A Pocket Full of Saucers

Large Silver Disk, Kustavi, Finland, 2004

The Disc

I had pulled over into an empty field, to rest from a long drive, when I noticed something moving about in the air, a dragonfly I thought, at first; but the object seemed to be under some sort of  intelligent control.  It had landed on the ground, not far away, looking instead like a disc; I could still see it, the size of a silver dollar, smooth and silvery, it was just that shape.

I had to sneak up on it, expecting it would take off any moment, but was able to snatch it up before it could get away.  I had proof of something really extraordinary.  I couldn’t believe it!  Nobody would believe it!

It was vibrating in my hand…  I knew it wanted to escape, getaway, but I held it tightly, wondering what to do, where- or how- to keep it.  I secured it, for the time being, inside my shirt pocket.

Soon it was trying to get out again…  I can’t remember now everything that had happened back then.  I had checked into a hotel room and spent several hours trying to decide what to do now that everything had changed… Really nothing was the same anymore.

It got away from me in the room but somehow I managed to get hold of it again.  It didn’t seem to have much power- or it was building up quietly in some way- and I noticed in flight it actually seemed to be spinning.  It moved slowly… but at the same time seemed to drift about on the slightest currents of air.  I had thought about putting it in a glass cylinder, on a table in the room, but found I couldn’t let go of it- afraid if I put it anywhere else it would get away.

I suspected then, not knowing why, there were people that already knew I had found the disc.  I had dinner with friends, not planning to share the experience, but still, in spite of myself, began telling them about something I had found, without giving it away; I knew they wouldn’t believe me.

One of them noticed a sort of bulge in my shirt, it was trying to escape again, so I reached inside to grab it in my hand and hold it close.  “It’s like Bilbo and that ring…”  I had been holding the disc in my hand as I tried to explain what was happening and remembering, at the same time, other sightings of saucers, explaining how I had seen them before but now I have proof.

Waking up I had this palpable sense of having held it in my right hand but it was gone..!  It finally got away…  I realized then I probably would not find it again.  And it came to me only then it was all a dream.

The Bell

It was late at night, past my bedtime, but really I always go to bed past my bedtime, and I was reading, a habit I haven’t indulged in for quite a long time until very recently.

“…  A feeling of calm & profound peace would flood over the two girls, and at some point a cylinder of pale blue light six inches long would appear in the middle of the playhouse.  Although JoAnn cannot remember seeing an actual figure within the cylinder, she refers to it as her ‘Tinker Bell’, and she knew that its consciousness was female…”  (from The Secret Life of Kids)

Well about the time I get to the end of this paragraph I hear the clear distinct sound of a bell, from the other side of the room, on my left… I didn’t immediately connect what I read with the sound; they seemed completely different things to me.  The sound was quite a distraction.  I was alone in the apartment, surrounded by silence.

When I did return my attention to the book and realized what I had just read a kind of chill went thru me.  I had the weird feeling I might not be alone…  and then I laughed out loud!

Not because I believed this, or didn’t believe it, but was struck by the novelty of the situation, that it was a rather funny thing to happen; as if the ‘spirit’ or whatever had caused this noise had a sense of humor.  Of course, rationally, I thought the sound must have come from a nearby apartment.  And had no relation at all to the book I was reading.

It was a wee bit scary; though, perhaps, on second thought uncanny would probably be a much better choice of words.  I quickly began to think of it as comforting in some strange way- to think I was being watched or ‘watched over’ perhaps- and something or someone chose this humorous way of letting me in on it.  I didn’t hear it again.

MUFON Case # 25273

He went to bed at 12:30 AM this morning and was awakened by a bright flash in the room like a camera flash. He opened his eyes and saw a small disc-like UFO in the corner of the room with a large dome on top of it with windows all around the dome. The disk was a light grey metallic color with black around the windows, it was lighted on the inside and there were no lights on the outside, except the one the kept flashing from the front of the vehicle. The witness watched the 12″ diameter craft move about the room from corner to corner, flashing the strobe-like light (he believes it is a camera of some sort), then it hoovered over his bed. 

He tried to remain as still as possible while shaking his wife and getting her to wake up. She also saw the craft just as it moved into postion near the foot of their bed. He noticed a very low humming sound. It then moved slowly forward and that is when they saw the tiny beings inside the craft looking out at them – they both sat up in bed and the beings looked surprised, then the craft took off very quickly towards the closet/chimney area and dissappeared. They could not get a good look at the beings inside the craft, but the witness claims that they had large heads for their small bodies, and they looked humanoid. All he could see was a kind of grey skin color and he thinks the eyes looked more like human eyes, not large almond shaped eyes that are like the typical greys. 

Later, after they had fallen asleep again, the witness again woke up and saw a white-gloved hand floating approximately 10″ above his head. He only saw this for a couple of seconds, then it dissappeared. He jumped out of bed to investigate but could find nothing in the room. 

Find the case here.

Another Cylinder

One evening in 1977, in a small apartment building in Hanna City, Illinois, I as a 5 yr old child, had been awoken to something that was incomprehensible and terrifying. This particular night, I went into my Mother’s bed to sleep which was not routine for me.

Sometime during the night, I was awoken by a strange cylindrical, machine-like object. It was approximately the size of a coffee can, maybe a little bigger. It hovered 3 to 4 inches off the floor and spun silently as it moved around the bedroom. There was a slight glow around this object and it seemed to almost have intelligence about it.

How it got into the building, I don’t know. I was positioned on the right side of my Mother’s queen-sized bed, and she was asleep on the left. She never awoke during my witnessing of this object. I first noticed it as it entered through the bedroom door on the right hand side of the room. It was metallic and appeared to have sharp edges. After it made its entrance into the bedroom, it hovered in front of the foot of the bed going right to left. I could see its glow cast just below the foot before it had emerged into sight. It then proceeded to come back and make a turn around the right front portion of the bed and slowly approached me along the right side of the bed still hovering/spinning approximately 3 to 4 inches off the floor. As it made its way to just below where I was sitting watching it, it ascended up to my level.

At this point I was paralyzed with terror, I could not scream or move. I lost all consciousness and never had another experience like it again. I have no memory of what occurred after that, what it was, or why it was there.

Details here.


What do we do with these odds and ends?  They seem to be pieces of a puzzle… but what would that image be if we could at last put it together?

Earthquakes, floods and tsunamis make mockery of our technological pretenses. The same great scientific minds who claim dominion over the planet would wilt in panic like frail flowers in a half-decent thunderstorm, never mind a typhoon. Though we try to ignore them, the nuclear flames of Fukushima are nothing less than a slap in the face of our Technocracy.  From The Secret Sun here.

Perhaps we have too much faith in our technology…  Now Chris @ The Secret Sun makes some related points:

We see the world through an extremely limited band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The same goes for our hearing. We consciously process a remarkably tiny proportion of the limited sensory input we receive. We are only able to measure that which can perceive. And we still don’t understand exactly how or why we process anything, other than to facilitate our survival on a purely reptilian level.

There are millions of square miles of land we’ve never stepped foot in. There are many millions more we have only the faintest experience in. The same goes for our oceans- we’re still struggling to explore the endless depths- 71% of the surface of the world is water- and are physically limited in our ability to do so. And we’ve barely touched the unimaginably vast network of caverns beneath the Earth.

We think we know a lot but I think Chris has tried to put us in our place.  My estimation would be even lower in the sense I think our technology is not much more than a crutch for human beings; the Hubble telescope, and the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider notwithstanding.  I think cell-phones rather than improving communications have more likely complicated the process of communication for the species.  The words from How He Loves seem much more appropriate to me:

We are His portion
And He is our prize
Drawn to redemption by the grace in his eyes
If grace is an ocean we’re all sinking
So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss
And my heart burns violently inside of my chest
I don’t have time to maintain these regrets
When I think about the way
He loves us

It seems much more to the point to me that without His grace we would not even have this small portion of the universe carved out for us; a balance, which we have no deep understanding of, sustains and nourishes us.  They are undoubtedly part of this balance.

I have never seen or communicated with a fairy… or an alien… as far as I know.  Still I did hear that bell… was this simply a synchronicity?  The sound of the bell traveling from another apartment… what kind of synchronicity is this meant to be?  Maybe I was simply hearing things.

Still what if indeed it was meant to be a real communication, at some level, what sort of communication is it?  What would be the message?  It seems a strangely mischievous message; a simple communication, yet perhaps echoing on more than one level.  Of course anyone familiar with the breadth of so-called communications from the so-called aliens etc. in UFO lore knows this is part and parcel of that same lore.  Not to mention fairy lore.

Without a doubt it was a bit scary; and disturbing.  Beyond that, beyond saying something like ‘here I am catch me if you can..’ it would seem like an exclamation point saying nothing is like you think it is…  if I am here everything you think you ‘grok’ is off the mark.  Way off the mark?!  Further I am indeed here but just where am I… it makes no sense!

Indeed the communication itself seems underlined by its nonsensical nature with that exclamation point to drive the point home.  Another dimension…?  Well really I don’t quite know exactly what that means… a parallel world?  Are they the same thing?

Yet given all of this there is a strange beauty in the succinct quality of the communication; to awaken so much with a single sound.  The sound suggests a whole other world…  and where does that suggestion take us?

The miniature UFO’s from the other stories suffer some of the same problems…  they can’t be real can they? Of course they can’t! Dreams…  how could they be anything else?

Talking Dogs, Fermat’s Last Theorem

Often it is in trivial or quite commonplace ways and circumstances that such things manifest; not unusually they seem quite brief, sometimes bordering on the edge of being meaningless when there seems to be meaning at all…  why is that?

Major intrusions, even when they occur, also seem to leave no real tangible evidence that can lead us back to anything.  Has  Ariadne forgotten her thread…?

Roswell is a case in point.  We have all sorts of tempting leads, suggestions, etc., yet still no true artifact of any kind.  Nothing that points to its substantial reality, beyond doubt.  Well perhaps beyond doubt is more than we might expect…

What is going on with this cat-and-mouse game..?  Is the real nature of whatever this is so far beyond our realm that all of these things represent only the faintest traces of …  what?  Is it the so-called ‘incommensurability problem’?  That we are so different any kind of communication is at most impossible..  at least confusing beyond belief..?

{Of course the alternatives may be beyond imagining…  we may have no idea what is really going on.  If indeed some of us have been contacted, and the contact and its consequences veiled in secrecy by certain echelons within a government ‘elite’,  the knowledge kept from us by this black world would be a mirror reflecting our own image…  this option, tantalizing and confusing at best, impossible and impenetrable at worst, has become the elephant in the room, or more appropriately a Trojan horse ushering in our downfall.}

And there must be no real interest in real communication..?!  Wouldn’t we have books of substance, not Urantia or the UMMO affair, all the strange documents that have poured from that, even Scientology, well that does seem a little bit of a joke, but something leading us somewhere real and definite…  Is the Seth material & Telka, to pick two disparate examples, Urantia as well,  all that one can expect..?

What about a talking dog, or proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, even a communications device a la Contact, 2001, or This Island Earth… ??  Or that book Betty Hill wanted to take with her…  hmm.  Of course that got left behind…  what if the ‘leader’ hadnt changed his mind?  Would we now have a book, or Betty rather, that could or would change humankind’s destiny..?  Judging from past history that is unlikely in the extreme.

(An aside re talking dogs and the last theorem of Fermat.  Andrew Wiles, nor his assistant Richard Taylor, walked out of a flying saucer; we do have, thanks to them, the long awaited proof of this assertion.  But Fermat’s ‘truly marvelous demonstration’ of his theorem, if it ever really existed, has not been rediscovered.  That would be a new chunk of knowledge!  Wiles’ proof, to the contrary, is over 100 pages of reasoning and requires some patience to wade through.  Details from Wikipedia here.

Talking dogs of course are another way of intervening in human affairs that might demonstrate the alien’s possession of a knowledge, not simply different from ours but able to transcend our own.  Again in our own human sphere this possibility has a rather strange history.  Fort himself commented on the possibility in Wild Talents…  there is also the following:

Bondeson writes that in Germany in the early 20th century, some people had a strong belief in the potential of super-intelligent animals. He said that along with Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse, an Airedale terrier named Rolf was considered one of the leading German intellectuals of the time. Rolf’s owner said she taught him his own alphabet with a system of taps of his paw on a board and, Bondeson notes drolly, “he successfully dabbled in mathematics, ethics, religion and philosophy.”

See the article here.  Of course Nazis and flying saucers have an intimate association so to speak; a review of The Hunt for Zero Point can be found here.

Of course the idea being pointed to is the aliens’ superior knowledge.  Simply demonstrating said knowledge would provide some substance to their communication(s) that none of the so-called communications the human race may have had with them, so far, has included.  Simply one among many reasons to doubt the reality of such communication.  Still there is the idea that their knowledge may not be so much superior but simply different but different in a way that may be very difficult to communicate… )

The dream above seems to address this conundrum in some weird fashion. We are only going to have memories, not the real thing itself…

The thing is that as I came up to this place where the thing came out of the ground, and I could see no evidence of there being a hole or anything, it just looked like a solid.. just a clearing in the woods, like a clear cut. And the MIBs are standing on the edge of it, and they came towards me and, here’s where we get totally “out there”.. I got the telepathic message from the MIBs that, “You don’t belong here.” That was the message I got from them. they were still probably 20’ away, but they were walking towards me, and I was looking at these two guys, and there was a woman in red. It was just like some of these experiences that you read about. I read about them later. After running into the MIBs, I learned about them on the internet! (laughing) I was like, no, the men in black aren’t real too, are they? But there was a woman in red, who had blonde hair, bright red dress, and white skin, and she was wearing sun glasses. They were all wearing the same sun glasses. They really had the same sort of oriental look, sort of asian look, really thin, same hair, shiny black shoes in the middle of the Cascade mountains.

From here…  the experience of Henry Franzoni… and here is where he is at now:

I realized that all these stories I was making public-sightings going back hundreds of years-were like recipes on how to find Bigfoot,” Franzoni says. “And I came to the conclusion that that wouldn’t be a good thing. So now I cover my tracks. I don’t mention details. If I saw a Bigfoot picnicking at Champoeg Park, I’d probably come home and tell my wife, and that would be the end of it.”

It seems, for Henry Franzoni, Bigfoot isn’t really about Bigfoot, anyway. “If I were going to write a book about my Bigfoot research, Bigfoot itself would be a tiny footnote in the appendix,” he says. “It’s all the other stuff that I learned that I find much more interesting. I gained a real appreciation for how fragile the natural balance is. I learned a hell of a lot about Indian myths and Indian societies. I learned how to do good science, and that sometimes good science isn’t good enough. And all this led me to doing what I’m doing now.

So it goes.


2 thoughts on “A Pocket Full of Saucers

  1. My impression (upon a smear casual inspection) of the Finland 2004 photo is that it’s a photoshop hoax. It just “feels” off. The reflection of the disc in the water seems off. Zoom in and you’ll see a air-brush sort of smear, while everything else in the water is composed of crisp lines.

    The reflection “feels” too close to the viewer, it should be further away.

    mike c

    • Mike,

      Welcome! Your ‘Hidden Experiences’ blog is fantastic! The photo above may really be a hoax. To be honest I was struck by that possibility too. However the photo, hoax or not, is meant really as a sort of an aside to the dream. It is a good reflection of the appearance of the ‘saucer’ in the dream regardless of size- and reality. Photos are often not the doorways they pretend to be. Dreams don’t always say what we think they do either. Hmmm… to carry that thought further dreams are often closer to film etc. than reality. And vice versa. Thanks for the comment!

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