head wounds Kennedy
suffered were consistent with high-powered pistol fire at close range.
I thought, ‘Could there be anything to what Cooper says?’

I reviewed the copies of the Zapruder and Nix films that I have
on video tape.  I followed Cooper’s supposed advice and watched the
driver, William Greer, not the President.  What I saw amazed me.
Greer did not begin to speed up when the shooting started, as I had
been led to believe.  Instead, he slowed down. And, horror of horrors,
as he slowed the limousine he turned and looked over his shoulder at
the wounded President!  And Greer was still looking at him several
seconds later as John Kennedy’s head was blown off. Only after this
obviously fatal wound had been delivered did Greer turn around, DUCK
DOWN, and mash the pedal to the floor.  It is obvious, he was waiting
for the President to be killed.  What he is doing with his hands
cannot be seen.

In reviewing High Treason I noticed that one of Kennedy’s
favorite movies was The Manchurian Candidate, made in 1962 and
released in mid-1963. I am a bit of a movie buff and had been working
on interesting associations in science fiction films through the 1950s
and 1960s.  I had never seen The Manchurian Candidate and I was not
alone.  The film had not been available for many years.  But it had
been at last released on video in the fall of 1988, the 25th
anniversary of the assassination.

In March, 1990 I rented the movie, wondering if it would be
interesting in the least.  Was I in for a surprise.  It would turn out
to be more than just interesting, it would be amazing.

I always had thought that the movie was about Russian “sleeper”
agents assassinating the President of the United States under orders
from Moscow.  I thought that was why it had been suppressed for so
many years.  But the film concerns a lot more than just commies.  It
is much deeper than I thought.

The Manchurian Candidate concerns a plot by “the communists” to
take over the government of the United States by controlling the
President. Briefly, a U.S. Senator under the control of his Soviet
agent wife would be maneuvered into the Vice Presidential nomination
of a major party.  Then, at the party convention, a “sleeper” agent
would kill the presidential nominee in the close proximity of the Vice
President-to-be.  The VP nominee would be seen on national TV holding
his dead leader in his arms and vowing revenge on the enemies of the
nation.  He would be elected in a landslide and his wife would
actually rule.  Interesting.

Two images came to my mind as I watched this movie.  The first
was of a blood-spattered Jackie Kennedy standing next to LBJ as he
took the oath of office on Air Force One.  That was a bit spooky.  The
second image was that of Nancy Reagan whispering instructions to Ron
at that famous outdoor press conference.

But there is a lot more to this movie than just strange
resemblences to the Kennedy killing and to more recent news. There are
also bizarre resonances to the world of the “UFO” in the 1990s,
resonances that made my hair stand on end.

Here are the primary items:

1)  Army intelligence learns that a member of an infantry platoon
with Korean War combat experience is having strange dreams.
The Frank Sinatra character (Major Marco) has told his
superiors of his nightmares.  But they pass them off as
combat fatigue and so does Army intelligence.  But Major
Marco is shown having terrific psychological disturbances as
a result of these “dreams.”  Finally, he is placed on leave
“to rest.”  It is obvious that no- one believes his “dreams”
to be significant.

But others in the platoon are having similiar dreams.  There
is a scene in which a black soldier wakes up from a nightmare
similiar to those of Major Marco.  If you have seen the 1975
TV movie, The UfO Incident, with James Earl Jones as Barney
Hill, then the black soldier’s reaction to the dream
sequences in this movie are pure Deja Vue, providing a strong
link with what we think of now as the “abduction/hypnosis”

2)  Major Marco travels by train to visit one of his Korean War
buddies in an attempt to get to the bottom of his troubles.
On the way he meets the Janet Leigh character, who within a
few movie minutes is intensely interested in Major Marco.  In
fact, she is abnormally interested in Major Marco, almost as
if she has been planted on the train.

Her name is “Eugenie” and she quickly tries to get to know
Major Marco better.  But he is not interested.  He is
obssessed with his “dreams.”  At one point Eugenie repeats
her phone number several times in hypnotic tones. Later in
the film, when the major gets into trouble, he will remember
that phone number. Within days they will want to get married.

Later we find that both Marco and Eugenie are orphans and
neither have known their parents.  At one point Eugenie says to Marco
that she “used to feel, when I was a baby, that I had been a passenger
on a space ship that overshot Mars.”  Needless to say, my jaw dropped
as I watched this sequence.

Within 24 movie hours the Leigh character has thrown over her
finance and announced she will marry the Sinatra character. This, of
course, is very odd.  It’s very like an incident from Whitley
Strieber’s Majestic in which people are strangely attracted to each
other and “marry” instantly.

One of my movie books says of the Sinatra/Leigh affair,
“irrelevant to the plot.”  That is correct.  It is a fact that their
strange meeting and marriage are never “explained” and do not advance
the main story.  Yet quite a lot of time is spent in developing their
characters.   It is almost like there is a movie within a movie.  The
whole thing is very, very strange.

3)  The toughest role in the film is that of the Raymond Shaw
character, the programmed assassin.  He is depicted as a cold
and distant sargeant who is very difficult to like.  He is
not very popular with his men and is depicted as anything but
an average Joe.  In fact, you almost could say he fits a “man
in black” profile.  Tall, dark, “foreign looking.”  He is the
one selected by the communists to be their agent, their

After programming by the communists Shaw will do the next
thing he is told to do after seeing the queen of diamonds
playing card.  This includes anything up to and including
murder–of his own wife.  We later learn that Shaw’s
biological father is unknown and it is his step-father who
figures in the communists’ takeover plans.  Shaw’s mother
turns out to be be the “control” for both Raymond and his

4)  At one point the Raymond Shaw character tells of being
treated for snakebite by his wife-to-be, named Josyln Jordan
in the film.  This girl uses a razor blade to cut Shaw’s calf
and let the venom out of the bite.  She is wearing a very
revealing dress and within hours Raymond Shaw has proposed
and she seems to have accepted.

Later the two of them meet at a costume party.  Shaw’s
wife-to-be shows up dressed in a queen-of-diamonds costume
(it is never explained why) and Shaw all but eats her alive.
They are married that night and are shown in bed together.
Cuts on the calf, instant marriages–do they ring any bells?
Yes, they figure in the plots of Intruders and Majestic.

5)  Shaw’s mother, the Angela Landsbury character, has no name in
this film.  Her husband calls her “babe.”  Her son calls her
“mother.”  We know nothing about her except that she is the
driving force behind most of what happens in the movie.

She is an agent for the “Communists” and is her son’s
“control” in America.  This woman thus symbolizes the
subversion of the most sacred human bond, that of mother and
child.  She may be working for the Communists but has her own
agenda–world power.

A major weakness of the movie (and the book) is the fact that it is
never explained how Shaw’s mother was first “turned” and became an agent
for the Reds.  However, the primary point remains intact:  U.S.
“politics” can be controlled by forces unimagined by most of those in

6)  The Sinatra character finally gets credibility when another
member of his Korean War platoon identifies some of the same people that
Sinatra does.  These people appeared in Sinatra’s nightmares as little
old ladies. They then turned into KGB generals.  These are “screen
memories” as per Communion, Intruders and Transformation.  This fits in
with some of the material presented by Lear vis-a-vis the “UFO” and
“sleepers” within the X-15 program.  The time frame is even the same.

Both Marco and his buddy also remember the Raymond Shaw character
being ordered to kill two U.S. soldiers and then doing so.  This “unity
of nightmare” on the part of two members of the platoon is enough for
the FBI and the CIA.  They start an investigation and the Sinatra
character is assigned to Raymond Shaw.  At about this same time the Shaw
character is being told, in jest, “sometimes I think you came to us from
another century,” and “why must you always look as if your head is about
to come to a point.”  About this time I was getting the point.

7)  But now a radical change in plan causes Shaw’s mother to order
Shaw to kill his new father-in-law, who is opposing her husband (the
demagogue) in his quest for the nomination.  Because Shaw has standing
orders to shoot all witnesses to his killings he automatically has to
shoot his new wife, too.  A little later the Sinatra character attempts
to de-program Shaw using a forced deck, a deck consisting of all queens
of diamonds.

8)  Shaw gets his final orders from his mother: shoot the nominee
for President as he delivers his acceptance speech.  Instead, Shaw
assassinates his mother, his step-father, and then himself.  “It was the
only way,” he says as he turns the gun to his own head.  Thus ends The
Manchurian Candidate.

I think you will have to agree that there are some very, very odd
things about this film.  I could not believe some of them.  I expected
to have to reach a long way to get anything related to UFOs out of this
movie.  But instead they jumped right out of my television set and hit
me over the head.

I believe that this movie, for whatever reason, had a meta-
message different from that of the nominal plot.  This movie wound
up as an allegory (for those who knew something) involving human-
alien interaction.  I think the allegory is:

1)  The “communists” are the so-called “aliens” that certain
elements of our government are now said to have a “deal” with.

2)  These “aliens” are engaged in a long-term “eugenics” program,
making matches among humans and, perhaps, non-humans.  The women
involved in this program are irresistable to the men who are targeted to
participate.  See the work of Hopkins and Strieber and others.

3)  These “aliens” can program human beings to both support and
oppose them in a complex and horrible game.  No one can truly know who
is on who’s side.  Human beings are killed in this game and the “aliens”
are totally unconcerned about individual deaths.

4)  Certain humans (the dealers) think they are using the “aliens”
to their own ends–world power.  They are wrong.

5)  Other humans are trying to find and destroy the ones “in on the
deal.”  Hypnosis and dream memories are some of their tools.

***  Other Conections  ***

In a 1967 book called Were We Controlled?, the author, one “Lincoln
Lawerence,” a psuedonym for a “well known journalist,” says that Lee
Harvey Oswald underwent “adenoid surgery” in March of 1961.  But,
Lawerence says, this was just a cover for an implant that was placed
behind Oswald’s left ear by the Russians.  It was this “implant” that
gave the communists the ability to have him kill the President.  This
implant would trigger post-hypnotic orders placed by the Russians.  Some
of you no doubt know that “behind the ear” is one of the places Whitley
Strieber believes “implants” may have been put into his head in 1986.
The “implant” idea is at least 23 years old.

In Edward Epstein’s book 1978 book, Legend, concerning the life of
Oswald, this surgery is mentioned. . .along with Oswald’s whirlwind
romance and marriage to Marina.  Oswald met Marina on about March 15,
1961, at a cocktail party.  She was wearing a bright red brocade dress
and had her hair made up “like Brigitte Bardot.”  Oswald immediately
fell for her and after a courtship that took place mostly in the
hospital (it was at this time that Lee was having the “adenoid surgery”)
he proposed on April 15th.  He and Marina had spent 4 days together.
They were then married on April 30, 1961, right after Oswald got out of
the hospital.  Does this sound familiar?

There are those who think that the hospital was a cover for much of
what happened to Oswald.  He spent a lot of time in the hospital while
he was in the Marines–and “Raymond Shaw” was “reinforced” while in the

Marina Oswald did not know who her father was and had lived for a
time in an orphanage.  Oswald, as you might know, had also lived as an
orphan for a time and had never known his father.  Just before the JFK
assassination he went to New Orleans and searched out sources who gave
him a photo of his “real” father, a photo which Oswald kept for a short
time and then threw away, or so it was said.

Consider this:  Oswald was stationed at Atsugi, Japan, which was
the Far East station for the CIA and a primary base for Project MK
Ultra, a “mind control” program begun in the very early 1950s under
Admiral Hillenkoetter. This program was originally called BlueBird.
Remember the Blue Teams, and the Blue Berets?  There is strong evidence
that the antecedents of this program go back to 1943 when a certain
“institute” was set up in Montreal, Canada, with Rockefeller money.
See the book Journey Into Madness by Gordon Thomas, 1989.

There is a possibility that Lee was “sheep dipped” into this
program from the beginning.  When he was 15 in 1955 he joined a Civil
Air Patrol squadron in New Orleans.  His CAP leader was one David
Ferrie, known CIA and FBI stringer who was killed in 1967 under very
unusual circumstances.  (He was found shot the day after he left
protective custody in association with the Clay Shaw trial in New
Orleans.)  Oswald had met with Ferrie several times in the months
leading up to the Kennedy assassination and the Warren Commission went
to great lengths not to discover this odd and disturbing connection.

Oswald was one of nine American servicemen who defected to the
Eastern Block or USSR in the 18 months prior to the beginning of 1960.
Prior to that time only TWO such defections had taken place since the
end of the Second World War!  There is evidence to suggest that a
CIA/ONI program to “plant” defectors in the USSR and East Bloc nations
was ongoing in the late 1950s and that Oswald had been selected far in
advance to be a participant.

But there is more.  Epstein reports in Legend that Oswald’s
immediate superior, a first lieutenant in the Marines, told him of being
taken underground at Atsugi, Japan, (where he and Oswald were both
stationed) and seeing several “armaments” he was told were Atomic Bombs.
They were each in their own revetment and were about “15 feet by 18
feet” in size.  The officer admitted to Epstein that he knew nothing
about Atomic Bombs and just believed what he was told about them.  This
occured in 1959.

Epstein uses this story to bolster his suspicions that nuclear
weapons were stored at Atsugi, that Atsugi was the most important base
in Japan at the time, the late 1950s.

Atsugi was primarily a Navy and Marine base.  The only airplanes
large enough to carry bombs anywhere near the size the Lieutenant saw
were B-36s, under control of the Air Force and absolute anathema to the
Navy.  And they were being phased out.

My reading tells me that even by the mid-1950s our H-bombs were
already quite a bit smaller than “15 by 18 feet.”  Where the objects
that Epstein’s informant saw actually Atomic Bombs?  Could they have
been something else?

Remember, nuclear weapons were banned from Japan by treaty and as
far as is known only shipboard nukes were allowed to come near Japan by
officials “winking” at the letter of the treaty.  And don’t forget, the
B-36s flew from U.S. territory and had true intercontinental range.
They needed no forward base in Japan and it would have costs billions to
prepare such bases.

As soon as I had seen the film The Manchurian Candidate I wanted to
read the book.  Would there be the same references?  Was the “tone” of
the book the same as the film?  Was the strange, morbid atmsophere of
the movie a result of the book or was that something the movie people
created?  I was to find the answers to all three of these questions a
resounding “yes!”  And in addition there were other references in the
book that were not in the film, references that only reinforced my
initial impressions.

The Manchurian Candidate The Book

This novel came out in 1959 and was a hit.  It fit the Cold War Era
and the feelings of the time, I guess.  Today it perhaps doesn’t read so
well. But in the early 1960s it wasn’t long before a movie was in the
works and it was in production through most of 1962 and on into 1963.
It was released just before the shooting of John Kennedy and starred
Frank Sinatra and Janet Leigh.

Following the assassination it was pulled from theaters and was not
seen in any format for many years.  These notes are taken from the Dell
Publishing paperback edition from 1974.  There are some truly bizarre
references in this book, references that do not really apply to the
assassination of anyone, references that mean a whole lot to me now in
light of things like Communion and the Lear Letters.  In each section
below a quote or paraphrase from the book is followed by a double
asterisk (**) and then my comments.

#1  (P. 26)  “Events, planned in 1936 were to reach their conclusion in

**  The primary villians here are Chinese and Russian.  The
implication is that all of the events in The Manchurian Candidate were
planned, mainly by the Chinese, before World War II even began, and
while China was in chaos, under attack by Japan.  This does not make
sense.  But if we do a little substitution, and pretend that it is not
the Chinese or the Russians behind this but someone else, then the year
1936 is not so offensive, is it?

#2  (P. 31)  “Captain Marco was a reader.”

**  Captain Marco is the stand-in for the intelligence community
and those affected by what may be an “alien campaign” that began before
1940. Marco is depicted as going through hell because of strange dreams
he has been having as a result of being “brainwashed” by the Chinese.
The depth and extent of this “brainwashing” puts into the shade anything
possible even today and the people on “our side” are depicted as
helpless before it.  It is only after what may be another alien puts the
FBI on the track of the mystery that the secret is at last discovered.

#3  (P. 32)  “Raymond Shaw. . .was the best natural marksman in the

** He has been selected, 10 years in advance, as part of an
incredible long-range plan, to kill the Presidential nominee of a major
party so that the Communist-controlled Vice-Presidential nominee can
take over.  Consider that Lee Harvey Oswald was apparently selected,
years in advance, by our people, for a program involving infiltration
into the USSR.  The CIA and The Office Of Naval Intelligence were
looking for poorly educated yet intelligent people with weak family
connections and deep secrets.  In Oswald’s case we believe the secret
was homosexuality or tendencies in that direction.  Oswald was brought
into the world of “intelligence” by David Ferrie, a notorious, open and
predatory homosexual.  He was sheep-dipped into the Marines and set up
with a “legend” that it was thought the Russians would accept as
genuine.  All secret policemen know that a deep, dirty secret makes
people easy to control. #4)  (P. 33)  “Raymond Shaw, considerable
height, left-handed, wide hips, narrow shoulders, triangular face,
narrow chin, skin immoderately white and his viens were like blue neon
tubing, his hair was light blond.  He was handsome and had large
glaucous eyes, yellow-green, with huge whites, like a corousel horse
pursued by the Erinyes, female avengers of antiquity.  He had great
physical strength.”

**  Not the same description as in the movie but strangely resonant
in its own way.  Notice that in several ways he resembles some of our
possible human/alien creations.  At the end of the book the Marco
character in effect says that Raymond Shaw never existed, that he was a
creation of his operators all the way.  Remember that Whitley Strieber
is involved with what may be an ancient “woman-like” creature
resembling, in some ways, Isis of ancient Egypt!

#5  (P. 35)  “Captain Marco, an Eskimo crossed with an Aztec.”

**  Marco is described as having a past, as being human, at least
as far as we can tell from the book.  The “Aztec” reference figures in

#6  (P. 39)  “Yen Lo and his staff of 30 men and women sat in a large
circle on a broad, grassy space, and as the moon went higher and the
hour got later, and all of the voices seemed to fall into lower pitch
preparing for sleepiness, Yen Lo told them a fairy story, which was set
39 centuries before.

**  First of two references to what I think are “children’s
circles,” as per Strieber.  See the one on P. 65 below.  Yen Lo was the
“Chinese” doctor who conceived and put into motion this whole program of

#7  (P. 39)  “Radical descent into the unconscious mind, implantation
teams to implant the predominant motive–obey the operator, put his
exact intentions into execution and be available to remote control.  In
a day the men of the platoon believed they were levelling off from a
three day pass full of booze and broads.”

**  Raymond Shaw and Marco are part of an American patrol captured
by the North Koreans and then turned over to the Chinese for
“brainwashing.” This “brainwashing” is totally out of bounds.  No one,
on Earth, has this type of technology.  The “Chinese” intend to have
Raymond win the Medal of Honor in fulfullment of a very obscure plan to
culminate 10 years into the future.  We know now that this type of thing
is what the CIA was dreaming about throughout the 1950s and 1960s under
the MK-Ultra program.

#8  (P. 49)  “They knew that reflexes could be conditioned to the finest
point so that if the right person said “Deviationist” that any man’s
character could be assassinated or any man be liquidated.”

**  Cold War references to the Moscow Show trials of the late
1930s. The author is talking about Soviet Society but he could just as
well as been talking about the McCarthy Era here.  That is one of the
underlying themes of the book.  Condon is condemning much about BOTH the
U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A..

#9  (P. 50)  “The perfectly prefabricated assassin, this bored, too
handsome, blond young man with the pointed chin and pointed ears, whose
mustard colored eyes looked through them as would a cat’s and who would
not be able to stop destroying once the instructions had been fed into

** Notice the description.  Raymond was “prefabricated.”

#10  (P. 53)  “Shock-proof assassins were needed at home because
assassination was a strategem requiring secrecy and control, and if an
assassination were not to be committed secretly than it had to be
arranged discreetly so that the ruling cliques realized that it was not
to be advertised.”

**  Here was one of the quotes that got the book suppressed after
the killing of John Kennedy.  Condon may be precisely correct, mightn’t

#11  (P. 54)  “Yen Lo talked of extending post-hypnotic amnesia to
eternity. The assassin would have no memory of having killed and thus
feel no guilt. This killer was very close to being police proof and the
method by which he was created would have to be very carefully
controlled.  A cadre of perhaps a hundred such men would make a leader
unseatable.  And who would ever know what else was in their minds?  Who
knew what other unknown men had been conditioned to strike should
something happen to Yen Lo?

**  This is just a hint of the horrors confronting counter-
intelligence officers involved with such a program.  This is the
real world of the UFO, in our opinion.  Abductees may be numbered in the
thousands, many of them working for the Federal Government. . .what

#12  (P. 56)  “The first descent into the unconscious was drug-induced.
This lasted 11 hours.  The second descent was light-induced.  This
lasted seven and three-quarter hours.  The primary link was deep
suggestion.  At a prearranged signal the subject’s memory would be
erased.  The subject could not remember, no matter how severe the

**  This is the extent of Condon’s treatment of the “technology”
behind this “brainwashing.”  Sorry, not enough, nor was it intended to
be.  Condon is doing something very, very strange with this book, in our

#13  (P. 65)  “In the deepening twilight Yen Lo sat with the thirty boys
and girls of his staff and told them beautiful old stories, there was
magic everywhere in the gentling evening air.”

**  “Boys and girls.”  Here is the direct “children’s circle”

#14  (P. 77)  Raymond’s father “killed himself by intercardiac injection
of barbituate Thiopentone.”

** A rather unusual method of suicide, don’t you think, for 1946?

#15  (P. 81)  Raymond’s step-father, Raymond’s father’s law partner, was
impotent after marriage to Raymond’s mother.  She used it as a weapon
against him.  She had slept with her father, the only man she ever was
to love, besides Raymond.  She hated her brother because he had usurped
her father’s place in the family.  Her brother had gone into politics
and so she did too– by proxy.  She selected Raymond’s father to be her
vehicle and when it didn’t work out she shunned him and finally drove
him to suicide.  Then she married his law partner, Raymond’s

**  A mainspring of this book is the demonic character of Raymond’s
mother, a horror of horrors.  Never have women been so blackened in a
work of fiction.  But it is never explained how the Chinese and the
Russians “turned” this woman.  In fact, the whole book makes no sense as
a “mystery.”  It is silly.  It makes a lot more sense as a look down a
rabbit hole where we humans don’t really know what is going on.
Remember, this woman has no name, not in the film nor in the book.  And
she is involved with the Queen of Diamonds.

#16  (P. 107)  When Raymond was 21 he met by accident Joceyln Jordan who
was coming down the road just after Raymond had fallen after being snake
bit.  She was nineteen.  She took a razor blade and a bottle of purple
fluid out of the snake bite kit she just happened to have on her
bicycle, made two cuts over each puncture wound and drew out two
mouthfuls of blood.  Raymond went into a glorious kind of shock and
later that day asked to marry Joceyln.

**  Here we see two elements from recent books.  First, the cut on
the calf and second, the “thunderbolt” of instant sexual attraction and
marriage. The cuts on the calf are from Raymond Fowler and Budd Hopkins,
the “instant marriages” are from Strieber and Transformation.  There are
rapidly getting to be too many coincidences here, don’t you think?

#17  (P. 108)  Raymond’s mother told Mr. Senator Jordan that Raymond was
a homosexual and a degenerate.  Raymond obeyed her orders never to see
Jocelyn again and within days Raymond was off to join the Army.  Jocelyn
did not know why the relationship was broken off.

**  The two women are fighting over Raymond, he is a pawn in a game
he does not understand.  In the end he will be ordered by one of the
women to destroy the other and then be ordered by his friends to destroy
himself.  He thus never, ever is an independent actor in the book.  The
horror of this, when you think of it, is almost beyond belief.  Could
this be a world that really exists, a “nether world” created by alien

#18  (P. 132)  Of the nine men on the patrol only two had nightmares
with the same aspect and were seeing the same things in their dreams,
scene for scene. One of them tried to forget while the other, Marco,
tried to remember.  That was his job as an intelligence officer–to
remember things.

**  The year in the book, 1956(!), is about the same time Lear
mentions the discovery that the rocket plane program was infiltrated.

#19  (P. 133)  The dreams were an attack on his sanity.  He could not
tell anyone else about it until he understood it.  He made detailed
written records of the dreams.  Marco lived in horror that the dream
might be true.  The dreams started in 1955.  The implantation had been
done in 1951.  By 1956 the dreams had caused him to lose weight and he
was getting only 3 hours of sleep a night.  Only his notes to himself
kept him from unhinging.

**  Is this how the real UFO case actually began to be cracked?  I
think so.  It is way, way too similiar to the Hill situation which was
investigated on the sly by two very mysterious men put onto the case by
Major Keyhoe.  See Intelligence Connections In UFO Cases, UFOsearch,

#20  (P. 137)  Raymond gets a letter from the other member of the
platoon who is having bad dreams.  He says, “I think I am going nuts.”
His dreams are full of Russian and Chinese brass and are “pretty tough.”
He feels he “needs to tell about it” and wonders if anyone else is
having such dreams and wants to be put in touch with them if they do.
Raymond tears the letter up.

**  Raymond does not know anything about Marco’s dreams and thus
thinks his former buddy IS going nuts.  Marco winds up in an Army
hospital where they can do nothing for him.  He does NOT tell them of
dreaming about Raymond Shaw shooting two of his buddies to prove he is
under “control.”  Thus is shown the horrible insidiousness of such a
“mind control” program.  It would be all but impossible to defeat once
put into place.  IS such a program IN place now?

#21  (P. 156)  Raymond is contacted by his handlers again and winds up
in the hospital after a phoney car crash.  (Oswald was in the hospital a
lot after what could well have been bogus accidents.)  The hospital is
owned by the KGB. It is at this point that Raymond’s mother finds out
that the assassin she will use in the plot is to be her own son.  Ah,
this is a cute little bunch she is working with, is it not?  As a test,
Raymond is ordered to kill the man he is currently working for, a
newspaper publisher.  He does, and then forgets.

**  Raymond’s mother (who continues to have no name) is violently
upset when she finds that Raymond is the programmed killer.  But she
goes ahead with her plan, saying that she will make the Commies pay when
she gets power.  Her goal is sheer power, regardless of any ideology.
She is thus the perfect tool for the “Chinese,” who have other goals.

#22  (P. 179)  The Korean interpreter for Marco’s platoon, who actually
was and is KGB agent and who had helped engineer their capture, shows up
at Raymond’s door asking for a job as valet.  The year is now 1959.  The
Korean has been admitted into the country by Raymond’s step-father, at
the behest of his wife.  He is to help control Raymond now that the plan
is moving onto more dangerous ground.  It is only natural that Raymond
hires him.

**  By this time Marco has been in and out of hospitals for almost
three years and has gotten no real relief for his nightmares.  No one on
“our side” has figured out what has been going on and Marco is just one
more officer with bad combat fatigue.  Since he has not told the whole
story to the shrinks they have not caught on to the seriousness of the
situation.  Or so Condon says.

#23  (P. 181)  **  Major Marco placed on leave for fatigue.  He has
undergone many tests for his nightmares but has not told the doctors
about how Raymond had killed his two buddies under orders from Yen Lo.
And he has not told the doctors about the other soldier with the
terrible and similiar nighmares. Raymond had finally told Marco about
the letter from this soldier and Marco had spent considerable time on
the phone with him as a result.  Marco knew that if he did not confront
Raymond about the dreams he would die from them. He gets on a train for
New York to see Raymond and have a showdown.  It is here is where the
book gets even more strange.

#24  (P. 183)  Major Marco on the train: “He was careful not to look at
anybody, he had stopped doing that weeks ago.  He sweated continuously.
His face had very little color.  His palms drenched his trousers.  His
eyes burned.  He was very tired.  His stomach hurt.  He could not stop
clenching his teeth.  The doctors had told him he would grind the
dentine off his molars if he did not stop clenching his teeth.  He
wanted to smoke a cigar.”

**  Real attractive picture, isn’t it?  What do you think this
guy’s chances are of picking up a beautiful fiance today?  Very good, it
turns out.

#25  (P. 184)  The woman on the train next to Marco–a shining silver
belt buckle shaped like Quetzacoatl, an urbane feathered serpant, a
throat of white Carrara marble, a mouth that looked insatiable.  It was
a sexual object and for most of his life women were like food to Marco.
“It told him of lust which had been lost far back in mythology, lust
which could endow its tasters with eternal serenity, and it was the
mouth of many varieties and of varying kinds of women.”  He began to cry
and got up to leave.  “He decided that the woman could only be one of
the Fravasi, that army of angels that has existed in heaven before the
birth of man, that protects him during his life and is united to his
soul at death.”

**  It is, of course, usual to see such people on trains
everywhere. You don’t suppose Whitley Strieber has met one of these
“Fravasi?”  What kind of emblems have many of the “UFOnauts” been seen
wearing?  Serpents?  See the UFOSearch paper “Women And Science, The
Story Of The Feathered Serpent.”

#26  (P. 185)  “Her hair was the color of birch bark, prematurely white.
He stared at her as though her thyroid were showing its excessive
activity and her hypereroticism.”  She later says, “I was one of the
original Chinese workmen who laid track on this stretch.”  Her name is
Eugenie.  She reminds him of an image he had built up in his mind of an
Arab princess of the 14th Century.  She begins to repeat her address and
phone number hypnotically.

**  Now Condon crosses over the line.  None of this is ever
explained. The name is “Eugenie,” the reference Eugenics?  She had lived
before?  She is able to hypnotize the Major without his knowing it?
These things just drop like rose petals down the Grand Canyon, never to
surface again.  To this author, who had just read Strieber’s books plus
Intruders, the effect was terrific.  Either there is a gigantic
counter-intelligence program in place or these references have
real-world antecedents.

#27  (P. 190)  Description of New York ends with “the tall buildings,
end upon end upon end, were so many extended fingers beckoning the

**  Condon’s cynicism about U.S. society and politics is extreme.

#28  (P. 192)  Marco says Raymond “seemed much like a Martian
sometimes.” Marco goes to Raymond’s apartment and finds the Korean
there.  Marco knows he is a fraud.  A terrible fight takes place as
Marco has a lot of questions to ask.  The cops come and Marco is knocked
out and taken to jail.  All he can remember is Eugenie’s phone number
and address.  She comes to his rescue and then tells him she has thrown
over her fiance for him.  Her fiance was an FBI agent and later will
come in very, very handy!

**  Marco is helpless before Eugenie’s hypnotic suggestion.

#29  (P. 203)  Marco tells Raymond that he has been in and out of the
hospital for the last couple of years and that no doctor has been able
to figure out what his dreams are about or how he came to have them.

#30  (P. 206)  Raymond describes his memories to Marco.  Marco uses the
word “brainwashing.”   For the first time in years Marco sleeps without
dreams. Eugenie has been working on him hypnotically and later she calls
Raymond’s apartment calls and askes if he is sleeping.  Raymond tells
her that he is. Eugenie is very glad.

#31  (P. 216)  Raymond asks his mother to help Marco and then tells her
of the horrible dreams the Major has been having.  Her response is to
have her husband apply maximum pressure to the Army to keep Marco from
talking.  In return the Senator asks the Army to promote Marco to
Colonel.  Marco stops his personal investigation of his dreams, under

**  Here is the “bad” woman at her worst.  An Army general committs
suicide (as per James Forrestal?) because of the pressure brought upon

#32  (P. 227)  Eugenie says “sometimes I think I was a passenger in a
space ship that overshot Mars.”

**  This, I think, was put in for whose who were not getting it

#33)  (P. 234)  Eugenie tells her former fiance, an FBI agent, whome she
has thrown over in an instant for Marco, about her new fiance’s dreams
and what he (Marco) thinks they mean.  This starts a new investigation
and by Page 236 the FBI, CIA and Army Intelligence have interviewed the
other soldier and found that his dreams match those of Marco.

**  Here we see Condon’s version of the “good alien, bad alien.”
Those who are controlling Raymond’s mother are bad, Eugenie or those
controlling her are good.  Could this be an allegory for a Lear-like
scenario?  We think so.

#34  (P. 260)  ** Our side tries to “unbrainwash” Raymond–without
effect. Raymond does not believe he has been used and is going along
with all of this to help his only friend in the world, Marco.  Even
after we “know,” we are still helpless before this “program.”

#35  (P. 275)  **  Jocie appears in front of Raymond, who has been shown
the Queen of Diamonds by his mother and then left in stasis due to an
unforseen interruption.  Jocie is wearing a Queen of diamonds playing
card costume.  Why we don’t know since she is not connected with the
“Communist” plot.  (It is a fact, is it not, that the diamond suit
represents the stars, right–right.) Raymond ravishers her on the spot,
says she is is his “special lady from the stars.”  That’s right, that’s
the exact quote.  Thus a group of “good aliens” make one last attempt to
save Raymond from the “bad aliens.”  It works pretty well, for a while
but Raymond’s mother is never far from the action.

#36  (P. 315)  **  Raymond eventually has to resume his normal life,
which includes his mother, who is his handler.  He is trapped.  His
mother orders him to destroy Jocie’s father at home and his standing
orders say he is to kill any and all witnesses.  Which his mother knows.
Thus, Raymond kills Jocie since she is in her father’s house when
Raymond comes to call.

#37  (P. 330)  ** Raymond goes to the convention and kills his mother,
his step-father and then himself, after de-programming by Marco.  Thus
does it come out all right in the end.  But how many other “Raymond
Shaws” are there out there?  Could the President have been one?  That
certainly is implied.

Thus ends The Manchurian Candidate, one of the strangest movies
ever made–from one of the strangest books ever written.  Richard Condon
is still, as of this writing, living, and could be contacted about all
of this.  But we are still in a bit of shock over these startling
coincidences, if that is what they are, between the book and the UFO
world of 1994.  No matter what Condon might say today his book still
stands as some sort of strange record of the future–of the UFO.



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