Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays II

“In all the universes, in all the unities beyond the universes, all who have eyes have eyes that speak and all speak the same language.”

Variations, Val Germann & Others

Here is an opinion from The Iron Sceptic re the shenanigans of Betty & Barney Hill:

Everyone has their pet explanation for UFOs in general and this case in particular. Perhaps it really occured the way that they claimed and the many variations, contradictions, and flat out insane claims made by the Hills are just unlikely coincidences or the product of space aliens monkeying about with their memories. Perhaps it truly was a case of Folie a deux. Perhaps it was a product of Betty’s worries about her medical condition; perhaps it was a product of decades of bad space alien horror flicks coupled with the hysterical predictions of the UFO literature at the time (they’re coming!) Perhaps this story is simply the product of a mind in the grips of paranoid fantasies, which (I speculate without having looked deeper into it) could explain the hypocondriac fears of Betty, the whispers and thoughts of conspiracies and shadowy dealings, the feelings of persecution, and Betty’s later grandiose claims.

For me, it all boils down fairly simply: Betty was a loon and, with the aid of a hypnotist, convinced her husband that something which did not occur had really taken place. He fought against it, knowing this was crazy, and though he finally broke, his account is more riddled with contraditions and less fiercely accurate simply because he was unable to convince himself of a fantasy as thoroughly as his wife could. It is my opinion, and an opinion that I espouse as frequently as I can, that there are many explanations for cases of UFO abductions, but all are grounded in the flaws of the human mind. After seeing something in the sky, Betty believed what she wanted to believe (that it was a ship) and her neuroses (a need to believe, paranoid, fears for her health, etc.) combined with this to create a fantasy world in which she lived.

He isn’t alone in this estimation…  but I don’t think this is what happened.

This, from the Professor at The Big Study

Allen Hynek ultimately went to New Hampshire [lot closer than Papua] to visit Betty and Barney, and even Benjamin Simon came to give a last hypnosis session, essentially for UFOlogy’s “grand old man”. Hynek was wowed [despite being, admittedly a clutz at asking questions]. Barney’s terror blew him away. Hynek never knew what he should make of this [you can read his fiddling commentary in his book] but he was sure that he was witnessing the effects of something real. I’m with him on this. For me, the “All-The-Way-Fool” position is that the Hills’ experience is what it seems to be: an on-board encounter. As a memorial of the great time, each one of the five members of that last session took home a card with them signed by all—a repro of it is above. A rather fine thing, methinks, and good sentiments.

The Professor is far from alone in his opinion.  Indeed it resonates with many of us…

Here is yet another from Factman:

In the early hours of Wednesday, September 20, 1961, shortly past midnight, the Hills’ trip south on US Route 3 was impeded by a roadblock near North Woodstock, N.H.; they were diverted to a road to the left, State Route 175, which bridges the Pemigewasset River, then curves to the right. Just beyond this point, their travel was further impeded by a group of humans standing in the road. The Hills were directed to park their automobile off the road, taken from the vehicle, and led a short distance away to a building, perhaps a hunting or fishing lodge, perhaps a storage barn. The abduction had taken place.There is no reason to suggest the abductors were other than persons present in the Colebrook restaurant when the Hills entered around 9:30 pm. It may reasonably (considering the temper of the time) be suggested the “sensibilities” of these observers were offended. I estimate the number of abductors at not fewer than six nor more than twelve.What occurred when the Hills were later detained can only be conjectured, and I decline to offer to this site descriptions that would be of a necessarily graphic nature.After perhaps an hour or an hour and a half, the Hills were returned to their vehicle and allowed to continue their trip, but accompanied by the threat of reprisal should they reveal the incident to others.They drove south on SR 175 and returned to US 3 at one of two or three possible junctures and continued on their trip home.That is as succinctly as I can outline the event, obviously omitting a great number of details.Again, as I have stated previously on several occasions, the lack of evidence poses problems. The only people who know precisely what happened are the participants, one of whom we know is dead. Others may also be deceased. We do know of one who is still living, and I consider it reasonable to assume several more also survive.The dearth of hard evidence thus requires by those outside this group analysis by inference. Common sense should explain a great deal.

If I have previously posted ambiguous argument, I did not intend to. There are allegations that allude to living, though unknown persons, and I prefer to err on the side of caution. But I’m certain there were hints aplenty in my postings.

This is an interesting version.  The number of variations out there… well there is something for everybody.  And here, from Val Germann, is a more potent spell:

ISN’T IT INTERESTING that the man finally called in to do the regressions on the Hills was the Executive officer of the Army’s main psychiatric hospital during World War II, who did his undergraduate work at Johns Hopkins University whose wartime president was a member of MAJESTIC-12 and who was the technical advisor on the major WWII propaganda film made by the famous director John Huston? The Hills went through two other therapists before going to Simon. Did they have the money to pay this gentlemen, who must have been very, very expensive? This is something Fuller does not talk about. Did NICAP pay their way?

UNPLEASANT POSSIBILITY The Hills were “set up” by the people dealing with the so-called “Greys” out in New Mexico. The Hill case was either a deep-cover check on what the “Greys” were doing under the “agreement” or it was an even deeper-cover attempt at “disinformation” to get “abductions” in play–safely.

We can sink our teeth into this..!

A Limited Hangout

Even the aliens are vague on their origins and intentions. Upon further examination, even stories in which the aliens seem to allude that they are from another planet, it is clear they are not in admission of such. For example, in the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case, Betty, looking at a 3D “star map”, asks one of her abductors to show her from where they originate. The answer is curious; the alien asks her if she knows where Earth is on the “map”, and she replies that she doesn’t. He then asks her if she doesn’t even know where she is, how can he possibly tell her where they are from?

That the alien did not simply show Betty where earth was by pointing, and where his own home planet was by pointing, may imply an impossible fault with the question, rather than coyness on the alien’s part.

The above, from the article Yabba Dabble Doo: How Aleister Crowley
Introduced the Iconic Gray Alien
, confronts the coyness on the alien’s part with a sort of answer… that there was something wrong with the question itself.

Indeed, what is wrong with simply pointing out where we were, and where they were… though that would still not have much meaning for Betty still it would have meant a little something.

Their answer instead seems designed to say something perhaps more profound, but on the other hand how would she ever know where Earth was on their map..?  What was the point in showing her the map at all?

Of course defenders of the reality of the star map would say the answer to that question lay in the future, to be discovered…  by Marjorie Fish. The rest of us might think otherwise.

More dezinformatsiya…  Victor Marchetti wrote: “A ‘limited hangout’ is spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”   (From Wikipedia here.)

Betty Hill’s star map has been superimposed on a map of troop movements from WWII in the image above.  The match is eerie… courtesy of UFO Iconoclasts.  Now this map is supposed to have been displayed at the government offices where Betty worked. Too much information? Indeed the tapestry of Betty & Barney Hill is complex. Just how complex…? Well the subject of Hohmann & Jackson, Mr. C.D. Jackson in particular might give us pause.

C.D. Jackson

Again I am going to return to Val Germann’s piece; we are quite indebted to his work and many others, but Val Germann was one of the first to shine a light on some of these details.

WHO WERE “HOMANN and C.D. Jackson?” Who were they really working for? Why was a “major electronics firm” paying them to investigate 60-year-old fairy tales about Nikola Tesla? What “scientific theories” held by Hermann Oberth could be of interest to an “electronics firm.” What we actually have here is a “cover” for intelligence activity.

IN ALIENS FROM SPACE, 1973, Keyhoe says that these two “engineers” were “aiding NICAP.” That is not the impression that is given in Fuller’s book. In INTERRUPTED JOURNEY the strong impression is that these two gentlemen simply had an independent interest due to a strange research assignment from their company. This could be accepted in 1966. In 1990 we know better.

YOU SEE, by the fall of 1963 a gentleman named C.D. Jackson was working for Time/Life Corporation in an executive position. In fact, he was helping to arrange a $25,000 payment to the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald.

IN CASE YOU HAVE forgotten, Time/Life bought the Zapruder Film for $150,000 and then made sure it was not shown as a film for many years. Then, when it was shown, it had been obviously altered. David Lifton in BEST EVIDENCE says that the film was at the CIA’s photo interpretation lab the day Time/Life bought it.

DOES THE FACT THAT Donald Keyhoe had lunch with C.D. Jackson just after getting Betty Hill’s letter “resonate” with you?It does with this author. Donald Keyhoe was, in UFOsearch’s opinion, running a two-track operation. In the public and with his organization he was not interested in “contactee” stories. But on deep background he was involved with another investigation, one connected with the intelligence community. Were they running him?

Now actually when I first read this I thought surely Mr. Germann is mistaken.  We are talking about two people that just happen to have the same name; how could the person that bought the Zapruder film have anything to do with …  well aliens…  of course I was very far at the time from seeing what might really be going on. And how far-reaching, how cunning, and how literally incredible the cover story might really be.

The following is from JFK & The Majestic Papers by Seamus Coogan:

Now, Walter Bedell-Smith is viewed as being the first person to envisage the CIA using UFOs as potential PSYOPs via this message he sent to Raymond Allen, head of the PSB (Psychological Strategy Board) in 1952:

I am today transmitting to the national security council a proposal in which it is concluded that the problems connected with the UFOs appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations… I suggest that we discuss at an early board meeting the possible offensive and defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes.

The reality is that the decision to utilize UFOs for psychological purposes likely happened sometime earlier than even Davidson suggested, and well before Bedell Smith ever cottoned on to the idea. It likely started in the bowels of the OSS immediately during the war with an increase in sightings of unidentifiable aircraft. C.D. Jackson of Time-Life was a man with an extensive PSYOPs background and had a major role in the formation of that organisation, not to mention that of it’s follow up group, the Operations Coordinating Board (OSB), in 1953. He was also involved with the dubious NICAP organisation that interviewed Betty and Barney Hill about their alien abduction story in 1961. (See the book The Interrupted Journey, which was adapted into the 1975 TV film The UFO Incident.)

Well Mister C.D. Jackson really got around didn’t he..?  I am shocked that he had the time, with Mr. Hohmann, to put that article about Tesla and others together, An Historic Report On Life In Space: Tesla, Marconi, Todd, but there is a copy on the internet here.  Without a doubt C.D. Jackson had a pivotal role in the ‘investigation’.

Now Mr. Germann says “In 1990 we know better.”  Surely there is a little bit of truth in his statement but this is 2012 now…  and the Betty & Barney Hill case, thanks to the star map, is cornerstone belief.  How much wiser are we really..?  The cover story is still in play full tilt.


One thought on “Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays II

  1. Really interesting article mate. I wished I’d been able to extend my run into more of Keyhoes stuff. But there’s a growing movement of researchers who believe that well documented case of abduction if true are or were psyop experiments. Greg Bishop, Mark Pilkington and Phil Coppens have some very interesting stuff. Also check out my full essay on the JFK MJ-12 bollocks at CTKA.


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