Some Notes re the DNA Gestalt

No post in some time…  have been looking into the idea and reality of DNA.  Some random notes from this process follows…  it is all over the place.  Now in the middle of looking at microbial (translate bacterial) intelligence and its relationship with DNA, what influence it had and continues to have, its origins etc…


So just how do they know DNA is something like 2 yards long if it were to be extended to its full length..? Looking at the ‘literature’ there have been many ‘stretching’ experiments, and some curious things discovered…. of course none of those experiments were done only to discover the ‘true’ length of DNA!

But nobody has ever actually stretched it to its limit- to that limit; if it was a true ‘fractal’, in the mathematical sense, it might turn out to be much longer than a mere 6 feet… nevertheless it is like a fractal, and its ability to fold itself up many times over places it in the fractal ranks; it has been compared to a Hilbert curve…


The following is a bit of a digression, off the beaten path, all of it ‘blue sky’ speculation with the so-called Neruda interviews as a sort of touchstone…

A portion of the novel “Ancient Arrow Project”- which seems to be the true origin of the kernel of the WingMakers material- can be found here.

The Neruda interviews constitute an entire book on their own. There is a lot of stuff out there on the web about the WingMakers but in truth it seems to be an effort on someone’s part to pass off what might otherwise have been some interesting speculation as truth. Considering the true origin of DNA completely eludes us at this stage of ‘the game’ exploring even fictional byways can sometimes be entertaining.

The WingMakers stuff does seem to draw on the Urantia Book for some of its background; don’t really know what’s up with that. Still, apart from all of that, the Neruda interviews, after you have successfully suspended your disbelief, can be fascinating.

The claims made re our true origins have to be taken with a grain of salt of course; and the pretense heralding their truth- and that pretense has more than one voice- seems to be just that… Still pretending for a moment they hold some vague truth the interviews are definitely entertaining. Wes Penre is one of those other voices beyond the author’s own keeping up that pretense.

Does Dr. Neruda exist… doubtful indeed. Wes Penre claims he does- of course most of the people that may read this will have never heard of either Dr. Neruda or Wes Penre- but we will sidestep this issue… What is the occasion, the reason, ostensible or not, for these interviews with Dr. Neruda? From the first interview:


“I decided to leave the project after I was successful in deducing the access code for the optical disc, and felt that the ACIO was going to prevent the public from accessing the information contained within the Ancient Arrow site. There were other reasons, but it’s too complicated to explain in a concise response.”


But there is another reason, one that complements this:


“… I’m certainly not the first to be targeted to undergo memory implant sessions or other forms of invasive security measures. They’re all part of the culture of the Labyrinth Group and the ACIO. Everyone who enters either of those worlds understands what they must subject themselves to. It’s very clear why the paranoia must be part of the culture. But over time, certain individuals find it suffocating. And these individuals are the ones who are most at risk to see my defection as a reason for their own.”




“I may be entirely wrong about this, but I believe there are ten to twenty individuals who would leave the ACIO or even the Labyrinth Group if they were given the choice without repercussions.”


The Ancient Arrow site and the Wingmakers- the ‘architects’ of the Ancient Arrow site- are what the interviews are ‘about’; however they are wide-ranging and in fact cover quite a host of topics. Of course Dr. Neruda has successfully sucked the life out of everything he talks about- none of it can really be confirmed- no flesh and blood- all of it conveniently held behind a wall of secrets. All the artifacts have been removed from the Ancient Arrow site; well it doesn’t really make much difference because you couldn’t easily find it without a guide, if you could find it at all…


The subject of DNA comes up many times during the interviews and the curious thing is the Ancient Arrow site itself seems to be a peculiar simulacrum of the DNA helix; the artifacts were located at 23 separate locations along its length…


Much of the content of the interviews defies belief; they are pretty far out. The Wingmakers are time travelers and set up the Arrow site in our past to eventually be discovered. Oh… they are us as well, what we will become, in some distant future.


So strangely, out of this logic and the Arrow site, one of the central topics of the interviews turns out to be DNA… here is the first time its mentioned:


“On the fringe of the central universe resides the Central Race, which contain the original human DNA template of creation. However, they are such an ancient race that they appear to us as Gods, when indeed they represent our future selves. Time and space are the only variables of distinction. The Central Race is known to some as the creator gods who developed the primal template of the human species and then, working in conjunction with the Life Carriers, seeded the galaxies as the universes expanded…

Each of the seven superuniverses has a distinctive purpose and relationship The First Interview of Dr. Jamisson with the central universe via the Central Race based on how the Central Race experimented with the DNA to achieve distinct, but compatible physical embodiments to be soul carriers.”


We run into Urantia here… something that seems to form part of the background to the interviews… Wes Penre connects this stuff together in a tangled tale:


“… in review: the Neruda Interviews contain more correct information than The Anderson Interviews … In fact, as explained in the above reference, the WMM (WingMakers Material) was taken over by the Labyrinth Group and the Corteum, the latter being an alien faction working with the Labyrinth Group. After that, the WMM became more esoteric and purposely made less comprehensible for the public. The new owner of the WingMakers site, Mahu Nahi of the Corteum, wanted people to believe that it was mostly myth to defuse the truth that had been released by Dr. Neruda, a defector from the same group.”



“So, for the record (and this is coming directly from the horse’s mouth, Dr. Neruda, whom I’ve been connected with), the Neruda Interviews are what is containing the most truth of all the WMM, in conjunction with the “Ancient Arrow Project”, although the latter has been altered by Mahu Nahi, a.k.a. “James”. The rest of the WMM still contains truth (like in the case of the Sovereign Integral, the Energetic Heart, and most of how the human template is constructed), but needs to be read very carefully to distinguish between truth and falsehood.”


And this…


“In the WMM they are talking about 7 superuniverses with a Central Universe in the middle, which is the Universe of Source (the Prime Creator). Like some people pointed out in the WingMakers Q&A section[15], this sounds very similar to what is described in the Urantia Book.[16] Nahi Mahu replied that in some cases the WingMakers share the philosophy with Urantia, but it’s still quite different. However, when we look at it, it may not be so different after all. As we shall see, Dr. Neruda’s presentation of the 7 superuniverses coincide and fit pretty well with LPG-C’s 7 superdomains, but is a light version thereof.”


Just a taste of the interviews, what they are about, and some background, rather confusing to someone trying to understand from outside of the whole thing. The WMM- and the interviews- seem to take a position with regard to DNA that seems to be a version of panspermia. In the fifth interview Dr. Neruda tries to further explain something about DNA:


“…you have to define DNA in two ways. One is the human instrument or body, emotions and mind system, and that stems from one system of DNA, courtesy of the Anunnaki and Sirians mostly. The second is the infinite being inside the human instrument, which is also based on DNA, which is the quantum blueprint of the Sovereign Integral consciousness. The latter is the DNA developed by the Central Race.”


Several ‘species’ of ‘aliens’ seem to be involved in getting us off the ground so to speak… strangely Dr. Neruda, though not belonging to some ‘species’ of aliens, does seem to be some ‘species’ of whistleblower… if he is blowing the whistle about the Ancient Arrow site all of what he has to say most probably falls on deaf ears.


The interviews have made their way around the internet… and are quoted in many different places, mostly sites leaning in some way towards agendas that already don’t seem to conflict with some of the views of Dr. Neruda… and though his articulation of the detail(s) surrounding a portion of our ‘genesis’ may be … interesting in a science-fiction version of our creation… it seems more likely to be creating additional mythology rather than adding truth to anything at all.


“Our human DNA is designed. It did not evolve from forces of time, matter, and energy. It was designed by the Central Race, and part of this design was to encode within the DNA template certain super sensory capabilities that would enable a human to perceive itself in a very specific way.”


A few links in the journey…



More notes…. and links…


Tempest in a teacup


The creative process is a bit different than perhaps many people think or even imagine.  Is there a lightning bolt and then something incredible before us…almost- as if- from nowhere..?  Sometimes it seems something like that… but often the gestation is all too agonizingly carrying us along from one idea to another- like a roller coaster or river- it can be quite confusing, and can seem quite chaotic at times.

There is a sense of isolation and continual change- dissolution as new forms or thoughts emerge- the solve et coagula of alchemy- and yet there is something we follow, not always able to even name or describe what it is, and it doesn’t have meaning until we have reached the end… it seems like that sometimes. It is not unlike getting lost and trying to find your way… back to a place you have never even visited before…  Of course that doesn’t make sense and the creative process can seem just like that.

Huxley’s Brave New World has nothing at all to do with DNA- at least not directly- yet it is still an imaginative introduction to its general outlines in a social context; it describes one of the shores on the ocean of Life.  The book was written many years before the structure of DNA was deciphered and before its meaning was clear.  DNA is part of many creative processes these days and always has been but it is the reason Brave New World could have been written in the first place.  What else is DNA but a sort of Ariadnean thread to our past and future..?  All the while with its own intimate place in the maze of life…

DNA replication is to some extent an imitation of some of this creative process… a kind of dance almost…separation, ‘marriage’, with enzyme ‘partners’ facilitating the ‘unzipping’ and ‘rebirth’…  the so-called semi-conservative model… meaning a sort of marriage of the old and new.  An old thread is paired with a new thread to complete the replication.

Now it’s interesting that because of its condensation one of the first steps of the replication process requires DNA to unwind.  So after that involved process of tucking itself into a cell, becoming as small as possible, in order to begin the replication process DNA must be unwound.  And it must stay unwound during the length of the replication; the first couple steps of the process insure both of these things… The unwinding sometimes takes place at speeds on the order of 10,000 rpm… that is comparable to a jet engine and is beyond a tornado… we have here an analog to the storm in The Tempest

The replication process in DNA is actually quite complex.  You can find many differing descriptions of it.  Sometimes it is presented as a three-step process: Initiation, Elongation, and Termination.  Well this summary is quite condensed; the actual process involves quite a few enzymes in a very organized process that must take place on schedule, in a particular order.  Another version of this process:  Separation, Unwinding, Elongation, Proofreading & Repair, Termination, Condensation.

Often full descriptions of two key elements are left out of the process because each element is indeed another process entirely.  Initiation & Termination each have sets of conditions that must be satisfied before DNA can begin or end its replication process.  The so-called licensing factors & ORC’s help initiate the process and termination is likewise characterized by the coming together of certain elements.

Now anybody that has ever created anything knows ‘beginnings’ & ‘endings’ are a whole other ‘deal’; indeed they not unlike the many-headed Hydra.  The beginning of something often comes from many places and it’s not unusual once it’s time to come to an end to find it difficult to separate yourself from the project whatever it might be, a book or a scientific experiment, or anything else, it can be a difficult thing sometimes to go a new direction.

Why did Prospero at the beginning of The Tempest… what was the reason for that tempest in the first place?  Why did the whole thing begin…?  Was it revenge, was it anger, something less obvious… perhaps it was love… the complex that initiates the replication process won’t begin without the ‘licensing factors’.  Those factors give the go-ahead and initiate the process. Several actors- in this case proteins etc. – have to be ‘on-stage’ before the replication process can begin.  Not until the ‘licensing factors’ are ‘bound’ to the DNA- in eukaryotes the MCM complex primarily- can replication begin but these factors also insure the replication will not happen more than once.  Attachment & Love are different things aren’t they..?




  1. An enzyme called DNA gyrase makes a nick in the double helix and each side separates
  2. An enzyme called helicase unwinds the double-stranded DNA
  3. Several small proteins called single strand binding proteins (SSB) temporarily bind to each side and keep them separated
  4. An enzyme complex called DNA polymerase “walks” down the DNA strands and adds new nucleotides to each strand. The nucleotides pair with the complementary nucleotides on the existing stand (A with T, G with C).
  5. A subunit of the DNA polymerase proofreads the new DNA
  6. An enzyme called DNA ligase seals up the fragments into one long continuous strand
  7. The new copies automatically wind up again
  1. Helicase unwinds our double helix into two strands. 2. Polymerase adds nucleotides to an existing strand. 3. Ligase brings together the Okazaki fragments. 5. Topoisomerase cuts and rejoins the helix. 6. RNA primase catalyzes the synthesis of RNA primers









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