Craft with Cloaking Device

My wife and I were parked outside an apartment complex, what would become our apartment complex for about two years or so, I think this was just before our son Arden was born, and we had just moved in or were about to move in, so that makes it about 3 years ago now. Anyway my head was stuck inside the car and I was busy doing something, rummaging around for something it seems.

Michelle had called to me several times but I didn’t hear her at first and when I realized she was calling my name I wanted to finish whatever I was doing before paying her mind; but she was very persistent and finally I pulled myself and my head back out of the car to find out what was going on.

She had seen something… unusual. And I had completely missed it! She was looking up at the sky and as she was describing it to me my eyes were searching the area she seemed to point to but I didn’t see anything. It was a rather cloudy day, overcast, and late in the day but not twilight yet, and what she described could easily have been lost up there.

It was transparent. Composed of three connected circular chambers of increasing size. And it disappeared very quickly. Michelle was definitely startled by its appearance. You could tell from her demeanor. Knowing my interest in such things she was trying hard to communicate and I was not responding.   craft21

I was struck by the fact that now I didn’t have to go on and on about this subject, I think she had seen something in the past, but now here was something very different; I didn’t have to convince I wasn’t a crackpot, though I imagine she wouldn’t have married me if that had been her thought. But I think since she has dismissed it as some sort of experimental craft our government, at least some branch of it, knows everything about.  And that maybe true.

I discovered the following on Stace Tussel’s blog:

“The next thing I know this craft of unimaginable proportions is flying diagonally across the median from left to right, passing directly overhead while I continue focussing on keeping the car on the road, and at the same time quickly noting that this thing is HUGE and tilted – and Sky leans forward and she and Sonya are looking up through the windshield screaming, “It’s a flying saucer! Ohmygodthat’saflyingsaucer!!!!” as I grip the steering wheel and pull to the side of the road, looking out the rear passenger window to see the thing rapidly disappear into the distance.

Both Sky and Sonya are hyperventilating, breathing in an entirely different world than they’d ever seen before. They had just watched a huge disk, low overhead and bigger than they could explain, rotating and revolving, tilted to reveal its underside – which they both described as a display of many small, white lights flashing in a synchronised pattern.

I missed it. I suppose I was being punished for driving when …. well, like I said, I shouldn’t have been driving. I do regret that, more than I can say. But a saucer moves in so that Sonya can see one – and she does, her first! – and Sky gets quite the visual treat, too. Me? I’m taught a hard lesson.”

Much more dramatic than my missed opportunity… Strange how close you can be to an event and yet completely miss it; and not simply the event itself but its true import.

Here is something from an interview with John Keel, forteana expert extraordinaire, about his escapades with Mothman:

“I never saw the Mothman. But I saw people minutes after they had had an experience with it. And they were in a state of total terror. Just happened to be in the vicinity at the time.”

The effect of even a missed opportunity can sometimes be difficult to fathom. Without a doubt this event has stayed with me because I missed it; it was so close, and I was right there, simply looking the wrong way… We still talk off and on about this unidentified object. We never get much nearer its meaning.

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