Val Germann


“I am not a UFO investigator; I am a UFO analyst.  That is, in the main I look at what others have found through their hard work and initiative and then combine it with still other information in an attempt to piece together a coherent scenario in the area I am at the time looking into. That is mainly what I do.”  (From The “Space People”)

A variety of articles following the recent history of the UFO enigma from the pen of Val Germann.

950717  Dr. James E. McDonald  —  What Might Have Been & A Little Background On The Rockefellers
950718  Dr. James E. McDonald — What Might Have Been — 3/6   Dr. James E. McDonald
950718.5  Dr. James E. McDonald — What Might Have Been — 6/6 More McDonald.
950719  The RockefellersA Little Background On The Rockefellers
950728  Personal Notes On The UFO SituationToday
950725  The Manchurian Candidate Richard Condon’s The Manchurian Candidate
9570       The “Space People” — Very Near?
9580 The Current Mass Extermination And UFOs
9581 Visitors to Ancient Skies
9750 The Roswell Films — Counterintelligence Aspects & The Hierarchy Of Information: A Guide To Evaluating The Modern World
9751 Downed Discs and Donald Keyhoe – Major Donald Keyhoe’s Last Book — 1973; Aliens From Space
9752 Premonitions of the Future Support For “New Revelations” In Early UFO Material: The Arnold Case
9761 Science, Proof And the “UFO” Where is the proof?
9762 Reprise: Proof, Science & The UFO RACHEL’S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY #478
9763 Big Money and UFOs Laurence Rockefeller & The Hudson Valley Object
9771 Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs The Importance of UFOs Today
9781 Science, Counterintelligence & UFO’s The Counterintelligence Use Of Research And Analysis In Small-Scale UFO Investigations
9782 Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs Evaluating UFO Scenarios Using Counterintelligence
9783 Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs UFO Scenario Analysis: THE KEYHOE SCENARIO
9784 Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs The Lear Scenario And The History Of The UFO
9785 Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs The Lear Scenario — An Analysis
9790 Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs The Strieber Scenario And The Future Of The UFO
9821 UFO History; Part I On The Uses Of History
9822 UFO History; Part II Buildup To 1968; The Age Of Zamora
9823 UFO History; Part III The Build-Up To 1968; The Age Of Zamora
9824 UFO History; Part IV The Build-Up To 1968; The Age Of Zamora; Situation Report, December, 1967
9825 UFO History; Part V The Year of McDonald – 1968
9826 UFO History; Part VI McDonald vs. Condon

4 thoughts on “Val Germann

  1. Thank you for this listing of your documents. I first became aware of your counterintelligence model some 15 years ago and found it quite useful. From 1992 thru 1998 I was closely associated with Dr Steven Greer’s CSETI and using your model one might say that I was a field officer for a “higher intelligence agency.” I ran contact teams out into the desert where UFOs frequently showed up for us and there were a host of physical and psychic interactions. After I resigned from my CSETI in 1998 I closely read the works of John Keel and slowly became convinced that I, along with my contactee comrades, had been the target of a powerful non-human intelligence that was in the human belief system creating business. Essentially I had been an “agent of influence” for an agency that was not ET, but rather superbly capable of co-creating with human subjects a belief in ET visitations, as it has likely done throughout human history creating the “wisdom traditions” AKA religions. While I was enthralled by the ET hypothesis I was allowed to see how non-human intelligence uses its psychotronic technology to “work” UFO believers. I am now interested in getting the story out, to the dismay I suspec, of my former fellow contactees, who still dream of friendly ETs who might inspire mankind(as I once did) to save ourselves.

    My web site reflects views that I have left behind, but it does capture the sense of awe and adventure I once had as an organizer in “the contact underground.” So if you are interested in dialogue please reply. Your analysis (fully credited of course) plays an important role in explaining how the world of contactees operates.

  2. Let me thank you for your comment! I have heard of Dr. Greer and CSETI- and the CE5 Initiative- but really knew next to nothing about them.

    Your comment is quite interesting. I wonder what convinced you this presence was not ET as it is usually imagined but simply a non-human presence that among other things is encouraging such belief.?

    I am unfortunately not Val Germann. Tormance is not his site. And as far as I know he does not have one. I had a long email exchange with him some time ago- and I have forwarded your comment to him- it was fascinating to be able to ‘speak’ with him directly. He has made no recent contributions that I know about and from my exchange with him he has so to speak ‘moved on’ but I think still retains a deep interest in the ideas etc.

    I have much respect for him. He is to some extent a pioneer himself. And I collected these links to various articles he has abroad on the internet because I think he has something important to say. He was, and really because of leaving his thoughts behind still is a voice in the wilderness. His stress on counter-espionage and the role it plays in this ‘branch of knowledge’ cannot be underestimated.

    I will probably forward this reply as well. Again because of your comment I have looked into Dr. Greer and CSETI. There are several interesting things on your contactunderground site. I watched a trailer for Sirius. I think he received his funding from Kickstarter and they are now in the production phase. I wonder how much of the picture has been completed? Anyway I want to again thank you for your intriguing comment!

  3. Val German was a very important early influence on my work when I was first exploring UFOs during the mid-1990s. He and I became very good friends and shared many ideas back then. He was and remains a brilliant man who sadly decided not to follow up with a longer work in the form of a book — something I frequently encouraged him to do. In any case, his writings here are a legacy for the rest of us. An example of how to do it right — how to think originally and with courage on the greatest mystery of our time.

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