The Lam Event, the Beam Miracle, and the Hidden Life

First Part

We are watching The End of the World.[1] Doctor Who has traveled five billion years into the future to watch the expansion of our Sun as it begins to engulf the inner planets. Invitations to the party- in a multiverse teeming with life- which has gathered just in time to observe the destruction of the planet Earth- were seemingly few and far between; it is indeed an elite selection of partygoers. Of course the destruction would ordinarily take a few years longer than a human life; but things have been arranged a bit differently to accommodate… another dimension of fun… or as it is called in the show ‘a maximum hospitality zone’.

Fig 1 The Doctor & Rose watch as Sun expands to engulf Earth. Courtesy Dr. Who


[2]The Doctor has used the wiles of a Time Lord to crash the party and has brought his partner Rose along for the ride. Definitely an ‘alien’ affair Rose feels quite out of place- the aliens a little too ‘alien’- and finds a place to be alone. One of the interesting things about the episode is the casual reference to the historical trust that now takes care of our planet; the Earth has long ago been abandoned.[3]

The Doctor has arranged for Rose to keep in touch with Jackie, her mother, using her cell phone. Now of course Jackie is very far away in time, a few billion years, and that the doctor can arrange such a possibility is a rather low-key allusion to the true extent of his powers as a Time Lord.[4] This window on the future is a rather stunning foray into the very, very distant future and leaves one feeling only slightly disoriented. The Doctor has a rather thorough summation of our predicament in this episode:

“You lot, you spend all your time thinking about dying, like you’re going to get killed by eggs or beef or global warming or asteroids. But you never take time to imagine the impossible, that maybe you survive.”[5]


Temple of Peace

Many of the interiors for this episode were filmed in the Temple of Peace, in Cardiff, in Wales. Dr. Who has as a matter of fact used the Temple of Peace as background for several episodes not only The End of the World.

The Temple was built before the Second World War, the brainchild of Lord Davies; it was meant to bring together the ideals of international understanding- “a memorial to those gallant men from all nations who gave their lives in the war that was to end war”- and health & well-being.

The Temple[6] would be home to not only the League of Nations but the King Edward VII Welsh National Memorial Association.[7] The WNMA was dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and eradication of tuberculosis and had been founded back in 1910 by Lord Davies himself.

The interiors of many of the shots from Platform 1, the space station from which the destruction of Earth is to be observed, were shot here in the Temple of Peace. Lord Davies himself was killed in WWII on the Western Front.


The Captain of all these Men of Death


The White Plague– aka colorfully The Captain– it has had many names[8]– figures into this narrative in a curious way, it seems almost as a sort of tangent. Yet it is the past master at hiding itself… The Captain has been with us a very long time; since ancient times and before. The Bible carries references to it. Hippocrates named it with a name whose analog is still with us.

The rise and fall of the age of sanatoriums[9] had much to do with this bacillus. Mycobacterium tuberculosis has indeed been a shaker and mover and has changed the face of society in many changing ways down to the present day. And though we have a vaccine and more than one treatment regimen it doesn’t have a cure in the sense of simply getting rid of it once and for all.

One of the figures you find as standard reference and used much in the statistics about TB is the estimate that 1/3 of the people worldwide are infected. Another statistic is that TB may be responsible for more deaths than any other infectious agent. Yet another common description has to do with its characterization as an illness of poverty…[10] Also TB has links to several other bacteria that pose public health problems including leprosy.[11]

There are outbreaks[12] of TB several times a year here in the US; they follow a seasonal pattern with peaks in spring and summer. The reason for that pattern may have to do with increased transmission during the winter though there may be other reasons. The other thing about tuberculosis has to do with diagnosis; the so-called ‘gold standard’ of diagnosis- confirmation that someone indeed has the disease- is to culture a specimen.

That can take a month or more… all the other ‘kits’ and procedures out there to nail this down aren’t one hundred percent and usually fall far short of that. So we have several methods for targeting this relatively quickly but none of them are completely reliable. There was an ‘outbreak’ in LA just a couple of years ago in 2013.[13] And one in a Sacramento high school in 2014… such outbreaks are far from unusual and remind us our Captain is alive and well… and needs us more than ever.


Kits & Kaboodle

It is indeed a fact that most people, at least those of us that do relatively little thinking about TB at all, and that may be at least two thirds of us, probably imagine the diagnosis of it being pretty straightforward.  As a matter of fact it is not and one of the primary tests[14] for it- sputum microscopy- was developed back in the 19th century when it was first identified.  It is hardly foolproof and as we mentioned today there are several different kinds of tests, a smorgasbord really, to identify the culprit.  None of them are perfect.


Fig 2  Mycobacterium Tuberculosis courtesy Wikipedia & CDC


“The diagnostic gold standard for active tuberculosis (TB) is the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) by culture or molecular methods. However, despite its limited sensitivity, sputum smear microscopy is still the mainstay of TB diagnosis in resource-limited settings. Consequently, diagnosis of smear-negative pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB remains challenging in such settings. A number of novel or alternative techniques could provide adjunctive diagnostic use in the context of difficult-to-diagnose TB. These may be especially useful in certain patient groups such as persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and children, who are disproportionably affected by smear-negative and extrapulmonary disease and who are also most adversely affected by delays in TB diagnosis and treatment…”[15]

India, one of the problem areas for TB, relies too much on the Lam-Elisa kits[16], on serological kits generally- there are literally dozens of them on the market- in spite of the fact WHO has not given their nod of approval but just the opposite to that particular diagnostic tool.  Rarely used except in ‘resource-poor’ settings- and in that context especially it is common in the ‘third world’- its use in the United States is undoubtedly very limited because of its general utility- or really rather lack thereof. It is not the best way to find out things but is relatively cheap and quick but is known also for its ‘false positives’.[17]

So that outbreak in LA, in California, a couple of years ago, right near that seasonal peak that is a pattern for such outbreaks- it was just after Elisa Lam’s body was found and the outbreak was in the news[18] at the time having been found in Skid Row- well that probably had little to do with being diagnosed by such Elisa kits; if you query ‘Lam Elisa’ on the CDC site the responses you get are most of them wide of their mark. Though they are used in other parts of the world their use here, again, would be strange considering the general state of our medical care and if used at all probably quite rare.

Why are these tests, not just ‘Lam Elisa’, but serological tests generally, so popular in India? Why does the market ‘bear’ so many of them[19]… it is something of a curiosity considering their unreliability and the stand WHO has taken against their use.

“One of the key findings in their analysis was that, given the absence of an accurate, validated, point-of-care test for TB, serological tests meet a perceived need among private providers and patients. Physicians consider smear microscopy to be insensitive and antiquated. In addition, sputum-based tests are unsuitable for the diagnosis of extra-pulmonary, smear-negative, and paediatric TB. From an economic perspective, imported molecular or liquid culture tests are too expensive, leaving serological tests as the main alternative. Although serological tests are inaccurate, various players along the value chain profit from their use, and this sustains a market for these tests. In India a large number of serological kits are available in the market. Private healthcare, in general, is poorly regulated, and doctors in the private sector do not necessarily follow standard guidelines. Reflecting upon lessons learned from serology, the authors described key characteristics for a successful new TB test: be a rapid test; be perceived by doctors as more sensitive and sophisticated than sputum smears; be suitable for the detection of extra-pulmonary TB; not require laboratories to make big investments in infrastructure/equipment; and not be too inexpensive or too expensive, but be in the middle range of approximately US $10.”[20]

The strange coincidence of the tragedy of Elisa Lam- the likeness of her name and the TB kit being just one curious thing among many- seems completely unrelated to the outbreak in LA that occurred around the time of her disappearance.[21] Her tragedy however involved several strange coincidences that if they didn’t occur together would be unremarkable but because of their ‘synchronicity’ the case has become a contender in the creepiness category of such rather unclassifiable occurrences.  As a matter of fact because of those very synchronicities it is one of those things that might be dubbed, in the department of strange things where there are such categories, a Fortean event.[22]

“Los Angeles is known for many things: movie stars, a mild climate, and poor air quality, to name a few. Yet, media headlines tend to skip over Los Angeles’ other claim to fame. The city is home to the largest, stable population of homeless people in the United States. Skid Row is an area located in downtown Los Angeles, identifiable by its tent-lined streets and abundance of social service facilities. It is estimated that up to 5,000 of Skid Row’s residents live on the streets, entirely dependent on homeless shelters and local NGOs for everything from housing and food to medical care. And when the temperature drops, which it does even in the city of angels, Skid Row’s most impoverished residents seek an available bed in one of the permanently overcrowded shelters.” [23]

The ‘shooting rampage’ of Christopher Dorner[24], just after Elisa went missing, and in LA as well, the Carmen Esparza[25] disappearance about a year later- though it was in Mexico City- but during the month of February too and the later discovery of her body in the cistern belonging to the apartment complex where she stayed, the fact that St. Brigit’s day is the 1st of February, the date of Lisa’s video, not to mention the film Dark Water… really it goes on.[26]

Some of the connections are plain macabre and nonsensical. The link(s) to Aleister Crowley, or even the Bible, are tenuous at best, yet still in the nature of things… peculiar… and seem not wide of the mark but strangely related to the tragedy… yet how can that be those things would be related at all..? They must merely be coincidence.

Elisa Lam attended the University of British Columbia. They have the Center for Tuberculosis Research[27] and seem to be on the front lines when it comes to strategies and therapies for combatting the disease… again this fact seems unrelated to anything definite and imagining a relationship to the outbreak in LA is nothing more than simply imagination.

Her autopsy in 2013 declared her death to be accidental drowning. Somehow she made it to the roof of the Cecil Hotel and up the side of one of the water tanks (perhaps by herself… again she may have shared this final journey) and either fell in by accident, was pushed in, or actually dove in; it is impossible to say what did happen. She was found naked with her clothes floating with her not far away; and her clothes seemed to have been covered with a ‘sand like particulate’. She was very young and left behind a sort of record in several ‘blogs’; was it really an accident? Probably we will never know.

The video from the Hotel she stayed at in Los Angeles is rather bizarre. It has been said she was bipolar… was she in a manic part of this cycle and perhaps even jumped into the tank herself without even a second thought? When her body was discovered she was naked- she must have disrobed? – and most of her blood was gone… Or was there more to it… it is hard to believe there was not more to it and maybe even much more.

The case is easy to dismiss on the grounds of her mental instability but if you take the time to read her blogs you might begin to question the idea that instability would lead her to suicide. The statistics lead one to draw nothing definite; yes many people that are bipolar commit suicide. Would Lisa Lam herself do that? Well it is an unanswerable question.


Second Part


Heaven or Bust

The unusual case of Annabel Beam is without doubt just as extraordinary as that of Elisa Lam; indeed truly it is even more extraordinary. It doesn’t fit into anything but on the other hand does seem bereft of the strange coincidences of the Lam case. Everything else being equal it seems to be true that Annabel should have died. She did not and indeed everything was not equal. Something- someone- it would seem God Himself- tipped the scales in her favor.

Annabel was diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder ‘pseudo-obstruction motility disorder’[28] when she was only five years old. The symptoms are varied… and the pain can be such as to make one wish for death. The disorder is quite rare and the estimate is maybe 100 children a year are born that will suffer… a study of children with this condition revealed up to 1 in 3 may die from it. The mortality is real and though there is no cure there are treatment modalities and Annabel was following one such regimen.

When Annabel ‘plunged’ down the tree in 2011, a rural locale in Texas, she had been dealing with this disorder for some time.[2] Its causes are multiple and the specific cause in her case not known. Could have been genetic; auto-immune diseases are sometimes the culprit. And there is no real cure but of course there are treatment strategies and regimens and she had been a part of those most of her life as she had been in and out of the hospital as well.

The tree changed all that. She had been playing with her sisters and fell down the center of the tree, the tree was hollow, to the very bottom. And she was there for about 5 hours until the fire department managed to bring her out safely. Somehow, it was a long drop, a tall tree, perhaps some 30 feet, she had no broken bones. She seemed to get progressively better after that. The drugs she had been taking dropped by the wayside and today she is seemingly ‘normal’.

The only likeness between this case and Elisa’s is the fall- and the end of that fall. Well there is a movie and a book[3]; and it seems there is talk about a movie in Lam’s case. Another movie that seems to have strange parallels to what happened to her… Dark Water of course came out over 5 years ago and the Japanese original before that… Also the places they fell into… were mostly unexplored.

So that is the other likeness. The end of the fall. They were hidden spaces; enclosed areas where generally human beings would not be found and don’t generally go of their own accord. And they weren’t so easy to get to; they weren’t mountain tops but not many people would go inside a tree to even look around… and who has the desire to explore the emptiness inside a water tower?

Of course they are both cylindrical spaces, kinds of tunnels, even caves of a sort. Now Annabel fell down the tree on December 30, 2011; it is the sixth of the 12 days of Christmas. And what if she had been playing by herself and no-one had seen her fall; would they have found her? If she had screamed would they have heard her?

Now we have left something out of Annabel’s story. Her adventure was what has become known as an ‘NDE’ or near- death experience and in this case it means it was also an ‘OBE’ an out-of-the-body experience. Annabel visited the Lord in Heaven, spoke with Jesus, saw an Angel, had a dialogue of sorts with Him- and as often happens in these adventures it was explained she had to return but He told her she would not be sick, that she would be alright. It seems there was something like a Fairy involved in her experience as well.

Surely this was a miracle. The subject of miracles, like the subject of disappearances is too vast for this little window of ours. Many people shy away from this subject and the doctors in our universities often seem to not want to admit even their possibility. Indeed the doctor in Boston seemed to shy away from that word miracle calling Annabel instead asymptomatic… after the fall.

Of course the idea of miracle being a supernatural occurrence in some way seems to go beyond Science as it is normally understood. And Annabel’s fall, and shaking up by themselves don’t seem too supernatural. Still walking out of her body seems everything but scientific doesn’t it? Again scientists might often see this as an act of imagination rather than something that took place in what most of us call ‘the real world’. Perhaps reality isn’t what we often think it may be and includes much more than we even think possible.


Spin Cycle

You can find Lisa Lam’s autopsy report online.[4] Not difficult. You can find more than you probably want to know about the Cecil Hotel– now the Stay on Main.[5] Its past is haunted by some grim specters… Lisa had more than one blog… all of it still out there. And the so-called “Hermit” post after she disappeared is still there… and the invisibility cloak…[6]

Plenty of information about the TB ‘scare’ on skid row in LA back then. That bookstore she visited before entering oblivion- yes its name is really The Last Bookstore– it has a site online too. Oh of course the many versions of the video that went ‘viral’… all over the place. How many times have they been viewed… perhaps literally millions of times by now.

If you take the time there is a surfeit of information on Lisa Lam. Of course none of it quite tells you what she was really like, would she have … well done some of these things all on her own. And then there are the reports of people that stayed at the Cecil… people that talked to her… and all the opinions with all the spins.

Now Annabel is a different story. You can dig up information about what happened to her- mostly a plethora of news stories[7] but the book Miracles from Heaven is on Google Books too and you can peruse parts of it- but everybody and his brother doesn’t have an opinion. Of course there are differing attitudes about her NDE… but her story didn’t go viral in the way Lisa’s video etc. did and so many details about Annabel’s story- well you may have to read the book.

There is so much information out there about Lisa Lam… it is a different sort of tragedy; most of it is copycat work as that reflects the nature of the internet, even to some extent the nature of media, these days. Some of it however is thought provoking and the people involved have thought much about what might have really gone down, what really did happen to her. Those pieces are unfortunately few and far between.

Ron Patton has an article, Lam to the Slaughter, Dark History Dark Water [8] that looks at the Lam event in an unusual way. It is more than a thoughtful article, there are things oozing between the lines that it seems he is on the edge of putting into words but does not… and it begins to hold up a mirror to our culture for us to see something we don’t want to see.

“The flickering image according to Anger creates a thought form and even if the image flickers for no one, it is still a causal engine that sends the image into the ether. If someone picks up on the meme and it is successfully implanted in the zeitgeist it is theorized that the very nightmare could easily transpire in the real world.

A perfect example of this happened again in 2005.

There was a horror film that didn’t remain in theaters long but remains another example of a movie that fore-structures a very gruesome tale in our dark history. The film was called “Dark Water.” The film was a remake of an earlier Japanese film of the same name, based on a short story by Koji Suzuki.

In that film, a mother and daughter move into a rundown apartment building, which is soon revealed to be haunted.

A dysfunctional elevator and dark discolored water gushing from the building’s faucets eventually lead them to the building’s rooftop water tank, where they discover the body of a young girl who had been reported missing from the building several years earlier.

In the original Japanese film a young Japanese woman climbs on top of the water tank, and falls in while trying to retrieve her purse that she accidentally dropped inside.

In February of 2013, a case of dark synchronicity took place when the body of Elisa Lam 21-year-old Chinese Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, was recovered from a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles .”

Just what did Mr. Anger have to say..?

“Satanist Kenneth Anger the producer of the film, Lucifer Rising, once said about films that “Lucifer is the patron saint of movies”. Some movies that are made are invocations or evocations to cast a spell on the audience. The purpose for some films is to stir the primal forces and is used as magical weapons to stir the soul out of conformity.”[9]


Part 3

So it Goes


The Elisa Lam case presents similar hurdles to our understanding just as Keith Parkins, Ida Mae Curtis or Katie Flynn in the first part of this series…  How did she get to the cistern… but not just how… why did she go there at all..?   One must suppose she had already in her mind an outline of this strange idea otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.  Or did it come to her on the spur of the moment…

Was she suicidal?  Or was she indulging some strange version of hide and seek with either only herself- meaning probably she was not what we might think of as ‘rational’- or she had some help.  Actually it would seem that makes the most sense of the details of the case… doesn’t it?

Now ‘everything else being equal’- as it is said not only was Lisa Lam diagnosed bipolar but was taking several medications for the condition- but the necessary and sufficient explanation would be simply a so-called psychotic break.  And many have succumbed to this idea.  It may be true.  However… it is also true hypomania and psychosis don’t mix… and she seems closer to hypomania than psychosis.[1]

However reading her blog, and considering the big picture of the case, especially the video that was obviously tampered with… well it is hard not to come to the slightly different conclusion- break or not- someone else had something to do with this death.

She had some manner of ‘help’… did that ‘help’ intend on destroying her or was it indeed a sort of accident which again seems as equally nonsensical as the ‘plot’ to create that circumstance.  Again trying to understand what happened to Elisa we find ourselves enmeshed in what seems like nonsense.

Of course with Annabel we don’t have this problem.  However we might have had something like that if she had fallen into the tree, unobserved, and had not been found for a very long time.  We might even question why she had climbed the tree; though she had done it when she was younger it isn’t clear she had done it at all since she had to manage her health in a different way after she was diagnosed.  In other words it was a blessing she was discovered and it hadn’t happened when she was playing alone.

“Imagine what would have happened if she’d fallen in there when she was out climbing around by herself.  If Abbie and Adelynn hadn’t been there.  You know, if a kid disappears, people make all the calls and the Amber Alert goes out.  The search goes on for a while, and then…”  He made a gesture wth his hands like something disappearing into thin air.  “The very last place anyone would think to look for a kid would be inside a tree.  You’d never see that kid again.  No one would ever know what happened to her.”[2]

Many people if and when they are found are again found in some strange places, places that would often be characterized by the absence of human beings and not their presence.  Keith Parkins was found in such a place.

The numbers of missing, of disappearances, of people not found is a number difficult to get a handle on; you can find posters in Walmart of missing children.  The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has a figure just under half a million.  The National Missing Person’s database has over 10,000 open cases.  We suggest these figures are but hints of the real issues.  Of course there are the people streaming across our borders now, refugees and others etc.; a different kind of missing.

It is true that the end of the world, from the Christian viewpoint, assumes that event known as the rapture.  The movie Left Behind has dramatized the idea… and comes at those disappearances from the so-called pre-Tribulation view on things.  The good people will leave us first and it is their disappearance in part that is the reason for the Tribulation.[3] (Does the resurrection of the dead come before the ‘rapture’..?[4])

The Lam event and the Beam miracle have little in common.  Yet the little they do have in common- the fall and the hidden space- are enough to make us wonder… aren’t they..? To make us wonder about the common ground shared with everyone else that has gone missing…

Hoax Galore

Shouldn’t it go without saying that what may seem to be the most outrageous claims here are simply not believed by most people?  We will give credence, for example, to Annabel’s story, that indeed she came back from that land of ‘shades’, even that she was somehow healed, at the very least is ‘asymptomatic’, but many of us will draw our line right there and will not think her meeting with Jesus, and the angel- or her sojourn in Heaven- to be anything more than her imagination.  Will most of us come away from her story believing in Angels & Fairies… or Jesus Himself..?[5]

For instance unless you look into some characteristics of that particular malady Annabel suffered from you wouldn’t know that 90% of the adult versions go into spontaneous remission.  Now that isn’t true of the children’s conditions but even a percentage of those cases resolve themselves without further treatment.  Still none of that makes the case a hoax but it does perhaps suggest a different point of view.

And especially so since we know that recently a similar story was admitted as being a hoax… it is unfortunately not so unusual.[6]  Still it would seem in the Beam case there is no intent to hoax.  Of course the Lisa Lam case would be a little different; yet there is something strange about it that almost leads one into a similar state of mind, as if someone is playing a trick on us but we don’t quite get the trick.

The kidnapping of Keith Parkins- or whatever it is that really did happen to him- again because of its seemingly nonsensical nature just reading about what happened we almost feel as if someone is pulling the wool over our eyes.  They don’t want you to know the whole thing, what really did happen…

As a matter of fact hoaxes are so common we often jump to that conclusion rather than resorting to that other peculiar alternative some of us call ‘thinking’!


Phantom Ship

The Mary Celeste[7] disappeared many, many years ago.  It was discovered by a Canadian ship adrift in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872; not only was it completely abandoned- and all on board never seen or heard from again- but the ship was still amply provisioned.  The ship continued in service with new owners afterward but was wrecked in 1885 as part of an insurance scheme.

The salvage hearings in Gibraltar after the ship was discovered in 1872 considered many possibilities but paramount was the possibility of foul play; later other possibilities would be considered, by many others… a waterspout, a giant squid, a seaquake, the paranormal- something beyond the usual possibilities whose details would remain unclear- and of course there were many versions of foul play to consider as well. Of course this event has been considered ‘Fortean’ as well…

Fig 3  The Mary Celeste or Amazon courtesy Wikipedia

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle even wrote a short piece J. Habakuk Jephson’s Statement, but it was a piece of fiction… and no less than Hammer films made a movie in 1935 The Mystery of the Mary Celeste[8].  The tale has been retold many times…

The original of that movie has somehow long since been lost- yes it has gone missing! – but a cut has survived called Phantom Ship.  We were watching the other night and out of curiosity only decided to google the title to find details about the film; a fave of ours, Bela Lugosi, is a main character.

We discovered something quite unexpected; there is an island in Crater Lake[9] that has the same name.  The island, believe it or not is called Phantom Ship and its outline looks vaguely like a ship; how it came to be so named we don’t know; though it has some strange characteristics that remind one of a ghost ship.


Fig 4  The Phantom Ship in Crater Lake courtesy of Wikipedia


The curious thing is that Crater Lake and the area around it- that national park- is known for disappearances[10] and is not all that far from where Keith Parkins disappeared; really the same ‘ballpark’.  Now this can be nothing but one of those curious ‘synchronicities’, one of those strange flukes that seem to pop up once too often, like a plague sometimes; and perhaps this is just how it happens to be in the case of Elisa Lam.  Just one of those things… like phantom ships it often seems we are but strangers in the night, only passing through to destinations off our carefully planned itinerary.


Part 4


Tip of an Iceberg

We suspect that both the Beam miracle and the Lam tragedy- not to mention the numbers of disappearances and missing people- are several quite different things.  They may have many Fortean overtones, so there are characteristics they share, but they have different origins and meanings and placing them together hopefully not only shows up a few similarities but their many differences.

They are at first, to many if not most of us, simply accidents.  Lisa Lam was most definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Annabel Beam for many of us was simply lucky, for some of us blessed, and a mystery still to many others.  And for most of us we will not move beyond that verdict.  Is it a true miracle..?[1]  Keith Parkins… well Keith is hard to guess.

Some of us can see just a bit of design in some of these events; they are the tip of an iceberg.  A few of us begin to sense that iceberg.  The Titanic is worthy of mention here.  Perhaps we are indeed colliding with ‘principalities & powers’ beyond our ken…

Are there not parallels between 911 & the Lisa Lam tragedy… and Annabel Beam’s blessing is outside our usual frame of reference.  Children with that particular complaint rarely improve.

At first the parallels between 911 and the Lam event not only are not self-evident but require a bit of thought but yes they are more alike than they may be different; really we would incline to the view the Lam event is 911 writ small.

Both tragedies are littered with multiple- and rather strange synchronicities.[2]  Here is just one from the 911 disaster: “In the 1999 film The Matrix, the expiration date of the passport of Keanu Reeve’s character Neo is September 11, 2001.”[3]

Believe it or not this is true but that it means anything at all… well what does it mean? Now we have to admit on first hearing of this utterly strange coincidence there was a brief march of goosebumps but again … how can it mean anything..?   

The second likeness concerns the videos; indeed many questions have been asked about both the Lam video that went viral and the news videos of 911.[4]  The question of manipulation hangs over all of them… and it’s not a simple thing but a rather complex topic.

Of course another seemingly trivial parallel is that no-one has claimed responsibility… well finally someone did for 911 but it was sometime after the event… and of course we know the Lam event must have been an accident…


Fig  5  Neo Passport courtesy Wikipedia

Without going into details the question of not simply why but just how it came about is still a paramount question in the case of 911[5]… the how of the Lam event, well she drowned didn’t she, but the logistics of that drowning are still a bit of a mystery and most probably will remain a mystery.  All these parallels are suggestive without quite leading anywhere.

Now there is one other curious parallel having to do with 911- well there are many more- but the only other one we will mention has to do with Tisha B’Av; this is the 9th of Av, the 11th month of the Hebrew calendar.  It is a day of mourning for the Jewish people, and ‘commemorates’ quite a list of catastrophes, destruction, and tragedy throughout their history including the Holocaust.  However in spite of the many references to this number parallel it seems in actual fact that Av is not, strictly speaking, the 11th month; and this is a curiosity in itself![6]

And tuberculosis is a very ancient malady.  The Bible makes mention of it; it existed long before then.  It has been suggested- and it is of course a controversial suggestion- that TB may reach further back in time than makes sense to us right now- and may have been around for several millions of years.  There is some evidence it was around before humans as we are familiar with them…


“Tuberculosis is an ancient scourge. It has plagued humankind throughout known history and human prehistory. It has surged in great epidemics and then receded, thus behaving like other infectious diseases, but with a time scale that challenges accepted explanations for epidemic cycles. Mycobacterium tuberculosis may have killed more persons than any other microbial pathogen.”[7]

“Genomic studies also revealed that there is a wide variety of M. tuberculosis genus. Many of which are multiple drug resistant [40]. TB is the prototype of a disease of poverty [41]. The human TB appears to be significantly older than approximately 10 000 years is supported by several additional lines of evidence. A recent study from Turkey reported a 500 000 year old fossil of Homo erectus, which shows lesions characteristic of TB [42].”[8]


The forces bringing about these events are ancient, perhaps eternal.  We suggest Revelation may- at least sometimes- have more explanatory power in this arena than Science.  That would be a quite anti-Scientific speculation.

Human beings are just a passing thought in the life cycle of our Sun.  Perhaps we are just a passing thought in the life of Light itself…  there is some question whether or not TB and human beings are an example of coevolution…

Now the tragedy of Elisa Lam- and 911- and to some extent even the missing and disappeared- forces us, if we continue to think through it, to some surmises difficult to comprehend…


“On the other hand, unquestionable crimes escape the field of vision of criminology, either because they have not the recognized form of crime or because they surpass a certain scale. In existing criminology there are concepts: a criminal man, a criminal profession, a criminal society, a criminal sect, a criminal caste, and a criminal tribe, but there is no concept of a criminal state, or a criminal government, or criminal legislation. Consequently the biggest crimes actually escape being called crimes.”

“This limitation of the field of vision of criminology together with the absence of exact and permanent definition of the concept of crime is one of the chief characteristics of our culture.”[9]

“The culture of barbarism grows simultaneously with the culture of civilisation. But the important point is the fact that the two cannot develop on parallel lines indefinitely. The moment must inevitably arrive when the culture of barbarism arrests the development of civilization and gradually, or possibly very swiftly, completely destroys it.”[10]



Part 4





[5] There is so much out there now about 911 it is difficult to separate the strands of fiction, fable, fact etc.  We will suggest Collateral Damage…

[6] now we also learn from this site the understanding of Av being the 11th month is based on a misunderstanding. Well it is a widely quoted one…  It is also true that Rosh Hashanah sometimes falls on September 11.

[7] and more here…


[9] This quote is from P.D. Ouspensky & A New Model of the Universe.

[10] It is a curious thing- and a rather absurd thing- to notice the following unproven observation re tuberculosis: Harpending and Cochran are hardly the first scientists to suggest that the diseases of the Ashkenazim are the product of genetic selection. Until fairly recently, many geneticists believed these mutations may have helped protect Jews from tuberculosis, because the disease so frequently surfaced  in ghettos, though no one has been able to show how these mutations protected Jews—or why neighboring non-Jewish populations didn’t develop the same immunity.







Partial Timeline for Elisa Lam Journey & Death



Other timelines:



Jan5, 2013 The West Coast Tour: “Next leg of my whirlwind adventure: the West Coast    Meet-up applications now accepted for Vancouver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Opispo, Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco.   SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS HIGHLY HIGHLY APPRECIATED AND NEEDED!!!!”

Jan 12, 2013 Tweet re invisibility cloak…

Jan 26, 2013 “Lam checked into the Cecil Hotel on January 26, on her way to Santa Cruz, California, according to police in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.” ( )   (“The facts are as follows: Lam made internet reservations to check into a shared room for three nights (ending?) on Jan. 28, 2013. She was first assigned 506B, but the hotel’s general manager said Lam’s roommates complained about her “odd behaviour.” She was then moved to a private room. According to the coroner’s report, Lam had a history of bipolar disorder. Medication was found among her belongings, but tests were inconclusive as to the presence of the medication in her bloodstream.  Her parents reported her missing when she failed to contact them on Jan. 31.” ( )

Jan 26, 2013 From her blog… “I really hope no creeper comes near me”

Jan 27, 2013 Tweet re speakeasy…

Jan 27, 2013 Date of “Hermit” post…

Jan 27, 2013 On January 27th, Elisa tells us that she lost *A* (not her) phone at the “Speakeasy” (#and it’s not even mine #it’s my friends)

Jan 29, 2013 “I have arrived in Laland… and there is a monstrosity of a building next to the place I’m staying when I say monstrosity mind you I’m saying as in gaudy but then again it was built in 1928 hence the art deco theme so yes it IS classy but then since it’s LA it went on crack Fairly certain this is where Baz Lurhmann needs to film the Great Gatsby”

Jan 30, 2013?? “We did see her come in with two gentlemen. She had — they had a box, gave it to her,” he said. “She went up into her — to the elevator. We never saw them again on video.”  When…?????  Sometime before she was meant to check out…  before the videio on the 31st…

Jan 31, 2013 “On the afternoon of January 31, Elisa Lam walked a few blocks to the Last Bookstore.”

Jan 31, 2013 “Five days later (after check-in), she was seen on a security camera video walking into the elevator, pushing the buttons for four floors and then peering out of the opened elevator door as if she is hiding or looking for someone.”

Jan 31, 2013 Her parents reported her missing when she failed to contact them on Jan. 31.  Doesn’t look like they even waited till the 1st…

Feb 1, 2013 Last seen…??

Feb 6, 2013Los Angeles police seek missing Vancouver woman… 

Feb 6, 2013  Feb. 6: LAPD hold press conference about disapperance, family attends…

Feb 13, 2013 Video released…when she was reported missing on January 31st 2013. Two weeks later, with the case going nowhere, the LAPD released a video of Lam. Taken from one of the hotel’s elevator security cameras, the video shows a frightened woman acting erratically as though being perused by someone off camera.   That was, until February 13, when the LAPD summoned the public’s help again. This time, the department released a video.

Feb 19, 2013 “Maintenance man Santiago Lopez discovered the body on Feb. 19. A guest in room 320 complained about the lack of water pressure and he went to check out the four large rooftop tanks.”

Feb 20, 2013 Officials issue a ‘do-not-drink’ order to the hotel residents after the Lam’s body is found in the water tank. LAPD are investigating and trying to determine if Lam’s death was due to foul play or an accident?

Feb 21, 2013 Body found in Cistern.   ??

Feb 22, 2013 Reported TB outbreak Skid Row…

March 1, 2013 A post already scheduled?

“Why, she reflected, should there be this perpetual disparity between the thought and the action, between the life of solitude and the life of society, this astonishing precipice on one side of which the soul was active and in broad daylight, on the other side of which it was contemplative and dark as night?”  (Virginia Woolf)

April 1, 2013 Date of Autopsy report… page 27 signed and dated 4/1/2013…


Dec 10, 2013 Tila Tequila & Lisa Lam… “”I knew it the first time news of the strange video started circulating the internet weeks ago. I have just kept my mouth shut because there is a lot more to it and of course… cases like this.. I just did not want to draw any attention to myself but I know exactly why they did it and yes it was indeed a ritualistic murder. Just like Paul Walker’s.”




June, 2015 The suicide jumper that just recently jumped from a window of the Cecil in June 2015.


(lisa lam’s blogs etc… courtesy )










Part 3






[1] Specifically, hypomania is distinguished from mania by the absence of psychotic symptoms and grandiosity, and by its lesser degree of impact on functioning…

[2] From the book Miracles from Heaven.

[3] That the subject of ‘disappearances’ comes up at all in this seemingly remote context is a curious thing; we think the pre-Tribulation disappearance is not only not defensible in light of scripture but has been broadcast, and is still being broadcast to keep true believers chained and unprepared for the real thing.  We are being hoodwinked but it is a subtle hoodwinking.  Many people would not agree with this analysis of course.  The often quoted scripture from Thessalonians:

16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  but with Matthew 24:29…29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  All that sounds like… its after the tribulation…



[6] “In 2015, Alex Malarkey publicly disavowed the book The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, stating that his near-death experience described in that book was fictional…”




[10]… Yes it is Brent Swancer again.


Part 1








[7] Appears as if as of 1948 the W.N.M.A. may have been absorbed into the National Health Service…



[10] Emerging Biological Threats…






[16] “This cracks me up. As someone who has been doing ELISAs for years and years, I’ve joked that it’s the last thing on earth I would ever consider naming a daughter because it would remind me of work too much. And yes I can vouch that lactoarabinomannan is a thing.” comment from




[20] &


[22] “Fortean” phenomena are events which seem to challenge the boundaries of accepted scientific knowledge…







Part 2



[2] &

[3] and



[6] or



[9] Perhaps the site we have found most helpful is Tribulation Watch; it is a Christian site so it has an ax to grind of sorts but it has a long detailed consideration of the Lam event that is profound and quite disconcerting in its implications. He gets the facts right, tries to understand the purpose of tampering with the video, and draws conclusions that seem too warranted once you follow his train of thought.

There is a long piece American Horror Story- The Cecil Hotel by Josh… that attempts to shed a little bit of light on Elisa herself and trying to understand what might really have happened and how and why. He seems to reach the conclusion she had a psychotic break of some kind and did herself in… many people agree with him.

Also the article by Brent Swancer on Mysterious Universe- The Truly Bizarre Unexplained Death of Elisa Lam– is another rare example of someone that has given a lot of thought to what might have happened.


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