Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays V

The Secret War Keel, in his book Operation Trojan Horse, had reached as he says a ‘disturbing conclusion’ re this UFO business: Already we can arrive at one disturbing conclusion based upon these basic factors of behavior. If these lights are actually machines operated by intelligent entities, they obviously don’t want to be caught. They […]

Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays IV

Space Race Strangely the concept of race itself is, at one level, entwined with the idea of contact.  The idea of aliens, in a cosmic sense, is not separate from considering the place of Homo sapiens, the human race, in the grand scheme of things.  The ‘aliens’ may be our cousins, perhaps grand-sons and grand-daughters, […]

Truth and the Shroud of Turin

The Mountain There is, on the net and elsewhere, in the media in general, and the world at large, a Kilimanjaro of information on the Shroud of Turin.  The effort of climbing this mountain of information is more than simply daunting, it leaves you breathless, and in a state of mind probably outside the one you […]