Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays III

What is Yellow?

I remember traffic was very light that night. We continued down the highway, and the light in the sky followed us. It came close to us. It was a bright yellow light — a fantastically bright yellow light. I never saw anything like it before. We continued along the highway for another thirty miles or so, until we arrived at what they call the Indian Head area. That’s where the Old Man of the Mountains is located, and I remember that the light seemed to dance directly in front of it.   (We lost the Old Man in 2003…)

The reverse of the state quarter of New Hampshire features the Old Man of the Mountain, alongside the state motto ‘Live Free or Die’. Courtesy Wikipedia.

(Quote from Betty Hill in Still No Answer.)

BETTY-Well, when I had the dreams, I told him I was having nightmares, well not really nightmares, but strange dreams . But I didnt tell him about my dreams at that time. And then, when Mr. Hohman and Mr. Jackson came to the house, and we were trying to recall- I think it was Mr. Hohman asked us why the trip took so long to come home . And that’s when I said that I remembered about the moon being on the ground.

DOCTOR- Is this that big yellow object, or light, you saw?

BETTY- Um-hmrn . It was just like a big moon. And it was on the ground. I could see sort of right through the trees in front of us.

DOCTOR- Barney heard you describe all these things, I suppose?

BETTY- Well, when they said, “What took so long?” I said, “We didnt know what took so long.” Well then I started to think about the moon being on the ground. And I mentioned seeing it. And Barney said, “Yes. I saw it too .”

(From Interrupted Journey.)

“What are vege­tables?”

And I said that this is a broad term and could cover a great variety of certain kinds of foods we eat. But I couldn’t just explain what vegetables are, there were too many. And he said was there one kind I liked. I said that I ate a great many, but my favorite is squash.

So he said, “Tell me about squash.” So I said that it was yellow, usually, incolor.

And he said, “What is yellow?”

So I said, “Well, I will show you.” And I started looking around the room, and I couldnt find any­thing yellow at all. And I wasn’t wearing anything yellow. I told him I couldn’t show him what the color was, but it was a bright color ­something like we consider sunlight yellow. And there was no sense talking about vegetables, because I couldnt explain what I meant.  ( From Interrupted Journey.)

The Leader had trouble with several other concepts besides the color yellow… dentures, old age, vegetables, years… I don’t know that these have anything in common.  That he didn’t seem to know this color- or at least the English word for the color- is a very curious thing.  His English is in many respects almost too good. The blind spots, the lacuna in his vocabulary, seem quite strange.

Of course there is at least one more use of the color yellow in the Hill’s adventure… and its aftermath.  Marjorie Fish’s interpretation of this map has most of the stars, like our sun, being yellow.


There was substantial evidence to support the Hills’ claim, including the scraped tops of Barney’s dress shoes, broken watches, 12-18 circular highly polished, silver dollar size spots on the trunk of their vehicle that caused a compass needle to spin and spin, only over the spots on the trunk; and Betty’s new dress that was badly torn, and later, became degraded by a pink powdery substance that ruined it.  The dress has undergone chemical and forensic analysis and the scientific reports appear in Chapter 24 of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.  (From Captured!)

Betty & Barney

Of course their report as well stands as evidence… from NICAP here…  but really none of what we have now is what I would think of as hard evidence.  If some investigation had been done on the heels of their encounter, something that never happened, perhaps we would have more.

Without a doubt something did happen but whether the nature of it stands revealed by the Hill’s hypnotic testimony I think is open to question.  As I tried to show in Part II the opinions are across the board and the amount of reflection, analysis, and consideration this case has been given over the years …  well on the internet and off it amounts to quite a lot of material.

No summary of their case is included here.  Not only is their book The Interrupted Journey a good starting place, but there are plenty of sites on the internet that reference their abduction with thumbnail summaries galore.  It is a staple of UFO folklore now.

To be repetitive… No links to important documents, or viewpoint on the star map… Tormance is about the scarf and the Jimmy Durante noses, Nazis, the scuffed shoes, the purple dress, the  block of ice, the blue ear-rings in the leaves on the dining table… did something really happen to them…  or not…

Their report, and I would include I think the nightmares as well as the hypnotic sessions, all of that as supporting material…  the Durante noses, for example, were really a part of Betty’s nightmare sequence and I don’t think showed up in the sessions with Dr. Simon… but in addition there were some strange events that simply stand out seeming not to corroborate any point of view at all but echo a strange quality that seems also to be part and parcel of their experience.  The block of ice is one one of those events; here is an excerpt from Captured describing it.

Betty wrote the following more detailed account in her diary:

I put the newspaper into the trash and we stood there, staring at this “ice,” wondering. It looked as though it had been frozen in a bowl; it had some small pieces of leaves, twigs, and dirt in it. It appeared as though there were a pattern in the bowl-shaped chunk of ice, like the design one might find on the sides of a cut-glass dish. But this was inside the ice, not on its surface. I picked it upand the outsides edges were smooth. There was no wetness onthe table and no traces that it had been there. It felt ice cold butit did not have the weight of a block of ice that size. Also, it did not have the solid hardness of ice, but had flexibility to it. We put it into the sink and ran hot water on it. As I was preparing for bed, I turned on the hot water and let it run until all traces of theice were gone. Barney and I have more puzzles in our lives then we can handle without adding one more to them. So, we solved the puzzle by destroying it and deciding we would forget this one.

You can find many points of view online.  Pro and con.  There is more than one ‘investigator’ that has a solution to their puzzle.  Plenty of skeptics ready to dismiss their story, their perplexing adventure, based on just the facts.  And plenty of champions of the star map.  Ready to welcome the Reticulans to Earth!

In the way of what I would think of as real proof… there ain’t much.  Pease AFB did have some curious radar returns that night.  And nearby Concord as well… it is possible to dismiss both as having little or nothing to do with the Hill’s abduction.  The timing of one is off and the other… well supposedly the UFO was ‘parked’, landed, when that happened.  So whatever it was it was something else.

Maybe not…  there is this curious note re the Blue Book report, courtesy of a research paper on the CUFON site, portions of which have been excerpted on NICAP here

It is interesting to note that the Project 10073 Record Card was typewritten except for a ball-point checkmark in the air-intercept radar box in item number four. The official Form 112 submitted to Project Blue Book by Pease AFB officials indicated the radar sighting was made on precision-approach radar. Since there was no indication of an air intercept having taken place, it might be assumed that the air-intercept radar box was marked incorrectly. It is important to note, however that this is merely an assumption of this writer.

Strangely Barney’s scuffed shoes, the simplicity of this detail strikes me more forcefully than anything the radar might offer us.

Betty did pass a lie detector test.  There used to be a TV show featuring the lawyer F. Lee Bailey on which she appeared and took the test.  I believe she passed with flying colors.

What Happened?

One must also ask why Betty Hill’s aliens seemed to have no grasp of basic human concepts (such as how we measure time) — yet they knew enough about us to speak English fluently and had even mastered our slang. Were these real aliens, or humans engaging in theatricals (and occasionally muffing their lines)? For that matter, why did Betty Hill originally recall her abductors as humanoid, only later describing them as aliens? The Hill case provided a particularly controversial piece of evidence — the celebrated “star map” recalled by Betty Hill under hypnosis. In later years, an Ohio schoolteacher named Marjorie Fish made an ingenious and laudable attempt to discover a match for this map by constructing an elaborate three-dimensional model of nearby star systems; whether she succeeded remains a matter for keen debate[160]. For now, I prefer to avoid taking sides in this dispute and will confine myself to insisting that pro-ET ufologists answer (WITHOUT resorting to glib ripostes) a point first raised by Jacques Vallee: THE MAP MAKES NO SENSE AS A NAVIGATIONAL AID. Vallee notes that, even if we grant the Fish interpretation, the stars are not drawn to scale — and at any rate, alien spaceships would surely be navigated the same way we guide our own spacecraft: via computers and telemetry[161]. The validity of the Fish interpretation is irrelevent; the point is that ANY such chart would have NO value to an interstellar star-farer.

The above is from an article The Controllers by Martin Cannon.  I think it goes a long way toward explaining what might have happened to the Hills and the sundry curious details surrounding their case that Val Germann, among others, mentions in his article.

Of course the case is a sort of centerpiece for Ufology. Considering that it may indicate something quite different than is usually thought about, that the star map may indeed be simply a prop, perhaps a very well designed prop, what does that leave us with, where indeed does that take us?

What it doesn’t do is get rid of the aliens…  although the Hill’s may not have encountered such on their trip, we can’t eliminate their presence entirely even from their experience.  If mind control was a central element of whatever did happen to them, and although it may leave the idea of aliens in the dust, still it is not impossible they played a part in this scenario, their presence very much in the background.  But at the same time it gives us the possibility of considering their case without them…

The idea that mind control is central to their case, central to what happened to them, at first committing yourself to this solution to their puzzle would seem to leave any mention of aliens as a ridiculous afterthought.

Some faction, some strange echelon of our government, perhaps even a private concern had arranged what may have indeed been not simply hypnotic control, but a form of theatre, a literally outlandish version of a Mission Impossible script, for the purpose of leading the Hill’s ….  well let’s say down a different path.  The ulterior motive is only speculation again.

However once we begin to look at possibilities we have to admit the possibility that this might indeed be the face of contact, that what was involved was not an echelon of our world at all, but is the chosen method of aliens attempting to communicate with us, and they were the architects of this piece of theatre, or drama… or is that too much to ask?

Our understanding of the vagaries, even the mere outlines, not to mention the nature and substance of such contact is surely still in its beginning stages.  Strange to say given the possibility it may have lasted millenia.

The incidents with the block of ice, and the earrings, for example, seem to border on plain nonsense.  I can’t tell whether Betty or Barney took anything from these occurrences beyond a vague sense of foreboding. Did they mean anything at all?

The only speculation I can begin to offer is they seem to hint at a continuing surveillance; almost as though someone wanted them to know they were being observed.  The possible meanings inherent in this speculation are at once too vague and manifold to even begin to address.


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