Down the Garden Path

Scooby Doo & MUFON

UFOlogy is a farce. What is that other word…? Ah yes… It is a racket! And it is a full-fledged racket at that.   It is not however your typical racket… Indeed Colin Bennett hits the nail on its head when he says UFO has more in common with JFK & 911 … than ET.  A close examination of the Hill saga and it’s many followers, detractors and champions alike, and there are many on all sides, more than hints at the truth.

Here is a tidbit of information that makes you think twice: the mayor of Dallas at the time of the assassination was Earle Cabell. Wikipedia can finish this: “In 1949, Charles Cabell set up Project Grudge to “make a study reviewing the UFO situation for AF HQ.” However, Grudge quickly became all but moribund, while simultaneously reporting that all UFO cases were being closely investigated. When Cabell learned of this, he ordered Grudge dissolved and ordered that the “open minded” Project Blue Book be created.” Charles Cabell was Earle Cabell’s brother.

Spartacus has this to say about the Cabell brothers:

“After the war he was the United States air representative on the military staff committee of the United Nations in New York. In 1951 he was appointed director of the staff for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he worked under General Omar Bradley. In 1953 he was appointed deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In this job he was involved in organizing the Bay of Pigs invasion. It is also believed that Cabell was involved in developing plans to assassinate Fidel Castro.

His brother Earle Cabell was elected mayor of Dallas in May 1961. He therefore was involved in planning the trip John F. Kennedy made to Dallas on 22nd November, 1963….”

Yet another link between JFK & UFO is C.D. Jackson, from JFK & the Majestic Papers:

“C.D. Jackson of Time-Life was a man with an extensive PSYOPs background and had a major role in the formation of that organisation, not to mention that of it’s follow up group, the Operations Coordinating Board (OSB), in 1953. He was also involved with the dubious NICAP organisation that interviewed Betty and Barney Hill about their alien abduction story in 1961.”  And let us not forget he successfully negotiated, in the aftermath of the assassination, exclusive rights to Marina Oswald’s story.

Poussin_-_Orion_aveugle_cherchant_le_soleil,_detailWithout a doubt I stand like many others, before me and all those that will come after, I stand on the shoulders of giants. Still I see no further than them; my peeks over their horizon have brought little but pangs of conscience, and daydreaming. Vallee and Keel are pioneers. Sanderson, Wentz, so many others… Gurney, Myers, and Podmore of course… I include all of them…. I could refer you to the Still Waiting List on The Anomalist… how many ‘promises’ or ‘prophecies’… have passed us by… or lain dormant… that would be a different sort of introduction.

Of course this isnt news.  James Carrion, former MUFON director, had it covered:

“In 1969, Project Blue Book was history and MUFON was founded. The same year, a soon to be popular TV show was started – Scooby Doo, that featured a gang of amateur sleuths solving mysteries and exposing con artists and charlatans who were then apprehended by the authorities. As the perpetrator was being led away in handcuffs, they predictably stated – “and I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids.” I began to wonder if the gang would have solved any mysteries if the perpetrator and authorities were one and the same. The perpetrator may get caught and exposed but once free to go, could practice their con somewhere else. That in a nutshell is the sad state of Ufology today, humans deceiving humans. If there is a real phenomenon, I have yet to see any evidence of it that would stand under scientific scrutiny. Outside of Ufology, I will pursue peeling away these layers of human deception and exposing them for what they are. If a real phenomenon lies at its core remains to be seen.”  Hmmm…  this from 2010!!  SSDD.

Here is a point of view, shared by many, from Peter Rogerson:

“Cryptozoologists like ufologists have their ambiguous marks on the ground and controversial photographs, just as psychical researchers have their stories of electrical malfunctioning, dramatic physical effects, EVPs and spirit photographs by the score. None of this  offers any conclusive evidence which would persuade the non- believer. No one comes up with the really alien tissue sample, the manufactured object made out of element 150, the bigfoot road kill, the mathematical cross correspondence or the persistent paranormal object. The evidence is always only evidence when viewed through the eyes of faith. Does any ever seriously, really, really think that any of this is going to change. Equally the chances of some grand final refutation which will exorcise all the Fortean weirdness is just as remote.”

Now of course this is hardly a strange attitude!  I like particularly “Does any ever seriously, really, really think that any of this is going to change.”  Two reallys and no exclamation point…  or question mark… was one intended?  There is this from Richard Dolan whose belief that disclosure is an inevitable part of the process is counterpoint:

“There can be no question that the challenges of disclosure are intimidating. For those in the know, it is much easier to let matters continue as they have been, despite the difficulties already involved. That attitude can work – as long as the world does not change. But we in the 21st century are living through revolutionary times, and this revolution truly began during the period under review in this book. The world will never be ready for disclosure of this truth, just as most couples are not ready for their first child. It will come just the same, however. Like any new parent, we will have to learn and adjust on the fly.”

The interesting thing, whatever you may think of Dolan or Rogerson, they both are well versed in the historical context but have reached very different conclusions.

Max Ernst

UFOlogy perhaps has more in common with the world of art than most would  believe. A recent scandal involving forgeries, including paintings by the Surrealist Max Ernst among others, is quite reminiscent to me of certain currents in UFOlogy.  However, much like the art world, ‘our study’ has many faces.  The public face, particularly its commercial side, like the diamond market and many other markets, is at its root a racket too.  It does have another face; inscrutable, rich beyond the commonplace notions of that word, and without doubt strange.

Max Ernst has more than passing interest; see this from The Secret Sun archives.  From an account- dated October 2012- in Vanity Fair of the recent scandal:


“La Forêt (1927), Max Ernst. Well, not quite.” Courtesy GreyNotGrey…

“One day during his wanderings, he bought a pair of winter landscapes by an unknown 18th-century Dutch painter for $250 apiece. Fischer had noticed that tableaus from the period which depicted ice skaters sold for five times the price of those without ice skaters. In his atelier, he carefully painted a pair of skaters into the scenes and resold the canvases for a considerable profit. Thirty years ago, fakes were even harder to detect than they are now, he tells me. “They weren’t the first ones I made, but they were an important step.” Soon he was purchasing old wooden frames and painting ice-skating scenes from scratch, passing them off as the works of old masters.”

This was just the beginning for Wolfgang.  The Ernst paintings were said to be of a collection- the Werner Jagers collection- and had been saved many years ago from the Nazi’s plundering:

“One of these collections is said to have belonged to a businessman from Cologne called Werner Jägers, the grandfather of the two sisters awaiting trial. According to a letter Helene Beltracchi sent to an art historian, Jägers had acquired a number of paintings in the “late 1920s and early 1930s,” particularly works by Rhenish expressionists artists “like Campendonk, Pechstein, Nauen, Mense, Ernst” as well as French painters “like Braque, Derain, Dufy, Marcoussis.” She claimed several “important works in his collection” had been bought from the Jewish art dealer Alfred Flechtheim, “who owned display rooms near one of her grandfather’s business premises” and had been a “good friend” of Werner Jägers. When the Nazis came to power, Jägers was allegedly loath to give up his precious artworks — officially derided as “degenerate” during the Third Reich — so he hid the pictures at a property in the Eiffel region of Germany. “A few years before his death,” Beltracchi claims, he had passed on “a part of his collection” to her and her sister.”  (Quote from Spiegel Online here…)

Really their stroke of genius lay in story telling.   Again from the Vanity Fair piece:

“Helene says that she came up with the fake history on the spot after a Christie’s expert asked her to explain the provenance of Girl with Swan, purportedly by Heinrich Campendonk. “I hadn’t planned anything,” she insists. But the Jägers story “made sense. My grandfather had his business in Cologne. Flechtheim had a gallery in Cologne. My grandfather lived in Krefeld, and so did the artist. So I could easily say they were all connected.” To lend her account credibility, Wolfgang staged a black-and-white photograph of Helene impersonating her grandmother, Josefine Jägers. Wearing a black dress and a strand of pearls, “Josefine” posed in front of several paintings from the “Jägers collection.” The photo was slightly out of focus, and printed on prewar developing paper.”

The Nazis… UFOlogy can’t get rid of them…  Not to press the parallel with the art world too far but to highlight the absurdity of both:

“… The forgeries came in “waves,” he says, depending on his need for cash. “Sometimes I’d paint 10 works in a month, and then go for six months without doing any.” Among his specialties were paintings by the German Expressionist Johannes Molzahn, who had fled the Nazis and taken refuge in the U.S. in 1938; Fischer sold as many as a dozen purported Molzahns, which fetched up to $45,000. (One was even bought by the artist’s widow.) He says he insinuated three fake paintings, by three different artists, into a single auction held by art dealer Jean-Louis Picard in Paris in 1991.”

And this from the article in Spiegel Online:

“In June 1998 Lempertz in Cologne auctioned off a picture ostensibly from the “Werner Jägers collection”: “Le Havre Beach” by the French painter Raoul Dufy. “For once, it was a real one,” Lempertz Managing Director Henrik Hanstein says today. Hanstein says the couple had been particularly devious by selling a genuine picture in addition to the fakes. A Lempertz spokesman is similarly shocked about the ruse. He says the auction house had been “the victim of an extraordinarily clever and mean gang of forgers.”

The forgeries came in ‘waves’…  fake pictures…  and disinformation to boot; Hanstein says the couple had been particularly devious by selling a genuine picture in addition to the fakes- and- He says he insinuated three fake paintings, by three different artists, into a single auction held by art dealer Jean-Louis Picard in Paris in 1991.

The UFO world is hardly alone in some of its preoccupations.  Well this is a wee bit of facetiousness but the crux, from The Counterfeiters  is:

“The Bolton Forgers might have briefly captured public imagination. But with the art market at the peak of its biggest financial bubble in history, they are likely to represent the tip of an enormous criminal iceberg that measures its annual turnover in billions of pounds. According to European police experts, as much as half the art in circulation on the international market could be forged and a large proportion of those forgeries goes under the hammer in London.”

UFOlogy has an iceberg too.  The article has some interesting observations concerning motivation:

“On paper, the motives of the “big guns” of the forgery industry seem simple: profit. In reality, they can be a lot more complex. John Myatt, described as the greatest art faker of the 20th century after being convicted in the 1990s of creating bogus Renoirs, Picassos and Modiglianis, claims to have been at least partially driven by a perfectionist’s desire to create near-perfect art. Since being released from prison in 2000, he has (if you will pardon the pun) forged a successful career as an artist in his own right. His paintings now sell for up to 50,000.”

And as to the so-called synchronicities that are like a plague on ‘our’ field of UFOlogy  Studio 78 notes:

“…Ditto music: Beethoven’s 6th has phrases in it that could easily have been written by Mendelssohn. Can you always tell the difference between Mozart and Hayden? And Leonard Bernstein was clearly influenced by Aaron Copland and Gershwin — you can HEAR it. So what? It is still Bernstein’s music.  There are a million examples of this in every type of art.”

The Invasion Has Not Been Televised

There is an article from 2004 in Fortean Times, it is called A Quiet Invasionand though it was inadvertantly stumbled on it holds some interest for our search. Definitely a most curious article it draws upon several incidents and rounds them out with a personal estimate of the situation and an experience just as curious as the incidents themselves.

Eris mentions Betty Hill in passing, Eugenio Siragusa, the Raelians, President Eisenhower, the Santilli film, Antonio Villa Boas, her meeting with one of the Elohim …  well she covers a lot of territory for such a short article.

It is easy to dismiss the Hill affair, even the Villa Boas incident. There is scant evidence for either, well almost nonexistent.  They have barely a leg to stand on…  Both seem like imaginative dramas or fantasies.  You don’t need  a degree from a university to find what they have to say worthless. That is the estimation of a great many people.

And if you don’t look too far that ‘explanation’ would suffice.  When you look at the ‘bigger’ picture well things become a little cumbersome.  For instance if you admit something really happened to the Hills, and that a dream or fantasy does not seem to quite cut it, well you are within sighting distance of the rabbit hole.  Trying to fashion that ‘explanation’ from whatever quarter you choose seems to leave unsatisfactory loose ends.  Nothing seems quite satisfactory.  Or you end up with something just plain weird, a weirdness that rivals their own story.

Some aspects of this ‘phenomenon’ bear some resemblance to magic tricks; I want to call Felix the Cat and see if someone has stolen his Bag of Tricks and is up to no good!

Here is the experience of Eris from her article A Quiet Invasion:

“…Later that year I was strolling down just such a high street, a world away from Silverlake, when I suddenly felt I should stop. I turned, and there, directly behind me, was one of them – an Elohim. It just stood there, with no “excuse me”, no attempt to get around me. Its skin was a waxy grey, with no pores and no hair. It looked damp. The mouth was small, the nose tiny, and the chin pointed. I recognized ‘him’ immediately, from contactee Betty Hill’s bust of her UFO captain. The most amazing thing was the pair of glasses ‘he’ wore – made of some yellow reflective stuff, they wrapped around the sides of the head like some futuristic ski-wear.


One of Eugenio Siragusa’s ‘photographs’ of Biblical events.

When I craned my head to try and see the sides of ‘his’ face, ‘he’ made a sudden move, stepping out into the passing traffic, which seemed to slow in anticipation, and vanishing down a side road.

I was stunned. For years, I debated with myself whether to tell anyone about the incident. And then, going over the Siragusa materials, I spotted something: “And those who, on your planet, represent us, are scrupulously followed and protected.”

A comment from Thomas Bullard from The Supernatural Kidnap Narrative Returns in Technological Guise about getting people to believe your storr:

“The abductees themselves respond with less certainty. Most of them trust in the reality of their experience, sometimes with considerable emotion and at other times with the quiet earnestness of Barney Hill, who defended his abduction with the following words when his psychiatrist attempted to explain it as a fantasy:

Then if this person kept insisting that I didn’t [have this experience], in the face of my knowing that I did, I would have to terminate the conversation and leave it at that. I’d reach the point where I’d say to myself, “I cannot convince this person, and he cannot convince me. There’s no issue. I can drop it.”

Beyond this basic faith that something real and strange happened to them, a great deal of puzzlement often besets the abductees. They only occasionally share the ufologists’ certitude about the nature of the experience and may be reticent to settle on any explanation. The bizarreness of the experience may leave abductees in such a quandary that they will affirm that the encounter happened to them, then deny thatthey believe it in the same breath. Abductees illustrate David J. Hufford’s principle that beliefs and traditional ideas may follow from experience, rather than precede or determine it (1977b:14-15).”

Behind the Curtain

If our government, well let’s say some faction of our government, pulled together a ridiculous drama for the Hill’s benefit well we can come up with reasons for that but they make us seem … a little absurd, and quite provincial in the grand scheme of things.

Here from The Controllers, is Martin Cannon’s speculation re their abduction:

“The selection might, of course, have been arbitrary. Or perhaps circumstances now irretrievably lost to history rendered the couple a convenient target. Interestingly, Barney Hill had become acquainted (through church functions) with the head of Air Force intelligence at Pease Air Force Base; perhaps this relationship first brought the Hills to the attention of members of the intelligence community. Arguably, the Hills could have been fingered for a wide variety of reasons; as a general rule, the clandestine services prefer to satisfy a number of itches with one scratch.

In fact, the espionage establishment had one particularly compelling reason to focus on the Hills. Barney Hill (a black man) and his wife held important positions in several civil rights organizations, including the NAACP.[163] The abduction took place during the 1960s, when the NAACP and allied groups fell victim to an increasingly paranoid series of attacks from the FBI and other governmental agencies (under operations COINTELPRO, CHAOS, GARDEN PLOT, etc.).[164] At that time, infiltration of civil rights groups proved a difficult chore; while most left-leaning groups provided easy targets for FBI stooges, the average undercover operative would have had an exceptionally difficult time posing as a black activist. (In 1961, the only black people on the FBI’s payroll were the servants in J. Edgar Hoover’s home.)

In light of these facts, we should recall Victor Marchetti’s anecdote about the cat that the CIA had “wired for sound.” Perhaps an ambitious covert scientist proposed a similar experiment, in which a human being would play the role that had once been assigned to the unfortunate feline? As Estabrooks noted, the ultimate espionage agent would be the spy who doesn’t know he is a spy. Barney Hill, a well-regarded figure with a near-genius-level IQ, was a safe bet to obtain a leadership role in any group he joined; he would have been remarkably well-positioned, had any outsiders wished to use his ears to overhear prominent black organizers in confidential discussion.

Of course, many intelligence professionals would counter this suggestion by reminding us that eavesdroppers on the civil rights movement had plenty of less-flamboyant methods: Bugging, “black bag” jobs, paying for information, etc. The point is valid. But if the technology to create a “human bug” was developed circa 1961 — and there is documentation suggesting that such was indeed the case[165] — the intelligence agencies would surely have wanted to test the possibilities in the field. And considering the expense of such a test, why not conduct the experiment in such a way as to reap the maximum benefits? Why not choose a Barney Hill?”

This is interesting speculation but as I said above it seems an elaborate drama for such a ‘vulgar’, somewhat ersatz, even absurd payoff.

This interpretation implies our context can be quite limited.  What if the truth is…  further out there…  their predecessor Villa Boas may provide a wider context; attempting to place their adventure in a sort of context, and referring to Villa Boas and his escapade is a start, but it may be that frame is not quite big enough and the truth requires a Theory of Searches.

The logical alternatives are few, but unfortunately their interpretations verge on being myriad.  Here from Mysterious Universe is Nick Redfern:

“Now, before people start having nightmares that when they kick the bucket they’re destined for some sort of paranormal recycling plant, even the Collins Elite’s members admitted that this viewpoint of theirs was a combination of theory and suspicion. They lacked proof, in other words. The biggest irony of all is that they frowned upon the “alien believers” with disapproving eyes, while not seeing they were doing exactly what the ETHers were doing: constructing a belief-system to try and explain a phenomenon that creates nothing but puzzle upon conundrum upon riddle upon enigma.

So, where does all this leave us? Well, I’ll tell you where. It leaves us with a massive body of data – that stretches back thousands of years – and which demonstrates something has been quietly (and, occasionally, not so quietly) interacting with us, relating conflicting stories, manipulating us, changing its imagery to suit the times and the people of particular eras, and provoking uneasy and disturbing possibilities that we are having – and have always had – the wool pulled over us by something that isn’t what it wants us to think it is.

Demons? Time-travelers? Cryptoterrestrials? Inter-dimensional entities? I don’t know. But if, one day, the truth surfaces and it really is all just aliens from a faraway world and nothing else, I’ll be as wide eyed as those little gray f…..s.”

And here again is Peter Rogerson:

“Cryptozoologists like ufologists have their ambiguous marks on the ground and controversial photographs, just as psychical researchers have their stories of electrical malfunctioning, dramatic physical effects, EVPs and spirit photographs by the score. None of this  offers any conclusive evidence which would persuade the non- believer. No one comes up with the really alien tissue sample, the manufactured object made out of element 150, the bigfoot road kill, the mathematical cross correspondence or the persistent paranormal object. The evidence is always only evidence when viewed through the eyes of faith. Does any ever seriously, really, really think that any of this is going to change. Equally the chances of some grand final refutation which will exorcise all the Fortean weirdness is just as remote.

The virtual world of the goblin universe which inhabits the liminal zone between dream and waking, ‘imagination’ and ‘reality’ is probably a lot stranger than any collection of Fortenea would have us believe. The stories and experiences collected by ufologists, cryptozoologists and psychical researchers are merely the socially and culturally acceptable tips of a vast of ocean of weirdness out there.

So ufology, and cryptozoology and psychical research will go on, but will never get anywhere, because Magonia is not some quasi physical / geographical location from which aliens, boggarts and ghosts come forth but is ultimately grounded in the human imagination through which we organise the chaos of sensory information into a coherent narrative of the world.”

Let us hear once more from Richard Dolan:

“Setting aside the truth value of the UFO phenomenon, it is an interesting sociological reality that so many people are unwilling to discuss the most incredible – and at times traumatic – experience of their lives. What does it say about our society that this is so? My feeling is that, by its very nature, it represents a form of repression. If you are a reader who believes UFOs to be nonsense of some sort, I can nevertheless assure you that you have a friend or relation who has seen one. They have simply learned not to discuss it. Many people can live perfectly well within the constraints of repression and denial; they simply learn to shut off certain parts of their mind. It is sad, but it happens all the time.

But not everyone is the same. Not everyone is willing to do this, or even can do this. By any estimate, there are many millions of people on this planet who have had a powerful UFO experience. They cannot and will not be silenced indefinitely. We are today living in a period of such dramatic change – technologically, politically, socially, culturally – that I believe it is only a matter of time before something gives way.

And what of them? Those beings, intelligences – people? – who are behind the phenomenon itself? I have spoken about the silence of the human structure of power, but the beings who are traversing the skies, oceans, and space above the Earth are not landing on the proverbial White House lawn. They have an agenda, an interest, which they are not willing to share, at least not publicly. Many people claim to have had private communications with some of these beings, which run the gamut from the hellish to the divine. Regarding their nature and agenda, we enter of necessity the realm of speculation. Matters of exopolitics, that is the study of our relationship with “them,” will always be premature under such circumstances.”

Contact Again

Often it seems the real truth of UFOlogy is not in the stories, the research, the scams etc., but is instead just out of reach, the real meaning replaced instead by these ‘outer garments’ with the meat requiring a reading between the lines.

Optical illusions and the art of camouflage seem emblematic of the real meaning of truth in this field.  Like a leaf pressed inside a book the effect of a particular UFO experience is layered in our lives in such an intimate fashion we are painfully aware of any effort or attempt to betray the experience.  The meaning it has for us is often not a meaning that we could make someone outside of our experience truly understand.  And to recount the bare facts- what a spectator might have been able to witness had they been there- seems to leave out the heart of its meaing.

Most discussions of UFO’s don’t come anywhere near this question.  They wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.  And coming near it often entails derision.  There is however an inner truth to the UFO experience that transcends this dialogue.  JFK and 911, though they do not partake of this inner truth in the same way, seem to stand in that same house of mirrors.  We want to get outside that house of mirrors.  Yet that house seems to be an intimate part of the experience.  What does that mean?

F is for Fake

Camouflage, forgeries, hybrids…  there are some common elements here that are very suggestive.

The figure at right can be seen as the word ‘liar’ or a rather stern, perhaps even angry silhouette of a face.  I think this face may have more to say to us than he seems to want to communicate…agule_liar

From article placing the concept of forgery in a wider context:

“Goodman notes that forgery is a question of an object’s history of production. A forgery is presented with a false history of production. Based on this insight, he argues that only autographic art can be forged. In fact, the capacity to be forged defines such art. [“Autographic” = written by the hand of the artist. The question of whether a painting is an original or a forgery is built right into the kind of art that painting is. With autographic arts, artists create physical object as their works of art. With non-autographic art –i.e. allographic art– the artist creates a score or pattern to be followed.]

He argues that some types of art –allographic art– don’t permit of forgery. For example, every performance of a musical work, and every performance of a play, is just as “original” as every other performance that follows the score or instructions. But many contextualists think Goodman is mistaken that only some arts permit of forgeries. A musical work written today could be attributed to Mozart, making both it and its performances forgeries. So all forms of art can be forged.

Although Goodman seems incorrect about some features of his autographic/allographic distinction, it usefully calls attention to the centrality of INTENTIONS when discussing forgery. If a copy is presented as a copy, it is not a forgery. Forgery involves an intention to deceive others about a work’s history.”

Well enough of that…  interesting, not quite beside the point…  here is something from a review of F for Fake:

“The challenge that Elmyr presented to experts and authorities (civil and artistic) must have infatuated Welles greatly. The fragile basis on which all authority in society rests and how easily it can be undermined couldn’t have been more poignantly developed. Also, Welles understood the average person’s distrust for artistic and intellectual experts and critics, and that nothing would cause him greater satisfaction than finding out that experts couldn’t tell fakes from real works. This might seem passé in a world that produces movies like The Matrix (1999), which bases its entire save-the-world plot on the fact that nobody can tell the real from an illusion. Welles delights at the proposition that a great faker, like Elmyr, is being written about by another faker, Clifford Irving. Further, Welles not only hammers home this point but starts to undermine his own sincerity (for instance, calling his acting vocation the ultimate fakery).”


Elmyr de Hory – Down the garden path

And lastly…  from the same review..

“Elmyr also represents a most dangerous person. An original fraud. (In many ways, a mirror image himself to the celebrity: a person known for being known!) A criminal whose crimes don’t resemble real crimes; moreover, his crimes once detected must go unpunished. Or nearly unpunished. He must promise to make no more fakes. Although, Welles hints that the circumstantial evidence shows that when Irving needed a forged signature, Elmyr was the best candidate to provide it. In fact, I detected a melancholic (not quite tragic) note in F for Fake when Welles reflects on the fate of Elmyr’s talents being absorbed by his forgeries, as if his “real” talent suppresses real talent, possibly a talent Elmyr is afraid to test.”

I think with the UFO phenom we are in Elmyr’s position…  UFO has not promised us no more fakes.  We have a hoax within a hoax; the average person takes no interest anyway.  Whatever is hiding behind the image has been playing the game a long time.

Of course one of the problems with the amount & variety of information now available, on the internet & elsewhere, hoaxes & tomffolery etc., all the misinformation, disinformation, quasi-information available erodes and degrades the whole enchilada.  The Big Study had a comment about it all not long ago…

“…I hinted at the Doomsday Scenario for learning anything about any of the anomalies lurking in this situation in the title of this post. I have some serious concerns. There are ways to adjust to this of course, but they all require civilian researchers to step up their games significantly, and create very strong and investigatively efficient linkages to the sites which are brainlessly accumulating the unprocessed data. If that doesn’t happen, UFO research [with one exception] is over. The one exception will be historical research — old cases/ old FOIAs newly released etc. The same thing would be true for hauntings, poltergeists, bigfoot, faerie, Fortean Falls, black dogs, etc etc etc. In every one of these types of spectacular event anomalies, the mere typing into a collecting site which is a dead end will ultimately result in the complete reduction of the anomaly to shallow entertainment in everyone’s mind, and the anomalies will sink to the status of imaginary computer games.”

John Keel

It seems only fair to let John Keel have the final say in this longish post that few will read.  Here is a quote from UFOS, Mothman, & Me…

“We know now that many of the things that happen in UFO country are clever diversion.  While armed citizenry go chasing after UFOs in one direction, animals in a field in the opposite direction are suddenly mutilated.  Mothman kept a whole town sitting in an old ammunition dump for several weeks while animal mutilations and human abductions took place only a few mile away.


From John Keel’s Notebook

Even today, after more than 30 years of this, there are only a few men worldwide who have a real grasp of the situation, all of whom cherish their anonymity.  The more visible UFO researchers pursue modern version of the medieval practice of counting how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Dr. Jacques Vallee, the French computer specialist who served as the model for Lacombe in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, spent 20 year trying to untangle the false leads left behind by the cosmic jokers and concluded that the whole business was the work of member of the secret Oredeer of Melchizedek.  (There are at least 500 separate Orders of Melchizedek scattered around the world.)

In earlier times, the manifestations were blamed on black-magic practitioners, witches, alchemists, the Fairy Commonwealth, the Rosicrucians, the gypsies.  Now we know that whoever is behind it all has the ability to use advanced techniques of hypnosis and brainwashing.  Dr. Leon Davidson, one of the men who gave us the atomic bomb (thank you, doctor), studied the UFO situation for years and finally decided it was all a cold-war gambit of the CIA…  The situation is infinitely more complex than any of these interesting but simplistic explanations.  If UFOs are real, and if they are extraterrestrial, then all of the patterns indicate they are totally hostile.  If this is the case, then the proper government procedure would be to set up a false PR front to deal with the random reports and lull the public while a secret agency made a real effort to cope with the problem.  If they are not real but are only part of the wild, wild world of psychic phenomena and Chimeras, then there is nothing that can be done and no amount of investigating can be expected to be fruitful…”


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