Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays: the Gun

President Kennedy with his wife, Jacqueline, and Texas Governor John Connally in the presidential limousine, minutes before the President’s assassination. (courtesy Wikipedia)

Now Barney had a gun tucked away in the trunk.

From Captured:

 … he was concerned about going through U.S. Customs, and a less traveled entry point, perhaps, facilitated his journey into New Hampshire. He explains to Dr. Simon:       

I have a gun in the car.  It’s a .32 pistol and it is hidden in the well of the trunk of the car, with the trunk mat over it. I left Portsmouth in the morning…about five o’clock. It was dark and I secreted the gun in the trunk. The Canadian official of the Customs building did not look at my car…just the dog and we had papers proving t hat we had brought the dog into Canada. And he waved us on pleasantly. But the American Customs asked me to open the trunk and he looked at our equipment and he said, “What is this?” and I said that many times when we are on the highway we would stop and cook our food. This is our cooking equipment. He said, “A good idea, and I hope that your trip was pleasant.” And he waved us on.

Peter Rogerson, in a series of Magonia articles touching on the Hill affair, makes the point that perhaps Barney felt like a man being hunted. Captured makes an effort to avoid some of the harder questions and in spite of the memories with his ex-wife Captured details that may indeed have contributed to his anxiety, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion, from knowledge of the Sixties as well as the Hill’s personal lives, that Rogerson is probably closer to the real truth.

This mention of a handgun is something that was apparently kept out of the news surrounding the abduction at first. Of course it was illegal to bring a gun into Canada… just as illegal today. Another point of the abduction that was glossed over in the beginning has to do with the circle of warts that appeared on his groin.  Again from Captured:

…a mystifying element that occurred during the hypnosis involves a concentric circle of wart-like growths that appeared on Barney’s groin shortly after his UFO encounter. It was in the exact location where the cup-like appliance was pressed against him, and he had never before had these growths. In the spring of 1964, as Barney relived his physical examination at the hands of his abductors, his growths became inflamed and required surgical removal. Although his physician had initially diagnosed them as venereal warts, the specialist who removed the 21, three-quarter-inch growths, said that they were not. They didn’t have the cauliflower appearance of venereal warts. In fact, they were not warts at all. They were removed more for cosmetic purposes than as a medical necessity. Barney examined his groin on the morning of September 20, 1961. Hefelt that he had somehow been contaminated and was looking for evidence, but he did not observe an injury to this part of his body until January or February of 1962. Dr. Simon did not seem to draw a correlation between Barney’s warts and his memory of a cup-like instrument being placed in their exact location. The hypnosis tapes indicate that Dr.Simon examined the lesions. However, he seems to have concluded that this was a mere coincidence. Barney recoiled in opposition to Dr. Simon’s incredulity, insisting that he had “been touched’…

We will return to this circle after a slight detour.

The Manchurian Candidate

Here are some comments about the movie by Val Germann:

Army intelligence learns that a member of an infantry platoon with Korean War combat experience is having strange dreams. The Frank Sinatra character (Major Marco) has told his superiors of his nightmares.  But they pass them off as combat fatigue and so does Army intelligence.  But Major Marco is shown having terrific psychological disturbances as a result of these “dreams.”  Finally, he is placed on leave ”to rest.”  It is obvious that no- one believes his “dreams” to be significant.

But others in the platoon are having similiar dreams.  There is a scene in which a black soldier wakes up from a nightmare similiar to those of Major Marco.  If you have seen the 1975 TV movie, The UFO Incident, with James Earl Jones as Barney Hill, then the black soldier’s reaction to the dream sequences in this movie are pure Deja Vu, providing a strong link with what we think of now as the “abduction/hypnosis” scenario.

Yet another comment from Val:

Well, anything’s possible but this is most suspicious. Military personnel and strange “engineers” from mystery defense firms are crawling all over this story. Fuller suppressed the truly strange aspects of the event, setting things back by years. But the main impact had been achieved and the “UFO abduction” began its public career, there to generate a new class of report to the still extant “civilian” UFO organizations, who would no doubt report up the chain what they were learning. But the general public would not know of the bizarre “sexual” aspects ofthe abduction process for many years. [89] Was it more middle-class squeamishness at work, or was it something else?

No matter. In my view it is possible that Barney and Betty Hill could have been fingered for these “aliens” and that the Hill incident was NOT any sort of “normal abduction.” I think thatone of the first lists could have had Barney and Betty Hill’s names on it. Think about it. The true insiders (or whomever) would have needed feedback, would have needed some idea of what the Grays were going to do to these people, people OUR SIDE wasletting “them” pick up. The Grays said not many would be harmed (but that some definitely WOULD BE) and most released unaffected.


This quote from Val Germann is from an article taking the Lear Letters as background. The idea of a treaty, that it may have been in effect before the Hill adventure, brings us to … a sort of watershed… on one side, believe it or not, the Hill affair has a bridge to the JFK assassination. Someone involved in making payments to Marina Oswald has a part to play in the Hill affair; we have mentioned C.D Jackson…. There is also the claim that one of the reasons JFK was assassinated had to do with information he may have planned to reveal about our so-called aliens….

This whole ‘abyss’ of the assassination yawns before us at this point in the Hill affair… and the reality of aliens and the possibility of a ‘breakaway’ civilization as Dolan has envisioned is another abyss. The Hill adventure is surrounded by ridiculous questions like this; they seem to beg for answers to properly address the conundrum of the Hill’s own abduction.

Of course the whole issue of the Manchurian Candidate is yet another abyss… are we really talking about mind-control… or not? Are we talking about aliens… or not? Are we talking about Demons… or not?Are we talking about contact… or not?

Are we indeed talking about all these things bound so closely together in a tapestry we cant believe…. Where the answers are no longer simply yes and no but hinge on each other in some unfathomable way that makes it difficult to answer any one of them- with out knowing the big picture- and in some way the answers to all of them?


Probably we need to duck down the rabbit hole with Alice before we come to the truth.  Greg Little, in Grand Illusions, makes this statement:

According to fairy lore, fairies create a circular cluster of small bruises as their mark. The phenomenon is known as “fairy bruising” and is a sign of either favor or disfavor. The ring of bruises is often found around the genitals. They did this, according to various 17th century accounts, by pinching their victims…

Now I have made an effort to find a text, centuries old, that mentions the cluster of small bruises in relation to the fairies in an attempt to confirm this peculiar detail.  You can find this quote from Grand Illusions in many places on the internet but not additional confirmation…  the closest thing I can find is something from Sinistrari:

…the demon imprints on them some mark, especially on those whose constancy he suspects.  That mark, moreover, is not alway of the same shape or figure:  sometimes it is the image of a hare, sometimes a toad’s leg, sometimes a spider, a puppy, a dormouse.  It is imprinted on the most hidden parts of the body: with men, under the eye-lids, or the armpits, or the lips, on the shoulder, the fundament, or somewhere else; with women, it is usually on the breasts or the privy parts.

There is an edition on US Archives.  The original copyright I believe is sometime in the 17th century.  The copyright on this edition is 1879.

Now the above quote appears as part of a much longer passage from this book by Sinistrari in Passport to Magonia.  You can find this quote many places on the internet now- probably in large part due to Jacque Vallee’s efforts as the original source.

Anyway it does seem to point to the possible truth of his statement.  What to make of its truth is another question.

Let us dive a little further down the rabbit hole.  It is going to get a little spooky and we don’t have a map or guide and coincidences are going to multiply.

John Frankenheimer directed The Manchurian Candidate.  When Robert Kennedy died the last place he stayed was with Frankenheimer.  Indeed he drove him to his assassination.  Without a doubt his killer has the profile of a Manchurian Candidate.

Richard Condon- he wrote The Manchurian Candidate- died in Dallas. Dr. Karla Turner not only received her PhD from the University of North Texas in Denton, a suburb of Dallas, but taught for many years in the area.

Dr. Turner does not otherwise fit into these comments re the Hill abduction but she does seem to offer a weird tangent only by virtue of being in Denton. She died relatively young, at 48, of cancer.  She seems to be one of many others, also having died of various cancers, and having links to the ‘UFO’ field… well that is another can of worms so to speak.

Another quote from Val Germann’s review of the book and movie…

Later we find that both Marco and Eugenie are orphans and neither have known their parents.  At one point Eugenie says to Marco that she “used to feel, when I was a baby, that I had been a passenger on a space ship that overshot Mars.”  Needless to say, my jaw dropped as I watched this sequence.

Okay.  This comment by Eugenie is present in both the book and the movie.  It is, hmm, well is it not a very strange comment to put in the mouth of a character..?  She had been a passenger on a space ship- not to Mars mind you- but one that overshot Mars; as though the destination indeed had been Mars but someone or something had taken them beyond that destination.

The idea being I suppose, she may really be a Martian, or something further out.  The ship should have landed there but ended up here…  on Earth… hyperbole…  to the extreme.   She could have said she felt like the survivor of the crash of a spaceship… and let that implication stand.  Why drag Mars into it..?

Rreally if anything more had been made of this phrase maybe we would have more of a context but as it stands it seems almost telegraphic, as if it is meant to be decoded.  But by the character(s) in the book, or someone outside, a reader or group of readers…?  Really, literally, there is no telling.

The real double-take in this phrase is surely when I was a baby; she has it seems an unusual memory…  The whole thing is however such a curious phrase it is hard to imagine what made Mr. Condon put it in the mouth of his character.  What he might have been trying to communicate is even harder to imagine.

The name Eugenie is curious as well.  Not terribly popular still you can find in Wikipedia quite a number of people that share the name- whose meaning is supposedly ‘welborn’.  Although it enjoyed a sort of vogue a few years ago, probably thanks to Fergie & Prince Andrew, its real popularity is mired in the past, before 1920. Well one more curiosity is just that, one more curiosity.

Just an Aside

Of course one of the very few results to emerge from a ‘scientific ‘ study of UFO’s is the correlation between UFO waves and Mars oppositions.  Vallee, if not the first, was one of the first to notice this and his plot of this correlation can be found in many places.

Coming Back

Let’s see if we can find a flivver to take us back… up and out of the rabbit hole… This series of posts has leaned heavily on the work of Val German & Seamus Coogan among others. Of course Vallee and Keel are standard. Val is still out there but as far as I know hasn’t made any recent contributions to the field. Seamus on the other hand has penned what to my meager faculties is a revelation.

His essay on the MJ12 documents is accessible on the CTKA (Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination) site here. It is both microscopic and telescopic, inside and outside the intelligence circles, the black world. Also it is hard to find such details all in one place about the powers that be and their machinations.

The Hill affair I think was ‘high’ theatre, a slice of performance art far beyond what Mission Impossible- TV show, movie(s), or real counterparts- could ever hope to offer. It was in a very literal sense theatre of the absurd. The reasons for such theatre belong to another realm.

Still if we come to this conclusion, if we stray further and say we are talking mind control, hallucinogens and more, even aspects of that art far from the ken of the average person, do we include aliens… or do we include their … mockeries, simulacra?

Have we dressed up as Them in body suits and all, designed a place for the whole thing to come down, spun a tale both homey and grandiose, only to place a fork in their life paths forever? Is that really what happened… will we dress up again?  Have we…  many times impersonated Them..? And what about the star map?  Or is that indeed a red herring..?



3 thoughts on “Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays: the Gun

  1. It seems Barney specifically instructed Fuller to leave out of Interrupted Journey the fact that he did ejaculate during the ‘medical procedure’ aboard the ‘craft.’ He seemed to have been particularly ashamed about that incident, and he didn’t want it to become public.

    • This post had some tentacles… probably too many of them! I have yet to read the book by Dr. Little, Grand Illusions…. And I am still drawn to the idea the Hill affair was indeed ‘high theatre’…

      Your comment about Barney smacks of the truth… however from what I do know of the case it was withheld by Fuller, not at Barney’s suggestion, and further- though a sample may have been taken- and Barney suspected that to be the case I think- there was no erection… of course there is no ‘proof’ one way or the other.

      Now there has been so much written about this case, from many sides, disentangling all the threads at this distance is difficult. This case- one of the ‘first’ what I would call ‘contemporary’ abductions- is still rather unique in many ways.

      There are perspectives on this case that make reference to the racial ‘mixture’ and it is curious- and what kind of curiosity it is I can’t really say- but the abduction phenomenon tends to be Caucasian. An interesting article re this perspective by David Halperin can be found here…

      I think Vallee, for instance, when alerted to the fact there might have been something like a ‘wand’ playing a part in the abduction, had second thoughts about dismissing the case, as it seemed to begin to fall into a sort of ‘historical’ pattern.

      And if I were to find a source, from let’s say a hundred years ago or so, that referenced very specifically that ‘circle of warts’… which as of right now I am not aware of… I think accounting for that would have to shift my perspective… and in spite of the fact there is essentially no real evidence supporting this case I would have my own ‘second’ or ‘third’ thoughts. The ‘wand’ doesn’t seem substantial enough to me to ‘rethink’ the case.

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