Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays V

The Secret War

Keel, in his book Operation Trojan Horse, had reached as he says a ‘disturbing conclusion’ re this UFO business:

The Mykonos vase, with one of the earliest known renditions of the Trojan Horse, courtesy Wikipedia

Already we can arrive at one disturbing conclusion based upon these basic factors of behavior. If these lights are actually machines operated by intelligent entities, they obviously don’t want to be caught. They come in the dead of night, operating in areas where the risks of being observed are slight. They pick the middle of the week for their peak activities, and they confine themselves rather methodically to the political boundaries of specific states at specific times. All of this smacks uneasily of a covert military operation, a secret build-up in remote areas.

He readily admits after drawing this ‘outline’ of a ‘secret war’ that things aren’t quite that simple. There are other connections to the Hill adventure, others certainly beyond what will be mentioned here, but connections that seem to lead nowhere, but are still curious. Such are the ‘dead-ends’ below.

Wednesday or Bust

The Hill’s adventure began on a Tuesday night and didn’t end until Wednesday morning. Of course they left that Sunday and only decided to begin heading back then… A storm was approaching and they wanted to get home. Barney made a wrong turn somewhere… sounds like fiction but all that is true.

Wednesdays have a… peculiar sort of reputation… thanks in large part to John Keel. The following is from Brent Rayne’s Alternate Perceptions magazine:

John Keel found in a statistical analysis of his UFO data that most UFOs were sighted on Wednesdays. Virtually every ufologist knows of Keel’s deep interest in UFOs, MIBs and Mothman, but few know that he was very interested in lightning too. Many, many years ago I reported to him on the case of a man I had talked with who claimed UFO close encounters and then later was struck dead by lightningÉon a Wednesday. Keel found all of that very interesting. I tried to keep an open mind. A few months ago, I was visiting online the Florida Lightning Information Center, where I learned that more people die from lightning strikes in Florida than in any other state. I also read this: “Not surprising, most people were killed in the months of May through September. What is quite surprising though, is a majority of people are killed on Wednesday (as compared to other days). Also, the weekends did not show that much of a difference from the rest of the days in the week.

From Operation Trojan Horse:

In my studies of several other flaps I have discovered this same baffling geographical factor. If the UFOs are actually machines of some sort, their pilots seem to be familiar not only with our calendar but also with the political boundaries of our states. They not only concentrate their activities on Wednesday nights, they also carefully explore our states methodically from border to border.

Does this sound like the work of Martians or extraterrestrial strangers? Or does it sound like the work of someone who is using our maps and our calendars and may, therefore, know a great deal about us, even though we know little about “them”?

The Purloined Heart

The following is from a case detailed in UFO Dynamics by Dr. Schwarz here:

He then asked me if I knew why Barney Hill died, and I told him that I assumed it was the result of a long illness. He told me that this was not the case, that Barney Hill died because he knew too much. He then asked me if I knew how Barney Hill had died, and I told him I understood that he died of a heart attack (wrong information, I was to find out later). He then told me that this was not correct, that he had died because he had no heart, just as I no longer have a coin. This frightened me. He then told me that I had tape recordings of the Stephens case and also correspondence relating to this case. I said that this was true. He then ordered me to destroy the tapes and any other correspondence and literature I might have pertaining to UFOs in any way, or I would suffer the same fate as Barney Hill. He said he would know when I had done this, but did not say that he would come back.

And what happened to the coin?

I placed the shiny new penny on the palm of my extended hand and looked towards the strange man.  He said, “Don’t look at me, look at the coin.”  I did, and the shiny new penny was now a bright silver color.  He told me to keep looking at the coin; as I did so the coin slowly became light blue in color, and then it began to become blurred to my vision.   My hand was in sharp focus, but try as I might I could not seem to focus on the silver-blue penny.  It became more blurred, became round like a little blue fuzzy ball, and then became vaporous and gradually faded away.  All the time this was going on I felt and heard nothing.  I looked at him and said, “That was a neat trick.”  I felt eerie at this and asked him to make the coin return.  He said, “Neither you nor anyone else on this plane (not planet) will ever see that coin again.”

His nephew has given his two cents on the following hubpages but here is the crux:

The bottom line for this particular Man in Black tale is unfortunately pretty mundane. This mysterious being in black, inspired by cheap fiction and alcohol, probably less of malicious intent and more from some sad need for attention, was, alas, a simple lie, one that needs to be corrected for those into serious research in this area.

Poor Barney Hill and his bewitched heart!

Lost in the Stars

To my mind the issue of the star map…  is a bit of a red herring. Still there are some quirky things about the Fish interpretation of the map and Zeta Reticuli.

It seems that more than once Zeta 2 has been suspected of having a companion of some kind…  From ZetaTalk:

I was in contact with Jean Schneider, who runs the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia for a while, and I asked him why Zeta 2 was removed. He said it was discovered to be the result of pulsation of the star, rather than a planet.

Here, the straight dope from Astronomy & Astrophysics:

This seems to be an anomalous event related to research re Zeta 1 & Zeta 2..  curious something like this seems to have happened twice.  Again from ZetaTalk:

In addition, there was a report of a companion to the star in: “Speckle Interferometric Measurements of Binary Stars” by Bonneau, Blazit, Foy, and Labeyrie (A&A Supp. 42, 185-188 1980). The companion was at a distance of .046 arc seconds, or .55 au, and a position angle of 11°, but no other information about it was provided.

This companion was also withdrawn, in a causal, mentioned-in-passing manner, in “Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli: A Puzzling Solar-Type Twin System” by Foy and DaSilva (A&A 177, 204 1987). An attempt to find it again 334 days after detection had failed, so it was decided to be an artifact of the telescope’s spider.

Last Days

Perhaps I should call these ‘roundabouts’ or cul de sacs instead of dead-ends. They tend to lead you away from the Hill’s encounter too… They are connected to the Hill adventure in quite different ways yet share something in common; all of them have been accepted as true at one time, but they all have a slighlty different status now.

The Hopkins story has been dubbed a lie; it is difficult to say whether it is in fact a lie. That Herbert Hopkins’ nephew decided to post a sort of retraction to his uncle’s experience doesn’t mean his nephew is telling the truth anymore than Dr. Hopkins’ story must therefore be a lie.  Magonia carried some remarks about this development in the case here

The Wednesday phenomenon has been both confirmed and ousted from several contexts. It seems to possess a ‘variable’ sort of truth. Clearly it is true at some times, yet just as obviously doesn’t hold water at other times…

What about the star map and Zeta Reticuli? It is simply an anomaly; a companion was indeed reported. And that reporting was blamed on equipment error.

All of the above connections are in the nature of fool’s gold. The fact we have no scientific proof of a companion for either Zeta 1 or Zeta 2 hasn’t stopped people from referring to the planet or adding it to our stock of ‘knowledge’. The aliens have their home there after all..! What about Project Serpo and the Zeti Reticuli exchange program..?

The emails revealed the existence of Project Serpo, an alleged exchange program between the U.S. government and extraterrestrials from Serpo, a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

The origins of the program supposedly started after two UFOs crashed in Roswell and Corona, NM in 1947. The one surviving extraterrestrial recovered from the Corona crash supposedly assisted the U.S. military in establishing contact with the Ebens, his fellow beings on Serpo. This communication eventually led to a 1965 exchange program, where 12 specially trained U.S. military personnel went to Serpo aboard one of the Eben’s spacecraft as part of a 12-year mission to learn more about Serpo’s geology and biology, as well as learning more about the Ebens.

During the mission, it was learned that Serpo is approximately 37 light years away from Earth, has two suns, is slightly smaller than Earth, and has a similar atmosphere. However, the radiation levels on Serpo were higher than on Eart, so the team had to keep their bodies covered at all times. The Ebens had leaders but no real form of government and they lived in small communities with one large city which acted as the central point of the civilization. The total population on the planet was around 650,000.

The 12-man team remained on Serpo until 1978, when seven men and one woman returned to Earth. Two team members died on Serpo while two others decided to remain behind. Upon returning to Earth, the team was isolated until 1984 for debriefing. Of the eight who returned, all have since passed away of illnesses caused by the excess radiation from Serpo’s dual suns. Nothing is known about the four who remained behind on Serpo. (Courtesy

Like come on now… Oh well… you cant believe everything you read… Serpo is just one more piece in the jigsaw of mythology that has evolved from the star map. You can find this mythology referred to often online with little pretense as to its reality. Many seem to accept it as gospel. Or at the very least pretend to do so.

Bob Lazar, element 115, and his story that also draws on aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system is another curious aside re the star map; the curious claims about element 115 and the anti-gravity drive are quite interesting.  They have some factual content but the story seems well designed to keep people entertained and reminds me of a spider’s web.  Another aspect of the mythology!

The Wednesday phenomenon is still referred to in different quarters as holding some truth; and indeed I think it does it’s just very far from being either universal or inclusive. Sometimes it seems to hold, sometimes it doesn’t and it doesn’t seem there is much to draw in the way of consequences in either direction. Keel has this to add re the phenomenon from Operation Trojan Horse:

The Wednesday phenomenon is quite evident in the historical events as well as in the contemporary sightings. A disproportionate number of UFO events seem to be concentrated on Wednesdays and Saturdays, particularly the landing and contact cases. The frequency of the Wednesday-Saturday events immediately removes the phenomenon from a framework of chance or coincidence. … Historian Lucius Farish uncovered a number of early statements and cases which further indicated that this Wednesday phenomenon had been observed and reported upon long ago. In Myth and Legend of Ancient Israel, by Angelo S. Rappaport, the following statement appears:

Concerning “demons”: They lodge in trees, caper bushes, in gardens, vineyards, in ruined and desolate houses, and dirty places. To go alone into such places is dangerous, and the eves of Wednesday and Saturday were considered dangerous times.

Agrath [daughter of the she-demon Makhlath] commands hosts of evil spirits and demons and rides in a big chariot. Her power is paramount on Wednesdays and Saturdays, … 

The Bible warns us that during “the last days” this planet will be overrun with wonders in the sky and false prophets and performers of miracles.


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