Personal Notes On The UFO Situation Today —

From: (Germannvh)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: A Few Personal Notes On UFOs
Date: 28 Jul 1995 13:39:35 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)

Personal Notes On The UFO Situation Today —

Val Germann
Columbia, Missouri

Every once in a while I get a phone call from someone, someone I
do not know, who wants to talk about UFOs. Taking my cue from
Dr. Harley Rutledge of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I always speak
freely and completely, just in case the caller is one of Vallee’s
vacuum cleaners. I don’t want any mistakes.

These calls usually boil down to “I have seen some of your stuff
and I want to know what the hell you think is REALLY going down.”
I show no hesitation at all — I spill. I want no mistakes.

1) There is an unknown agency or agencies running large-scale
operations here on Earth at this time, and perhaps for a long,
long time into the past.

2) The scale of these operations imply immense expense on the
part of this other agency, whether from another star system,
inside the Earth or from another dimension, whatever. Lots and
lots of whatever it is “they” call money is being expended.

3) On all investments there must, MUST be a payoff.

4) Since it is obvious to all who take the time to look that we,
the human race, are making huge mistakes that are going to cause
us horrific problems within a few generations, I currently accept
that these “others” are here, in part, because of this fact.

5) For the moment I am accepting that planets like the Earth are
not really rare in the galaxy but not that damned plentiful,
either. Therefore, the Earth, its biosphere, and its life forms,
could well be a resource for other life in the galaxy. Just
think of it, an interstellar Cecil Rhodes could be sizing us up
for a new, whatever, who knows? Or maybe they’re already up and
running here, extracting who knows what from our abductees?

6) Life forms on the Earth are being exterminated by human beings
on a vast scale and this extermination started with a vengeance
just as the last ice age ended, about 10,000 years ago. Within a
couple of generations NO large-bodied land animals will be left
on Earth except in enclaves maintained with wire fences. Sooner
or later those fences will come down and then human beings will
be the largest-bodied animals left on Earth except for domestic
cattle, zoo animals, and such. Since World War II human beings
have made great strides in turning the oceans into deserts.
Within two generations that project will be complete and
commercial fishing of the great water bodies on Earth will come
to a permanent end. There is even a chance, a fair one, that the
clorine-based materials being spewed onto the ground planet-wide
will, at some indefinite time in the future, put an end to human
reproduction, or at least lower it to the point where humanity
will be reduced to the state it was in say 15,000 years ago.
If current trends continue a mass-extinction of Cretaceous
dimensions in now taking place on our planet, engineered by the
human race itself and perhaps eventually including it.

7) In my view these others are here in connection with this mass
extinction. It is entirely possible that what we see going on
around us is in fact THEIR program, the intelstellar equivalent
of having the roaches build their own motel. Or, the program
could be that of a faction of “them,” with other factions running
around picking up what pieces they can for their own purposes.

8) Whatever, we must keep in mind that these “others” are doing
NOTHING to stop this mass extinction and therefore they are
either indifferent to it, are actually behind it or are UNABLE to
stop it, for whatever reasons. If they are indifferent to the
great destruction of billion-year evolutionary developments in a
rare environment then that is, as Pogo used to say, “a mighty
soberin’ thought.” And if “they” are behind the extinctions,
through a sort of cultural “coaching,” well, that is quite a bit
beyond merely “soberin.” And while it is possible that “they”
are unable to slow or stop the extinction I lean against this
interpretation. I would rather suggest that perhaps “they” are
in some way, morally or otherwise (say, through a very highly
developed business sense), PROHIBITED from stopping it, sort of a
Star-Trek “prime directive” kind of a thing, only with bells on.
None of the above 3.5 alternatives is very attractive.

9) My eight-year campaign of research into the “UFO” has run full
circle, from the ground to the sky to outer space and now back to
the Earth again. The real action is down here, the dog and pony
show is up there, attracting our attention, while these “others”
go about whatever in hell their “business” is, down here on the
ground, among us, every day. And our arguments about whether
“they” are extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional or whatever are
totally irrelevant to the REAL question, which is: What in hell
are “they” actually DOING here? Well, “they” are here for their
benefit, not for ours, that’s for damn sure. Is it “they,” and
not our posterity, who will inherit the Earth? It’s possible.


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