The Great Silence

When I put this site up- it was over a year ago now- it wasn’t meant to bring readers. I tried, for the most part, to keep a low profile, and mostly I have been successful. I think very few people see these posts, and that’s all to the good. Even my wife, though she knows the blog is out here, rarely visits these pages. Michelle has read a few of the posts but the site, as far as readership goes, mostly has fulfilled my wishes and expectations. And I haven’t encouraged her… the site is meant for Arden at some undetermined point in the future.

Now when I finally split the site up, which I will do sometime in the near future, things will probably be a little different. Still I know I will want one of the sites to remain mostly private. Now I thought about protecting this site in the beginning with a password- but I truly didn’t think that was necessary- and in fact it really hasn’t been.

Stace however is one of my very few readers… and she makes comments from time to time. We share some interests- crop circles, the Ufo enigma, the paranormal etc. – and it was Paul Vigay’s death that I think opened the communication. ( Actually I just sent the person behind his Book of Condolence an email- people are still adding comments!- no response as of yet- not only re the condolence site but if there was ever an autopsy. I haven’t heard anything about that. You know a Book of Condolence for Mac Tonnies might not be out of place…)

I had posted a comment on Stace’s site and left a link to mine; sometimes I leave a link but I know, almost always it seems, people aren’t curious enough to look or if they do don’t leave comments, so I often don’t leave a link, but once in awhile leave one, more out of curiosity on my part I think than anything else.

Stace comes back every once in awhile- and sometimes makes comments. I didn’t even see the comment below until last week. She made it in response to one of my early posts- my third post actually- one in which I talk about the more or less unrelated topics of married life and being alone, and being filled with the Holy Spirit, and tear bottles, among other things. From her last comment:

“Your description of your need – your need to be alone, to find yourself in the whirlwind of life that surrounds you – elicits empathy in me. I do know what you mean, though I’m usually alone, and sometimes I experience sort of the opposite of needing to be alone – more like needing to be around someone. But my two cats keep me company.

And given the two choices, at this point in my life, I’d rather be alone anyway. Now that may change tomorrow.

Your description of the girl in apparent supplication and the woman in the choir crying, I absolutely feel your words in pictures. This is why reading your posts are so enriching; good writing feeds the soul. And the depth of the experience feeds the writing. So you’ve come out with some important revelations which I’m sure resonate with more of your readers than just me, surely. Thank you for sharing; I’m glad to have heard.


September 8, 2009 5:03 PM

I remember when I first came across her site- some time back now- I was struck by her seeming ‘casual’ encounters with ‘the unknown’. I have since come across a couple of other sites equally … unusual? Mike Clelland’s site and Larissa’s site definitely stand out but of course this path is more well-trodden than the average person might think. Whitley Strieber has been down a similar path, and literally hosts of others. I thought at one time of doing a site devoted only to the high profile contactees, as a beginning I was going to restrict it to this country, and there haven’t been that many ‘high profile’ cases over the last generation or so.

Of course there are many, many more that don’t reach headlines. George Adamski is old hat now. Did George really have the contacts he claimed..? His claim the far side of the moon was inhabited, and included cities, trees, and snow-capped mountains, surely makes his claims now look even more ludicrous. Still there may be something there; sometimes it’s too easy to throw out the babe and the bathwater. Strangely, maybe not so strangely, I think like George, the Moon is inhabited. I don’t know by what but there have been enough sightings of unusual phenomena there that I think there is someone or something there. Still I draw the line at cities, trees, and snow-capped mountains.

I have gone back and read some of the older posts, ‘Interregnum’ too, which is the one Stace responded to… the whole thing about tear bottles I find really intriguing. I find my experience with the Holy Spirit then still very much accessible to me now and indeed it seemed the beginning of something back then. Beyond its often too gentle tugging, and intimations, I have nothing further to add to this experience however.

Fermi’s Paradox, the so-called Great Silence, to return to a perpetual theme of this site, is one of those things contactees would have no trouble with: there is no Great Silence. They are here, and some of them among us. It has always seemed to me that if in fact they were trying to truly communicate with us- even with everything going on I find myself uncertain of this- but if they were trying I have often thought they would not do it in any of the ways we would normally suppose. If they were in advance of us- and for communication purposes they would probably have to be- I wouldn’t really expect them to use radio waves, signs in the sky, or landing on the White House lawn, just examples from among all the possibilities maybe available to them.

How advanced would they be? I think that is the question along with how different they are from us. Before real contact perhaps we would have to be taught and before even the teaching could begin we would have to be brought into an emotional place we don’t often visit. So initially contacts would be subtle, paranormal fingers pointing us and leading us in certain directions.

Maybe this really explains the sort of contact taking place. I don’t know. I really think our species is not in a place to sustain this contact for very long emotionally, spiritually, even physically, if it were attempted now. Without promptings and experimental provocations to bring us into a new place emotionally where we can receive the reality of their message the contact can’t be made. How long will this phase last..? Who knows..?

Maybe, the contact strangely like this site in some ways, they have been around for some time, ‘posting’ messages on the fringes of our consciousness, waiting for us to realize their meaning before real dialogue could ever begin. Maybe more and more of us are coming to that place and trying to explore that reality, biding our time for the eventual dialogue, and trying to prepare in the meantime as best we can.

Without a doubt it will be a crossroads for us when we acknowledge the reality. And without a doubt, in the beginning, we will not want to accept it for what it is but will make something else from it, until we come into the emotional place allowing us to receive the truth of contact. I think those of us in that crossroads will be different, not ‘merely’ human, but at last coming into our full humanness.

Of course this is a very fanciful idea, the EBE’s or their counterparts, whatever they may really be, as paranormal ‘bloggers’, to stretch the term beyond its point of no return, not caring about ‘converts’- and in my mind the parallel between mysticism and the heart of spirituality and even the attempt at contact is very real- in a sort of ‘holding pattern’ until we take the bait, so to speak.

Some parts of the contact process may indeed be ‘automatic’, there may even be a ‘monolith’ of some sort, not the genuine article as in ‘2001’, but something with the same function, something we have perhaps already uncovered, and it may not be a ‘thing’ at all, but a concept, idea, or even emotion. I do think when we think about contact our concepts are already out-moded and can’t begin to compete with the reality whatever it may be, and whatever it may hold.

Stace’s comment to my ‘Interregnum’ post may in fact be a metaphor for the extraterrestrial stance:

“Your description of your need – your need to be alone, to find yourself in the whirlwind of life that surrounds you – elicits empathy in me. I do know what you mean, though I’m usually alone, and sometimes I experience sort of the opposite of needing to be alone – more like needing to be around someone. But my two cats keep me company.

And given the two choices, at this point in my life, I’d rather be alone anyway. Now that may change tomorrow.”

However the difference would be, for ‘them’, this is tomorrow. The ‘two cats’, perhaps their machines or artificial life forms, or something further out, that have aided them during their vigil, and a vigil is the perfect term, are no longer enough. Contact is nigh.

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