The Secret Chord of the Missing Part 2

Netflix & The Missing Madeleine McCann. Maybe everyone in the Western World hasn’t heard her name yet but Gerry and Kate, her parents, have tried to keep her name ‘out there’… anyone that knows anything about missing people, and missing children, would undoubtedly find in Maddy a beacon to remind the world of the iceberg […]

The Secret Chord of the Missing

Going My Way Just the idea of going missing, that phrase usually describing something quite different from let’s say disappearing off the face of the earth, the idea itself is strange as soon as one starts to think in any depth about its meaning. How does one go missing..? Do we cross a line; on […]

A Few Cages of Words

    Curioser & Curioser La Domenica del Corriere was a weekly newspaper in Italy and lasted longer than most human beings.  The doors closed in 1989 but they had opened way back in 1899.  Thanks also to Walter Molino, a magnificent illustrator who left many incredible images on its Sunday’s front pages, many of […]

Some Notes re the DNA Gestalt

No post in some time…  have been looking into the idea and reality of DNA.  Some random notes from this process follows…  it is all over the place.  Now in the middle of looking at microbial (translate bacterial) intelligence and its relationship with DNA, what influence it had and continues to have, its origins etc…   So just how do […]

Betty & Barney Hill vs the Grays VI

Ye Oldest UFO Photo The oldest UFO photo…  New Hampshire, Mt. Washington..?  You can find a reference to this photo many places on the internet now.  Again most such references are copycat.  Many refer to the purchase on Ebay of the original.  Most have nothing beyond that regarding the provenance of this photo.  And most, […]