David Vincent & Others Part III

The last addition to my gaggle of thoughts while listening to the radio one day recently; all these things on my mind ‘thronging’ for my attention, in spite of, or perhaps in part because of my situation.

We are in dire straits financially. Strangely, because I don’t see how, I expect we will recover and move beyond this place but while we are here it’s not fun being here. It’s taking a toll on our marriage, and our marriage doesn’t need any more tolls, and to be honest I am not sure we will weather this storm. We will, finally, financially I believe, but I am not sure where our relationship will be a few months from now.

I know Michelle is ready to leave, not just because of money, she doesn’t feel appreciated emotionally, in more ways than one, and she is just plain tired of the storms. I know to some extent all these wonderings are a distraction for me, but they are not ‘mere’ distractions, not momentary considerations at all, but guests that have been in my life for a very long time. So I indulge them I guess.

Omnec Onec. Alias ‘Sheila’… Just one of the many, many contactees. The following is from her book “I Came From Venus”:

“After two Decades of silence, can the truth be told about those cold desert night. Until that moment, to me sometimes appears like an eternity, I have the life lived by Sheila. But Sheila was only so long as my name, until the right time had come to tell the people of the world, who I really am and where I come from really. That time has arrived.

My real name is Omnec Onec. I was in that night the desert the little blonde girl and the handsome man next to I was Odin, my beloved uncle. We both came from Tythania, the planet that you call Venus. As a child I had the decision prepared to spend the rest of my life on earth, one before particularly fateful matter of karmic reasons.

I am one among thousands of people from the neighboring planets, the earth make it their home. Some of us remain only until they have fulfilled a special mission, but many have taken the courageous decision, the rest of her life here to spend. Scientists, doctors, educators, artists, engineers and live ordinary citizens of this planet advanced and work incognito among the inhabitants of the earth.”

The following sites have info about the varied literature from many contactees here, here, and here for more on Omnec.

Is Omnec the real thing…? We might as well ask that of George Adamski… Not very many people will believe Sheila is a ‘walk-in’ that indeed hails all the way from Venus, and then not really the Venus most of us earthlings are familiar with but an astral analog of that Venus, one that exists on another plane.

Let’s face it for most of us that is a lot to swallow all at once, and even in bite-sized gulps it’s going to make you wonder… For some reason she has gotten stuck in my mind, partly this name Omnec Onec, which is just plain odd (of course the name Valiant Thorr, one of her ‘countrymen’, is unusual too), partly her appearance, she has an attractive appearance, but there are videos of her as well, and in addition there is a blog by someone claiming to have been her husband… in short she doesn’t look as if she came from Venus (of course being a ‘walk-in’ she would look quite earthly wouldn’t she…), still the few details about her on-line seem to indicate she has an unusual character. And Omnec was stuck in the back of my mind too, along with Lucretia, Abraham Lincoln, David Vincent, Mac Tonnies, and others.

Mac Tonnies, someone I came across only very recently, was definitely someone with a unique point of view. He has now, post-humously, a book out, “The Crypto-Terrestrials”, and though I have not read the book, only his blog, and listened to some interviews, I am sure it is informed with the same wisdom and wit as his blog. Mac had given some real thought to what this field is about, his was a unique voice, and will definitely be missed.

His death, at the early age of 34, seems definitely peculiar, a strange kind of anticlimax of sorts to a strident, intelligent voice that was full of life, and curiosity about everything.

The subtitle of this book I think says a great deal about him and his message: “A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us”.  He was coming from a place in his ruminations on this subject that indeed rank him next to Keel and Vallee and other noteworthy researchers in his attempts to get to the heart of the matter. A review by Nick Redfern on Fortean Reviews has a detailed summary of Mac Tonnies’ point of view:

“Rather, Mac – right up until the time of his death – was chasing down the theory suggesting that the UFOnauts may actually represent the last vestiges of a very ancient race of distinctly terrestrial origins; a race that – tens of thousands of years ago may have ruled our planet, but whose position of power was thrown into overwhelming chaos by two things: (A) the appearance of a “debilitating genetic syndrome” that ravaged their society; and (B) the rising infestation of a violent species that threatened to eclipse – in number – their own society.

They are the Cryptoterrestrials. And that violent species that blusters around like an insane, unruly and spoiled child, and that has done more damage in its short life-time than can ever be truly imagined, is, of course, us.”

And this:

“And that is the trick, the ruse: in actuality, their numbers today may be very small. They may well be staging faked UFO events to try and convince us that they have a veritable armada at their disposal when, perhaps, the exact opposite is the case. And, most important of all, they desperately want us to think of them as visitors from the stars. If their plan to rejuvenate their species is to work, then stealth, subterfuge and camouflage are the essential orders of the day.”


“As for so-called “alien abductions”: the clumsy, intrusive means by which ova and sperm are taken by a race of beings we are led to believe are countless years ahead of us is addressed. That the ability of the aliens to wipe out the memories of those they abduct is constantly and regularly overturned by nothing more than simple hypnosis is highlighted. And the unlikely scenario that our DNA would even be compatible, in the first place, with extraterrestrial entities is also firmly dissected. Mac’s conclusion: all this points not to the presence of highly-advanced aliens who are thousands of years ahead of us; but to the actions of an ancient Earth-based society whose technology may not be more than a century or so in advance of our current knowledge.”

I think that is enough of Nick Redfern’s review- and it can be found here– enough to show where Mac stands.  He stands, perhaps, one step closer to finding a window on the phenomenon- phenomena?-  that allows us to begin to see it for what it is… wouldn’t it be advantageous to the ‘crypto-terrestrials’ to make sure our versions of remote history come nowhere close to the truth?

Indeed they are probably partly responsible for collapsing legominisms that would have revealed their identity. Of course this opens up a whole new window on what has been going on down through the ages and sinking these bridges to the past is one reason we find ourselves where we are today. Lost is perhaps the best single word summary.

Here is a note to end this long commentary re my gaggle of thoughts, a review of yet another work I have never read (in addtion to ‘The Crypto-Terrestrials’ and ‘Raechel’s Eyes‘) that includes an interesting aside re Tolkien:

“A pertinent factoid about Tolkien that is not in the book, is that the good professor had dreams throughout his life about a huge wave that crashed over the land, destroying everything. The dreams stopped when he began to write the Lord of the Rings, which is of course a vast mythology based on the concept of an ancient civilization that had somehow been destroyed.”

Find the review of  ‘Occult Atlantis’  here.

Mac indeed I believe is onto something.

2 thoughts on “David Vincent & Others Part III

  1. My own feelings is that the weird faerie-like beings are more likely visitors (purposely or no) from a parallel dimension, rather than a leftover race that fled underground. I freely acknowledge this is just a guess, but several factors don’t hold up to the “leftovers” theory. For one, many of the speculations about the HOW these beings do things just don’t match up with other experiences that are widely reported.

    I think it’s entirely possible actual extra-terrestrials are visiting. As for their technology seeming “clunky” and “not advanced enough” that could be because of limits to innovation in beings like the greys themselves– who find invention very difficult. They calculate fast, but create slow. Transgenetics makes putting together DNA of different species entirely possible– witness animal DNA that allows for the production of glowing chemicals that has been transferred into tobacco plants, and other such sundry experiments ongoing NOW. Gene mixing doesn’t pose limits for them. (I recommend the book Sight Unseen by Hopkins and Rainey for more on this.)

    Also? The ones I call “aliens” have in their possession HUGE ships– I mean gi-fucking-gantic– too big to easily hide anywhere on earth. I’ve been in “motherships” that were so vast it boggles the mind. And I’ve SEEN “armadas” in several places.

    Of course, it’s entirely possible there are aliens ETs, ultradimensionals, AND leftover races of native beings as well. Who am I to say for sure? What I think is weird about humans is how everyone wants there to be just ONE answer that covers it all. It has to be all ETs, or all faerie/dimensionals, or it’s really all leftover races from our own past. Why can it only be one thing? Personally, I’ve had repeated contact with at least 2 different ones, so I can’t buy the “one answer fits all” thing. But I suppose this is just one thing that will remain a mystery until some of THEM decide otherwise! =^)

  2. Why is that? We always seem to want one explanation that fits everything… I think our minds have a way of working like that. An economy for our understanding. We can only juggle so many ideas at once… its human nature.

    But I heartily agree wth you… it may very well be several things are going on simulataneously. Really that makes more sense to me… though the part of us that delights in one size fits all is uncomfortable with it.

    I do suspect our history has been tampered with, perhaps in more ways than one, and those holes are the reasons we dont know ourselves better and dont know what is going on…

    And I do wonder about the possibility of extra-terrestrials in the sense of ‘people’ from other planets… we have uncovered over 400 extra-solar planets. Planethood is a common thing. Perhaps life is a common thing… but something tells me that what is really going on has a complexity beyond our imagining right now. We can see parts but not the whole.

    Thanks for the interesting response Lucretia!

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