Dreams of Flying Saucers

Something Old, Something New

I have been going thru some old papers. Michelle is coming back from Baltimore soon and I am trying to begin to bring some order back to our place. I think I will only succeed in beginning. Our place is too small for all of us; we are 5 altogether including the cats and our place isnt big enuf. But until we do move we are going to have to go thru some changes.

I came across some old diary entries, its interesting what you forget and what you remember, I hadnt forgotten about this dream, and that is actually interesting in itself, but I didnt remember all the details either. I had a much, much longer entry covering Jacques Vallee and my reading of ‘Forbidden Science’ and may include that in here at some point too.

This dream seems to ‘sharpen to crystal clarity’ an aspect of this subject, to borrow a phrase, another piece of the puzzle, that I see only as that- how does this fit? It seems to belong here somehow but how does this dream material fit in with this subject…  do the ‘synchronicities’ fit in at all…?

A lot of this seems to border on the completely absurd, at least from any ‘scientific’ standpoint, yet it seems in some way very close to the heart of the real subject matter, whatever that heart really is I try to imagine, but come away from this material with but another conundrum.

I have had many dreams in which flying saucers play a role. Often they remain distant in these dreams and merely contribute a wrinkle to its atmosphere, even if the dream is just a sighting it seems less about the sighting and more about the ‘resonance’ it brings to the dream. I have had many more sightings in dreams than in reality. The quote is complete.

A Dream from 1-26-2003

Another dream. Usually, since I’ve started this record, trying to remember my dreams, I find myself writing them down immediately. I know how they evaporate. But this was different. I knew I wouldn’t forget and instead just turned it over in my mind, thinking its been awhile since I dreamed- or at least remembered I had dreamed- of these flying things…

Sunday. Don’t remember having one of ‘these’ dreams- well it seems like a long time. Talk about communicating with aliens…Still there isn’t much to it. Seems like I’m in that house in Florida- in Melbourne. Where I went to high school etc… Well a version of that house. The landscape is a little different. Almost like a forest isnt far away. The inside of the house is different too- but I don’t remember enuf details to give them. Still it reminds me a little of that place.

Now for some reason I have some expectations something might happen. Anticipation, a slight thrill almost. I cant remember where this comes from in the dream- still its as if I’ve kind of forgotten when it happens, that it’s going to happen.

I was wandering around in the house- thinking about things I can’t quite remember now. And then it seems I’m trying to close the front door or lock it- there is a light in the corner window behind me that’s on as I’m trying to do this- but there is a stiff wind making it difficult. Then it hits me- maybe this is it! Maybe I should go outside- see what’s going on. Its dark outside now.But I look up at the sky- peeking from the doorway- and think Im seeing something- so I rush out there!

I had seen a huge shape up above the house- not more than a couple hundred feet probably. It had a kind of ‘mesh-like’ quality when I first saw it but when I run out- down into the front yard almost to the street- and all this is bigger than where I live- looking up at the sky- I’m surprised & shocked & excited too. Wondering whats going to happen. There isnt very much light up there, not much color to this thing, almost as if its ‘smoldering’, waiting to come alive.

Now that Im outside it looks- well it resembles a figure eight pattern- two large round shapes touching each other- still the impression is of a single craft- and some further structure I can’t remember clearly now. No sound. And I shout out- not to anybody- just out of excitement- “It’s here!”

Now this is about as far as it usually goes… these dreams I see something and there is an atmosphere, a feeling associated with it that I don’t forget. But usually not much more… I remember one being downtown in a city and seeing these huge shapes kind of ‘skulking’ about in the air…

But I’m almost in the street looking up at this thing and I notice some commotion in the darkness off to my left. Seems like the edge of a forest there. And these things- well at first I think maybe they’re children- but see almost immediately they arent children- and they are coming toward me walking quickly. There are maybe 5 or 10 of them and they have a very definite elfin quality.

They have dark burnished green skins- almost like they have been dyed it seems so unusual to me- dressed in some kind of dark suits- but I’m kind of studying their skin so Im not noticing how they are dressed really. And they are saying to me “Come with us… hurry… we’re leaving…” It seems like these aren’t the exact words but the gist of the meaning.

Something like that… and I know we’re going to the ship. I wont be coming back. And I don’t mind. A little like that scene in ‘Close Encounters’ where Neary is getting on the ship… And then for some reason I wake up…

And in the dream- at the end- in my thoughts I’m going over what’s not going to be happening anymore- the people I will no longer be seeing… not coming back etc.

Little Green Men

I have thought again about this dream. Now its interesting to me I didn’t think twice about the green skin of the ‘visitors’… Of course the phrase ‘little green men’ is widely used these days, most often in a sarcastic vein, to disparage those of us who attach something more to this phrase than mere sarcasm. The currency of this expression is interesting. It goes back at least a hundred years and probably longer; Wikipedia has a long article on the origin and usages of this phrase here. So the phrase has a long history. From Wikipedia:

…exactly when it first got applied to aliens in flying saucers or aliens in general has been difficult to pin down. Folklore researcher Chris Aubeck has used electronic searches of old newspapers and found a number of instances dating from around the turn of the 20th Century referring to green aliens. Aubeck found one story from 1899 in the Atlanta Constitution about a little, green-skinned alien, in a tale called Green Boy From Hurrah, “Hurrah” being another planet, perhaps Mars. Edgar Rice Burroughs referred to the “green men of Mars” and “green Martian women” in his first 1906 science fiction novel A Princess of Mars.

However the first use of the specific phrase “little green man” in reference to extraterrestrials that Aubeck found dates to 1908 in the Daily Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine), in this case the aliens again being Martians.

In 1910 (or 1915), a “little green man” was allegedly captured from his crashed spaceship in Puglia, Italy.

The Green Children of Woolpit

Interestingly the Wikipedia article never mentions the Green Children of Woolpit. An extensive summary of this mystery can be found here. From mysteriouspeople.com:

At harvest time during the chaotic reign of king Stephen of England (1135-1154), there was a strange occurrence in the Suffolk village of Woolpit, near Bury St. Edmunds. While the reapers were working in the fields, two young children emerged from deep ditches excavated to trap wolves, known as wolf pits, hence the name of the village. The children, a boy and a girl, had skin tinged with a green hue, and wore clothes of a strange colour, made from unfamiliar materials. They wandered around bewildered for a few minutes, before being discovered by the reapers and taken to the village. Here the locals gathered round and questioned them, but no-one was able to understand the language the children spoke, so they were taken to the house of local landowner Sir Richard de Calne (or Colne), a few miles away at Wikes (or Wakes). Here they broke into tears and for some days refused to eat the bread and other food that was brought to them. But when newly-shelled beans with their stalks still attached were brought in the starving children immediately made signs that they were desperate to eat. However, when the children took the beans they opened the stalks rather than the pods, and finding nothing inside, began weeping again. After they had been shown how to obtain the beans, the children survived on this food for many months until they acquired a taste for bread.

Wikipedia has its own article on the green children here.


What is this dream about? On the most superficial level its about getting away from life, leaving everything behind. Is that all its about?

I don’t think so. A wind seems to usher in the experience. There is some sort of craft in the sky, it must not be very far away because of some detail I can make out, or else it is so huge its ridiculous, but the feeling in the dream is that its close. This other world, or other life, is always close to us…

Without a doubt the craft resembles the symbol for infinity, a figure eight. The origin of this symbol is usually attributed to John Wallis, a mathematician from the 17th century. From Wikipedia:

John Wallis is usually credited with introducing as a symbol for infinity in 1655 in his De sectionibus conicis. One conjecture about why he chose this symbol is that he derived it from a Roman numeral for 1000 that was in turn derived from the Etruscan numeral for 1000, which looked somewhat like CIƆ and was sometimes used to mean “many.” Another conjecture is that he derived it from the Greek letter ω (omega), the last letter in the Greek alphabet. Also, before typesetting machines were invented, ∞ was easily made in printing by typesetting an 8 type on its side.

So their craft is associated with infinity, or eternity, and the atmosphere of the dream suggests adventure. Getting away from everything is obviously a component of this dream, but it seems to me to be a mere tangent to what the dream is really about. In some sense the dream is about dying, at least a kind of dying, being transported to eternity. I have no fear of this in the dream, not only that I seem to see it as a fantastic adventure.

Now the fact of the matter, and I cant tell you why this is, but I don’t know that death has ever held a great deal of menace for me. I know all of us find our way there sooner or later, and I don’t say I look forward to it, but I don’t feel any great fear associated with the idea.

The dream really seems to be saying something about death and new life. Even perhaps forgiving and forgetting from what was going through my mind at the end… but more about something beginning than something ending.

The Wearing of the Green, Wind Among the Reeds

Of course the color green has been associated with fairy folk- uhm since time immemorial? The ‘aliens’ in this dream seem closer to ‘the gentry’ than life forms from another planet. Of course Vallee wrote ‘Passport to Magonia’ about this complex relationship. A long, a bit desultory, exposition on the symbolism of green, from Folklore, can be found here.

There is an old connection between the color green and death; and generally any unlucky or untoward occurrence.  From the Folklore article referred to above:

A 72-year-old Cambridge man said in 1964 that his grandmother knew ‘if she wore anything green there’d be a death in the family and she never liked to see anyone else in that colour’.

From The Wind Among the Reeds by Yeats there is this connection between the wind and fairies:

The powerful and wealthy called the gods of ancient Ireland the Tuatha De Danaan, or the Tribes of the goddess Danu, but the poor called them, and still sometimes call them, the Sidhe, from Aes Sidhe or Sluagh Sidhe, the people of the Faery Hills, as these words are usually explained. Sidhe is also Gaelic for wind, and certainly the Sidhe have much to do with the wind. They journey in whirling winds, the winds that were called the dance of the daughters of Herodias in the Middle Ages, Herodias doubtless taking the place of some old goddess. When the country people see the leaves whirling on the road they bless themselves, because they believe the Sidhe to be passing by. They are almost always said to wear no covering upon their heads, and to let their hair stream out; and the great among them, for they have great and simple, go much upon horseback. If any one becomes too much interested in them, and sees them over much, he loses all interest in ordinary things. I shall write a great deal elsewhere about such enchanted persons, and can give but an example or two now.

Changelings etc.

And its also Vallee, among others, that long ago abandoned the ‘extraterrestrial’ hypothesis in favor of something closer to home. Where does that leave us with the abduction phenomenon? Of course the fairy literature includes a version of this phenomenon as well… we are replaced by changelings. The likeness seems too close to simply abandon but the nature of fairies seems to be a complex topic in itself. The origins of ‘the good people’ are quite various in the literature; fallen angels, demons, elementals, spirits of the dead, or a hidden race, being some of the better known. Some expositions on these origins can be found here and here.

Here, from Strange and Secret Peoples, something about the origin of faeries:

A larger and more significant group of Victorian questers incorporated personal experience and physical evidence into a framework of belief. They based their fairy faith on theological or philosophical premises. These “religious views,” as I have chosen to call them, might be grounded on Christian, occultist, or pagan assumptions and adopt widely varied colorations, but all were based on the premise that fairies were actual spiritual beings or, at the very least, that they had originated in realms beyond the material. The most basic form of the “religious view,” one long held by many of the folk, was that the elfin peoples were the fallen angels. All over England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, folklorists found local people who believed that the fairies were the uncommitted angels or those trapped on earth during Lucifer’s fall. Equally widespread was the view that the fairies were the souls of the dead who were not good enough for salvation or evil enough for damnation; the semireligious notion that the fairies were the spirits of unbaptized children was also widespread and popular. Only slightly less prevalent was the idea that they were spirits of “special” categories of the dead, those awaiting reincarnation, or those killed before their time, or those from long-dead, pagan, or extinct races.

From an an Alternate Perceptions Magazine interview with Jacques Vallee (see the full interview here):

Editor: From your pioneering Passport to Magonia (1969) to Revelations (1991), your books have tackled a wide-range of controversial and complex aspects, taking in a comprehensive global, cultural and historical perspective on these reported events, looking at paranormal, spiritual, folkloric, occult, and shamanic accounts. In Revelations you presented alternatives to the popular extraterrestrial hypothesis (i.e., the Earth Light Hypothesis, Control System, and the Wormhole Travel Hypothesis). You’ve stated something to the effect that you’d be pretty disappointed if all of this activity recorded down through the centuries turned out indeed to be simply E.T. visitations.

Please explain.

Jacques Vallee: When you begin to study this phenomenon the first-degree ET hypothesis, (namely the idea that we are visited by aliens from another planet in our galaxy that have just discovered us), seems like the best one. With the passage of time and the accumulation of reports, including those from people reported psychic effects, it becomes clear that it is too limited to explain the facts. As always in science, when such a situation presents itself, you must go back to basics and re-examine the data. We need to open the full spectrum of potential hypotheses instead of simply selecting data that fit our preconceptions. As you know, I have done quite a bit of study of psychical research and of older traditions, including Rosicrucian and esoteric literature, in search of related material. And it is all there, although modern adepts of these traditions seem to have forgotten all about it! Perhaps your magazine can reawaken them?

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